Dr. Fauci made one confession that was the biggest humiliation of his life

Americans could not believe what they just heard.

This latest news has far reaching implications for the country and for Donald Trump’s re-election.

That’s because Dr. Fauci made one confession that was the biggest humiliation of his life.

In an interview with Department of Health and Human Services podcast “The Learning Curve,” Dr. Fauci blamed the rise of coronavirus cases in some states on the fact that Americans were ignorant rubes who didn’t worship at the altar of “science” and obey his mandates 100 percent of the time.

“One of the problems we face in the United States is that unfortunately, there is a combination of an anti-science bias that people are — for reasons that sometimes are, you know, inconceivable and not understandable — they just don’t believe science and they don’t believe authority,” Dr. Fauci stated.

But there is one very good reason Americans increasingly ignore so-called “experts” like Dr. Fauci.

And that’s because they are liars and political hacks.

As one example, Dr. Fauci recently told The Street in an interview that so-called “experts” lied back in March when they told Americans not to buy masks because they were worried doctors and other frontline healthcare workers would experience shortages.

“We were concerned the public health community, and many people were saying this, were concerned that it was at a time when personal protective equipment, including the N95 masks and the surgical masks, were in very short supply,” Dr. Fauci claimed in the interview.

“We also know that simple cloth coverings that many people have can work as well as a mask in many cases,” Dr. Fauci added. “So even though there appears to be some contradiction of ‘You were saying this then, why are you saying this now,’ actually, the circumstances have changed, that’s the reason why.”

Americans were furious.

They remember back in March during an interview with CBS Dr. Fauci telling them not to wear masks and even claimed the “science” showed they were ineffective.

“There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask. When you’re in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better and it might even block a droplet, but it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is. And, often, there are unintended consequences — people keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face,” Dr. Fauci told CBS.

Americans also tuned out these so-called “experts” after over 1,000 health “experts” signed a letter claiming mass gatherings of tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people in the streets for Black Lives Matter was more important than social distancing because of their politics.

At that point Americans understood that all these so-called “social distancing” guidelines were fake and were really “social control” measures designed to micromanage every aspect of their lives.

If Dr. Fauci is wondering why Americans don’t trust the “experts,” it is because the “experts” revealed themselves to be charlatans and frauds.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.


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    My son and I often spent time studying the bible and worshiping the God we know and love. It has strengthened our relationship.

    In Alaska Native churches, your relationship with God was never questioned and I never heard anyone question anyone’s relationship with God. I spent 21 years in AK villages and was always working with the village churches.

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  37. I guess many have overlooked the fact that Dr. Fauci voted for Hillary. That tells me volumes and certainly graphically displays what so many see as his lack of reliability and his constant flip flocking. And what about his own financial interests in all of this mess – – the chunk of US taxpayers change which he delivered to the Wuhan Lab from the Obama Admin. We should have full disclosure as well concerning his patents pending.

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    And to support such a vile man as Trumpty Dumpty is more evidence that you are a fake christian!

    danniboi, you paying attention are are you you before TD on his golden toilet?

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  51. Albert, you are CORRECT!!!! The goal of the satanic dem party is TOTAL CONTROL of every aspect of our lives and they will get it any way they can. But they cannot win. When Jesus returns to rule they will all follow their master satan to Hell and we will be free of them for eternity. God wins. They lose

  52. T – That lawsuit was dropped, you fool. It was a false accusation. And as soon as Trump found out what Epstein was, he dropped him. But just keep spouting your sick hate and lies. And Bill Clinton DID rape young girls, but that is all fine with you. You are very sick

  53. T…You are the joke. And if you don’t like the articles, it is very simple. Don’t come here and make a fool of yourself. This is a conservative Christian site and it is very obvious that you know nothing at all about either one. You just blindly believe the sick lies of your dem leaders without question and have no clue of the truth

  54. jerry, your ignorance is profound. You have no clue of the truth or the English language. Please take an English course. And you attack Pres. Trump, who has done nothing but good for this country. But Obama, Hillary, and the entire corrupt, anti-American, satanic dem party is fine with you. You are truly brainwashed. sad

  55. DA TROLL…You are not going to love it when it is your turn to stand before Jesus to be judged, as you have rejected Him and He will reject you. He has the last word. You lose

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  59. ja your inept leader was pranked by teenagers. The young are flexing their political power over the quickly declining Baby Boomers. I love it!

  60. Dr Fauci lost all credibility with me when it came out that he is a Hillary loving idiot! Once that came out, everything he said came under scrutiny.I am simply at the point where I don’t trust ANYONE!

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  63. What a joke of an article… If that’s a humiliation trump must have a kink for being humiliated. Utterly rediculous nonsense as usual from renewedright…. Yeah Fauci is a liar and Trump is as honest as Jesus himself… What hypcricy, you claim Fauci is a liar but ignore the multitude of falsities trump spews on a daily basis.

  64. Da Troll. If Hispanics are so smart, why is every country they are the rulers, a turdinapunchbowl? They can’t rule, because the level of intelligence is like a… Let’s look at AOC. She’s almost 30, and was scared to death of a garbage disposal. Seriously. So scared, in fact, she had to go ask the manager of her million dollars apartment house to please come tell her what this scary, horrible, noisy machine was. Then to make her even dumber sounding, she actually put the story on Facebook for the entire world to see. My lord. The stupidity is strong in that one. And she is considered a top dog in the Hispanic world. So, as you can see, we aren’t too terribly worried they will take over, because they have control of so many countries now, and they are at the bottom of country that are on top. And you will be right there with these idiots, while we sit back and watch them wreck everything they touch. You are a troll moron. I bet you don’t know what a garbage disposal is either, do you?

  65. He will lie about anything that will keep him in the public eye. He truly is nothing more than a TRUE BLUE HACK.

  66. So, Trump the racist hires a million blacks, jews, asians, hispanics, builds beautiful hotels. Joe the Pedophile Party Prince puts a million blacks in jail. I am a Trump rump bump! DemonRat party will be History by 1/2021. Thank God !!

  67. BJ the hatred shows in your post. I know that minorities will soon surpass whites and the biggest “Time to pay” happens when Latinos reach the majority. I believe that is predicted to happen. Kind of hard to be a bully when you are no longer in power, HAHA

  68. Those who think of things ONLY in terms of race and keep bringing it up are the racists. Pres. Trump is far from a racist.

  69. DA TROLL…There is a great battle going on between good and evil, God and satan. Those teens you are so proud of are brainwashed and indoctrinated by the left to do satan’s bidding. The dems have thrown God out and you cannot fight God and win. God gave us a reprieve with Pres. Trump, as Hillary would have finished Obama’s destruction of this country. The goal of the left is TOTAL control of every aspect of your life. That is what you want??? They cannot win. Jesus will come and He will rule. You have the choice to be on the winning side (Jesus) or the losing side (satan). satan is gaining ever more of a foothold in this country through the dems who follow him. Pres. Trump has done only good for this country and sides with God. You can deny truth, but that makes you a fool. God wins. You lose

  70. DA TROLL…You speak of morals???? The dems have none!!!! They have thrown God out and follow satan and his hate and lies. So extremely corrupt Hillary who lies every time she opens her mouth is fine with you. And muslim traitor Obama who lied his way into our White House is fine with you. You have no concept of the truth. Very sad

  71. bj I have little use for a pathological liar, I was married to one. In my opinion, Trumpty Dumpty’s lies are pathetic. Speaking nothings of his childish behavior and moral turpitude.

  72. DA TROLL…It is you who is the loser. You are on the losing side. Pres. Trump is on the winning side. There are two kinds of people in this world…those who follow God and those who follow satan. God wins. You lose


    You must be danniboi talking about feces. You never have been able to keep your mind out of the outhouse…more specifically it’s content.


    You must be danniboi talking about feces. You never have been able to keep your mind out of the outhouse…more specifically it’s content.

  75. oohs we’s da troll loves throwing ups diarrhea he’s can’t clean by stalls no’s more because he’s be diaper baby’s who’s uses to many’s names and don’t douches himselfs

  76. How did the rally go? Punked by teens on social media, I am delighted to see young people activate to show their views on the most corrupt and immoral president to ever hold the office. Trumpty Dumpty is a LOSER!

  77. This whole coronavirus thing is a total farce! We, and the president, have all been lied to by people that are intent on taking over the country by any means necessary! We need to root these people out and, at the very least, banish them from the country, maybe send them to venezuela or somewhere!

  78. Rkillinit…So Obama and Hillary are not evil and Trump is? You have no clue of the truth. sad. Obama and Hillary deny God, as does the whole dem party. Trump is on the side of Christians. But he is the evil one in your twisted mind

  79. ohhs we’s mes going backs to Alabama’s if Yankee doodles fauci’s bes going to euthanizes mes I beens cornholed by these trannies sos longs it doesn’t matters no’s mores

  80. Rkillinit…You need to see the truth. God gave us a reprieve with Pres. Trump. Hillary is extremely evil and corrupt and would have finished Obama’s destruction of this country. Pres. Trump has done only good for this country and for Christians. Wake up


  82. The doctor should go into veterinary medicine. Then he could euthanize donkeys. Like the commiecrat party.

  83. Fauci should spend eternity in prison for the fraud perpetrated by the Gates/Fauci/Pirbright white racist scumbags that they are.

  84. Not a “charlatan” but possibly a “profiteer”. As masks became more popular maybe Dr. Fauci was approached and persuaded to lend his support to the more dependent crowd possibly with “kickbacks”.

  85. Dr. Fauci is a Jesuit that wrote in the New England Jurnal of medicine that CV-19 has a 0.1% mortality rate less than the normal flu. More deaths occur with heart attacks, overdoses, car accidents amongst others, TB even! Yet President Trump listened to him shut the economy down and declared a National Plandemic on Friday the 13th at 3:33 pm. All in mockery of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Their evil sinister plan has been planned for centuries. Donald Trump’s Presidency was planned, they all have been going as far back as Lincoln. We The People need to awaken and rise up against these tyrannical evil people in office[s] including Trump’s. This is being pushed by the JWO. If you catch my drift by that [JWO].?

  86. I’ve heard it said that these cloth masks they make us wear are about as effective at stopping the virus as a chain link fence is at stopping mosquitoes.
    The cloth masks are just a placebo.

  87. Real fight is against individual control & individual freedom stealing like Fascists, Communists. 1st step is to get everyone to hide his/her face.

  88. The only reason democrats accuse republicans of being anti-science is because we don’t believe in the manmade climate change scam. We are smart enough to know better.

  89. Dr. Fauci and all the medical experts say to wear a mask. They do not tell you what is the best mask, but just wear a mask. I worked in hospital operating rooms for 25 years and I can tell you that cloth masks made from cotton, silk, rayon or any other fabric are worthless because that are woven material. They have holes. How stupid are these medical experts. Use a surgical mask if you can find them!

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