Dr. Fauci just waved the white flag of surrender in one fight that will have you jumping for joy

Joe Biden and his handlers realized Dr. Fauci crossed the line.

That led to a hasty retreat.

And Dr. Fauci just waved the white flag of surrender in one fight that will have you jumping for joy.

On Monday morning, Dr. Fauci told MSNBC’s Morning Joe that he was in favor of a new mandate forcing Americans to show proof of vaccination before getting on an airplane.

This un-American scheme flies in the face of the constitutionally protected right to freedom of movement that every individual enjoys.

But within hours, the Biden administration sent Fauci back on TV to put out the fire he started during his appearance on Morning Joe.

In an interview with CNN leftwing activist Jim Acosta, Fauci backtracked by claiming he never really said he supported a domestic air travel vaccine passport system.

“No, what I said, Jim, was that everything that comes up as a possibility, we put it on the table and we consider it. That does not mean that it is going to be likely to happen,” Dr. Fauci told Acosta. “Right now, I don’t think people should expect that we’re going to have a requirement in domestic flights for people to be vaccinated. When I was asked that question, I gave an honest answer. It’s on the table, and we consider it, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.”

Acosta then asked Dr. Fauci if this meant he was alone on an island with his support for vaccine passports for air travel.

Dr. Fauci responded that his comments were never meant to be taken as an endorsement of domestic airline vaccine mandates, but instead only meant that the administration had debated the matter.

“No, let’s clarify that, Jim. I said that is something that’s open for consideration. It’s not a question of being in favor of it or not,” Dr. Fauci continued. “I’m in favor of what we can do to keep the country safe. If the situation arises where that’s something we think should be important to do, we’ll do it. Right now, that’s not going to be done. But we never take anything off the table. We always keep things open for consideration.”

Of course, since he’s been lying since day one of the pandemic, few people actually believe Dr. Fauci’s comments.

Everyone knows that Fauci and the Biden administration would love to impose a domestic air travel vaccine passport system on the American people.

But they also know how politically unpopular it would be.

And the speed with which Dr. Fauci walked back this mandate shows how the administration realizes how much of the public is turning against Joe Biden’s COVID fascism.

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