Dr. Fauci said one thing about reopening the economy that will leave you speechless

President Trump and millions of Americans want to see the economy reopen to avoid a second Great Depression.

Public health experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci have stood in the way.

And now Dr. Fauci said one thing about reopening the economy that will leave you speechless.

The Fake News Media wants to see the economy shutdown forever so America goes into a depression and eliminates any chance for Donald Trump to win re-election.

So-called “journalists” want to make an example out of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp who announced tattoo parlors, hair and nail salons, and bowling alleys could open on Friday at limited capacity and provided they adhered to social distancing.

This set off a Fake News Media firestorm that culminated at the most recent White House press briefing where Dr. Fauci told the press he would advise Governor Kemp against this move.

“If I were advising the Governor, I would tell him, be careful. I would tell him not to just turn the switch on and go,” Dr Fauci said.

President Trump made similar comments, but the President made his remarks based on bad advice from Dr. Fauci.

But the data showed Georgia long ago peaked and is now seeing a much improved situation in containing the coronavirus.

Conservative radio host Erick Erickson explained:

Rt does not get talked about a lot. It is the measure of a virus’s ability to reproduce. If Rt is above 1, the virus will spread. If it is below 1, the virus will stop spreading. Healthcare experts have been telling us since March that people needed to shelter-in-place to get Rt below 1. Once it was below one, we could start slowly reopening.

In Georgia, the state is below one. Not only that, but daily new cases continue to fall. Here are the present numbers in Georgia based on daily new cases:

• April 14: 830
• April 15: 634
• April 16: 661
• April 17: 537
• April 18: 256
• April 19: 157
• April 20: 96
• April 21: 23

America needs to reopen and get back to business.

It doesn’t need to happen all at once, but the gradual, phased, and responsible reopening pushed by Governors like Brian Kemp will put Americans back to work and avoid a second Great Depression.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Simply Put – DON’T TRUST FAUCI… Our citizens of this great country deserve more – more respect, more “back to work”, more input & more trust in the fact that President Trump will continue to lead us in the best direction!

  2. He’s the last man we need to take advise from, He’s up to his shorts in bed with Gates an china , Hes all Deep state,

  3. Trusting Fauci after viewing his background (friends of Deep State) is tough. We would be better off listening to the Swedish experts. Common sense approach. Great economy….little harm done to their people. Herd immunity given to the people.

  4. Why haven’t they reported any deaths from the flu, heart attacks, strokes, etc? I am sure these deaths has not quit happening, but it seems like “all” deaths are Coronaviris deaths! LETS HEAR THE TRUTH!!!

  5. I want to see the news outlets give the daily deaths due to auto accidents alongside the deaths “attributed” to the pandemic. I need something to which I can compare the pandemic numbers. I drive when I need to regardless, so that would be a useful comparison point.
    Your thoughts…

  6. Let’s have some common sense AMERICA!!!!! Let us back to work!!!!! Wear masks and gloves, those that refuse, don’t get to work!!!! That freak’n simple people!!!!’ Let’s get OUR HEADS OUT!!!!!’nn

  7. Currently 50,000 people have died due to the corona virus if the statistics are correct. However, 80,000 people died nationwide of the flu last year. Open up the economy and let people get back to work. Wear face mask, gloves and protective gear if necessary. People need to use common sense. They don’t teach common sense in school anymore like cursive.

  8. People that are old or with underline health issues should stay home. All others
    Go back to work. All business need to surely gloves,masks and hand sanitizer. Alone with. Test kits daily.

  9. If Fauci has ties to China and his wife is even closer to the Clintons why is he placed in a position of power than has been entrusted in?
    He should be replaced if the above is true.
    Open up the country like Georgia. Slowly with health instructions.
    Use Georgia’s number system. It give better data.

  10. jim: a commie is what we now have in most states a govenor that is controlling the people like communism does. to make matters worse face book run by a liberal democrat is shutting down free speech. if you are running an ad on face book for a protest to the shutdown face book will erase it. communism at it’s best supported by democrats.

  11. There is something or someone behind Dr. Fauci that wants things to go very wrong. I’m not sure if President Trump should take everything he says as God’s word. Not sure who to trust, there is a lot of evil in the world hopefully God protects President Trump and Vice President Pence and their families from the evil.

  12. May 1st is reasonable for the nation to officially re-open. Cautionary warnings to be directed to the elderly and those afflicted with underlying health issues, such as heart disease, diabetes, etc. Everyone should be allowed to return back to work. Predident Trump protected the nation during the worst stages of the virus, and, it has spiked. Everyone is likely exposed and asymptomatic due to Communist China’s two month hidden agenda. American first: not race, gender, sex, age.

  13. Dan Tyree, you use the term “commie” very loosely. What’s your definition of a commie? Anyone who doesn’t think like you?

  14. if the media would stay out of the way and tellmthe thruth instead of nliying all the tim the country woulb be better of. some of us are tired of there interuption whith their lies.

  15. I agree Fauci is a part of the deep state giving poor advice to our President, I’m certain he gave the information that we should close our government and keep it closed until it reaches its depresion.

  16. There is one thing I can believe 100%. We are not to put our trust in the world government. We need to put our trust in Gods government. He will lead us to victory every time and you can go to bed at night and sleep soundly because He will never let you down.

  17. I have always been suspicious of Fauci when I saw what he did to a colleague years ago and I found out his wife is a staunch Hillary supporter. Open up the economy safely. It can be done and should be done quickly.

  18. Tell Governors that want bail out $$$ from Federal Government – We are in this together not just @ the Federal level. OPEN your State!


  20. It’s almost like Fauci is a life-long democrat, a career bureaucrat and swamp dweller, a major democrat contributor (along with his wife) and one who has previously proclaimed his love for The Drunken Lesbian Witch. If his disastrously wrong statements about the Chicom virus had been made in the course of medical practice, he would be looking at huge malpractice suits and action against his medical license. Come to think of it, that’s not a bad idea.

  21. Easy to see why you are trump people… rights without responsibility or accountability; everything is a conspiracy; lies are truth; and ignorant might makes right. You’re taking this nation down a s**t hole.

  22. President Trump needs to put economists on stage during the briefings to give balance to the medical advice given.

  23. we give untold billions to every rat hole country in the world ,but when it comes to saving and American institution ( our post office) there doesnot seem to b any money to save it or 600.000 thousand American jobs its the rather odd.i wonder who will take over and make billions ????

  24. That doesn’t surprise me since Dr. Fauci has ties to China, the Clintons etc I’ve always said something was off with his being one of the ‘experts’. He was spewing words that suited him, not Trump or the American People. He is one of the causes of misinformation. He and yes I said this, he NEEDS TO BE FIRED AND FIRED NOW.iT MAKES ME WONDER IF pELOSI AND HER GANG ARE USING HIM FOR INFORMATION ON tRUMP.iT’S SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT.NOT ONLY THAT BUY HOW MUCH ARE THEY PAYING HIM THROUGH cLINTON’S FAKE NOT FOR PROFIT FOUNDATION. jUST MY TAKE ON THIS. ALSO THINK ALL THESE LOCK DOWNS OF BUSINESS keeping people shut in.closing restaurants , etc. These people need and want to work and open their businesses. He, in effect, shut the economy down. Ask yourelves this, did he intentionally do this. For the most part I say he did. He also knew that this horrid virus was made in Wupah, china or however one spells it.

  25. Farci should do what it is best at attaching its lips to the bunghole of the Hildabeast and munching on its equally putrid vagina or it is equally quite as likely it has been routinely attaching its lips to the bunghole of that foreign enemy Kenyan tyrant “Butt Pirate Bathhouse Barry the Osamanator” and sucking its tiny tallywhacker, it needs to leave genuine science to the real science experts.

  26. Get this country back to where it was. It’s ridiculous to keep things closed. MOST people recover and don’t even have very bad symptoms. It’s just a nasty flu, nothing more. The economy is much more of a concern than the virus

  27. We need to get America working again. Now that we know the risks, people can and should take measures to protect them and the public. The government in these commie states take pleasure in putting people under the rules that trampled the rights of people. I’m proud that people are pushing back. Listen up!!! We don’t have to be ruled over. And I am tired of seeing that New York governor that looks like a mafia godfather shooting off his commie mouth.

  28. I would bet that if the actual cause of C-19 deaths were kept for strictly that virus our death toll (from C-19) would be greatly reduced. Way too many people have died and if they had a test for C-19 after death then C-19 was to blame. This may not have been the actual case but the number was added to the toll. I heard that a guy was having his leg removed due C-19. It was caused by blood clots in his leg. That seems to add yet another problem caused by this virus. But nobody has said how a breathing problem caused blood clots. I simply do not trust the established CDC, WHO, nor our Governors. They seem to think their local state laws are superior to the Constitution. Not so!

  29. Now that the Good Governor has been properly warned. I am very sure he will take extra pre-cautions to make sure there is no major spread. (Unless one of those sneaky Dems finds a way to sabatoge the Governor?) I Pray it all goes Wonderfully. (WELLLLL, The Dems. really DO NOT WANT That President TRUMP to be RIGHT AGAIN!!! LOL!!!) Although, that President TRUMP is Pretty Much ALWAYS RIGHT! It seems to tic off the major majority of Dems? LOL

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