Dr. Fauci went on CNN and contradicted Trump with this jaw-dropping admission

Dr. Anthony Fauci continues to skate on thin ice.

President Trump and his supporters increasingly became fed up with Fauci’s lockdown disaster.

Now Dr. Fauci went on CNN and contradicted Trump with this jaw-dropping admission.

One reason so many Americans distrust the so-called “experts” is because they continually change their story on the coronavirus.

Back in March, Dr. Fauci discouraged the public from wearing masks.

Facui declared, “there’s no reason to be walking around with a mask. When you’re in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better and it might even block a droplet, but it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is. And, often, there are unintended consequences — people keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face.”

But fast forward to late-May when Democrat Governors began signing mandates ordering citizens to wear masks and Fauci changed his tune.

However, Fauci said he wore a mask not because it was “100 percent effective” but because it was a symbol.

“I wear it for the reason that I believe it is effective,” Fauci continued. “It’s not 100 percent effective. I mean, it’s sort of respect for another person, and have that other person respect you. You wear a mask, they wear a mask, you protect each other.”

Fauci said he wore a mask “because I want to make it be a symbol for people to see that that’s the kind of thing you should be doing.”

Mandatory mask laws are the latest power grab by politicians to force Americans to submit to government dictating their lives.

Critics of these mask mandates say Fauci and others have no real scientific basis to support these mandates. Instead these mask mandates are designed to foster obedience to government so as to lessen the oppositions to more restrictive measures.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  2. When their welfare runs out, Soros will step in, proving an invasion. All can be deported to Soros biggest house overseas.

  3. Why is it taking so long for this guy to be fired. He is an absolute asshole and a big joke. He changes his story hourly. Just glad we don’t have to rely on his expertise to survive because he’s definitely lacking in that category. Please get him a one way plane ticket to China and escort him to the airstrip.

  4. Democrats don’t want businesses to reopen for political reasons. They think ruining the economy will help get Biden elected. But since businesses are starting to reopen anyway, democrats stepped up their game by rioting and looting the businesses. They are well organized and move from city to city. Democrats never miss and oppertunity to exploit a crisis or a trajedy for their own purposes. Democrats are Satan’s little helpers.


  6. It seems to me that if the best HEPA filter can stop particles down to 0.3 microns diameter, & that the CCP virus measures in at 0.14 microns, all this mask gossip is a scam. Now, an Industrial respirator with replacement cartridges may be better suited for the CCP virus. When was the last time you saw anyone out with a respirator?

  7. Failure to take precautions regardless of discrepancies in their effectiveness is ridiculous. Masks are not like being made to wear pink armbands or those with the Star of David on them. It is not a political statement it is an attempt to take advantage of every precaution available to avoid infection from the corona virus. It’s somewhat like refusing to wear a seatbelt because it’s mandatory. It’s amazing how many who have had their face go through a windshield will tell you, in retrospect, that seatbelt are a good idea. If you could go through the ICU’s in literally every hospital in the country and ask those who refused to wear masks and observe distancing if they would act differently I’m betting that the overwhelming response would be “yes”. That is if they could talk with all the ventilator hoses coming out of them.

  8. I know some folks that will be standing right beside you Corey. Sua Sponte & God Bless the United States 🇺🇸

  9. Trump is one man against 535 Congress lifetime politicians that have been undermining the Constitution for a long time. Trump is accused by these people because he has exposed the truth about the corruption there doing and have disrupted there plans. I blame the citizens of this country for keeping in and voting in these corrupt people I truly believe we will reap what we sow. I for one like my freedom to make my own chose I’ve been given by my Creator the gift to discern good and evil and I choose good however I am only One and can not stand against many who would like to give up there freedom for so called safety I would gladly give up my safety and my life if necessary to stay free from tyranny. My God bless our country and protect her from Evil and corruption.

  10. I wear a mask because I want to wear the mask. Personally I wouldn’t mind wearing one all the time. It makes me feel like no one sees who I really am and that is what I always wanted to have happen. The only drawback about the mask is that of course; that we can’t see the other person’s face. Which would make it hard to identify someone if we needed to. Had anyone thought of that? The mask is really just a carrier of the disease if a person should in come in contact to the disease to begin with. Any cloth or open type material will be able to gather and hold germs against the person’s face who is wearing it. Or hadn’t anyone thought of that either? The germ of the Virus can not live in heat; even the lowest heat will kill the virus germ; so most people could just inhale warm air and the germ would be killed. In some cases the masks if misused are more dangerous to people than the threat of the disease. Careful thought and preparing and caution are the for our own life is the best outcome. I do not remember ever hearing anyone; even the President ordering anyone (at least not in my state of Texas) to wear a mask under penalty of the law. I believe it was left to each person to decide for their own health as to whether or not; Dr. Fauci; if I am wrong; please correct me. But there has been too much made of this whole thing. So mask or no mask; good for us or not has not become a political weapon and little more and that is of course another tool of the Demoncratic Party just another of their gangs to try to unseat our President in the next election. It is sad that these politics must always enter into everything that happens. Nothing has any meaning to the Democrats unless it can be used as a tool for their betterment.

  11. To ELIE: Thank You So Much for your Service and your Words of Wisdom! You should run for President!

  12. To EVIE: All I can say is “WOW!” You wrote all of that and I am ashamed to say that I wish I could write that well. Thank You! Your post should be sent to everyone in the world! Thanks again! Larry

  13. This is a non-story and you are ignoring a ton of context to peddle your far-right narrative.

    There are two reasons Dr. Fauci and the healthcare community initially played down the importance of masks.

    1. The CDC et al were concerned that masks would give people a false sense of security. Early on, they wanted people to focus on staying at home, not touching their faces, and social distancing when they needed to leave home.

    (By the way, they are still concerned about this, as it’s been observed that people who wear masks are less stringent about social distancing and touching their faces, and even wear the masks incorrectly (e.g., with mouth covered and nose uncovered). Also, most people don’t really understand the purpose masks serve; the average mask-wearer, if asked, would say they’re wearing the mask to protect themselves, when studies show that, for most masks people are wearing, they do more to protect others from our own asymptomatic transmission.)

    2. Early on, the US was really, really short on PPE. So health professionals stressed that we should reserve N95 masks for front-line, healthcare workers.

    As time went on, the CDC began to recognize how serious asymptomatic transmission was, and began to stress the importance of everyone wearing masks, especially when social distancing was difficult.

    There’s no sinister conspiracy here. Americans are still infinitely better off listening to Dr. Fauci, who has been serving with distinction for decades and has the humility to acknowledge our understanding of COVID-19 is evolving, than listening to Captain Clorox, whose oversized ego won’t even allow him to wear a mask in public and who routinely dispenses unclear, misleading, or outright false health information.

  14. Fauci and Birx are DEEP STATE ANARCHISTS…!!! They are as DEEP STATE as they come.!! Kick their BUTTS all the way back to WUHAN, CHINA…!!!

  15. If the US public believes Fauci and the fear of a pandemic, then why is the 2019/2020 death rate about half is what the 2018/2019 death rate? This is a Human Corona Virus like was SARS and this is a mutation of SARS, period. If you get it like I did, you are 1/1000 likely to die and this is all about scaring everyone into the concept of government control and to try and take back the White House. We don’t need the Democratic left dictating what we do or what is essential, period. Pelosi and Schumer are and will try anything and everything to denounce a conservative Republican President. They want the house, the senate and the White House so they can change the way this country is run and to steal all the tax dollars to give money away to immigrants (illegal ones) so they can own the masses….wake up this is an attempt to get supreme power and control at your and my expense, period. Wake up, it’s not about progressive liberalism, it’s about unethical and immoral power desires by an old witch and her closet full of allies that hate our country but love our tax dollars….nothing more and absolutely nothing less. Vote for the GOP and the American freedom we all love and support! 🇺🇸💯🇺🇸

  16. Fauci is fraud incarnate. President Trump needs honest microbiology information . Hang Fauci like a pinata.

  17. Scott27, it is widely known that fauci told CNN that the virus did not originate in their lab but in the wild. Then he changed his mind and told us on the daily briefing that it probably did originate in the Wuhan lab. He has changed his story so many times in the past three months, no one knows what he really thinks or I might add now cares what he thinks! There is more but you are not worth wasting anymore time on. I justb want the people who read these posts to know how stupid and biased you are….

  18. With Biden being over in China. I think FAUCI. BIDEN, AND CHINA, made this hsppen to make it look like Trump did a poor job , if they get rid of him this country will fall apart. Democrats Obama stuck his nose into the election, thats how Biden got chosen. I look for Biden to put Mrs Obama as his tunning mate, and how is she qualified to ne VP, maybe because if Biden become unable physically and mentally unable to be president, then Mrs Obama will be president, and he of course will be there to support his wife. Will be like having him as president again, dont forget the video that zobama stated we all were morons and need controlled, and guns all taken away!!! Sound familiar, jews know all about what hsppens when your controlled and weapons taken away. You peoole better stop and think before you leap!!

  19. Fauci is a two faced SOB lying Commie, left as they come and behind the fake pandemic.

  20. How come so many dummies who think they are so smart on a right wing publication? Let me tell you something.After Trump is gone, R party with all of you idiots will never exist. Nobody will vote for any one of you. Good luck.

  21. Dr Fauci keeps changing his mind I have. Seen him in pictures in China so just not sure of his motives. Yes I think he is very smart but not sure he has not been bought. About Trump saying drink Lysol I heard him and and this is being taken out of context. He closed travel from China early and was critized by Biden and democrats were trying to impeach Him and then critized him for closing travel from China an then all air travel Just thankful for him being in office as our President and not a democrat

  22. This particular U.S. Patented virus loses its lethal character within a very few weeks, thus stopping itself. There was a great set of reasons biowarfare was 100% banned during the Nixon administration world wide. The U.S. obeyed but the CIA did not. MKULTRA was folded into MKNAOMI. Experiments continued under every lying pig poker president since then. After the Clinton/Obama HAARP genocide murders run by the past several administrationsof foreign countries’ citizens, without provocation, the world reminds us that they have the ability to lay waste with the same technology brandished by this Gates Ahole, Fauci, Pirbright Institute of London, and Charles M. Lieber with his U.S. Patented 5G release system.

  23. just say that I trust Dr. Fauci. Injecting or drinking Lysol or bleach and shoving a lightbulb up your butt as proposed by trump may work for him, but (since I can think and reason), I prefer to go with an alternative method proposed by someone who is not mentally handicapped.

  24. just say that I trust Dr. Fausi. Injecting or drinking Lysol or bleach and shoving a lightbulb up your butt as proposed by trump may work for him, but (since I can think and reason), I prefer to go with an alternative method proposed by someone who is not mentally handicapped.

  25. Fauci took a huge bribe off of Bill Gates to run the attack on Wuhan over the new international central banking system. As the #1 beneficiary, the Rothschild cenral bank and British monarch had their Pirbright Institute create and U.S. Patent, without review, the COVID virus, cure, and vaccine before sending it to China, on record, as hazardous materials. Harvard biowarfare and chemistry department chief Charles M. Lieber did the London>Wuhan transfer.

  26. Covid is not going away we have no cure AND kids arent going to die STOP IT !!! get out and live. The data that is put into the models is flawed and the models which makes the science
    is screwed up junk science again. Quit with the masks no one knows really how you catch this . People look like a neurotic hypochondriacs . Get out and live SWEDEN HAS IT RIGHT YOU CANNOT STOP IT!

  27. DCC… google, snope (or bing, or whatever you use) trump university; the trump foundation; trump bankruptcies; trump’s quote on “per capita”; trump’s military service; trump taxes; Ivanka’s Chinese patents; trump’s business in China and Russia; Jared Kushner’s experience in mid-east peace policy and national supply chain leadership; how much the secret service is required to pay at Mara Lago; tax benefits to lower and middle income folks versus corporations; and the list goes on and on and on.

  28. George, you do realize you can carry it and infect others when you feel fine with no symptoms of being sick. And as far as Fauci being an idiot… he certainly has years of medical education and years of serving as an epidemiolist and many achievements. What are yours?

  29. Bravo Elie! Well said. Also, just think about how many thousands of lives have ended because Trump did not listen to health care experts in January and February. It was not a hoax. It doesn’t go away with warm weather. Drinking Lysol is not something anyone should do. A thinking person should listen to Fauci and stop listening to Trump.

  30. Fauci is an idiot, if I am sick I stay home, otherwise I go out without a mask as a mask just hinders breathing and in my opinion just catches you own germs for you to re breath…maybe I just do not like having something on my face…

  31. Just look at what the DEEP STATE has brought you. 1) You’re not allowed to call the virus “WUHAN” or “CHINESE” virus. WHY? Because the WHO objected. We all realize the the WHO is in bed with China. 2)The DEEP STATE has convinced us that we better stay home for 3 months. All that did is make every one become paranoid. And the first chance they have to express themselves, they riot. Look at all the destruction. 3) The first chance the DEEP STATE has to put a stop to all your religious meetings. You are forced to believe the “GOD LESS” state, instead of believing in the GOD that created you. If you really believe in the GOD of Creation, you would tell these GOD LESS evil men and women that wish to control you to bug off

  32. Dennis… “..it’s widely known…” Could you please provide some evidence of that? Thank you.

  33. Fauci is a phony little self serving man with a big inferiority complex like Napoleon. He really doesn’t make any sense over half the time because he is constantly changing his story line. He loves the lime light and the free press but he really doesn’t deserve it. It is widely known that he is in cahoots with CCP, WHO, Killery, Obummer, Gates and the DNC. He has been for years. He has made millions of dollars fronting for these people and organizations. He can’t be trusted and should just be ignored. Hopefully President Trump will soon tie of his duplicity and send on his way back to China….

  34. James,
    I appreciate your service, but you are among the gullible zealots Trump said wouldn’t care if he shot someone on Fifth Avenue. The man has spent a lifetime cheating contractors, going bankrupt, lying about things significant and trivial, proudly grabbing p***y, denigrating veterans who served heroically (while he himself dodged the draft), legitimizing racism, and concocting tales a confused child would find laughable. He is a world wide laughing stock. You are like the suckers who paid for courses at Trump U. Hopefully, you haven’t ingested disinfectant.

  35. Vasu, geiger, scott27 and all the others who have popped up on this site spouting their anti-American, Anti-Trump messages, you are all traitors to our country because you lie and misstate everything. Nobody can believe anything you say because you have no evidence or facts to back up your words. You sound like CNN, MSNBC and the DNC all rolled into one big bunch of lies. Sounds like you are being coached by nancy piglosi or joe biteme. Get real and just stfu.

  36. Fauci is a fool. He is not the b all and end all of this pandemic. The fact that he kept flip flopping on recommendations and his glorious models were all wrong should tell these blind mice that he is another democratic snake oil salesman. I put my trust in the thousands of physicians across the country who deny Fauci’s blathering. Also, putting his money on W.H.O. and China really doesn’t garner trust.

  37. Judy… calm down. Screaming in all capital letters doesn’t make your wacked out ideas any more believable or palatable. Maybe you should stop mixing meth with that kool-aid.

  38. You idoits! Do your homework! Fauci is in cahoots with Bill Gates- ITS CALLED

  39. James… just two of at least dozens of examples: trump university, for which he was sued for defrauding students and taking their money, and he paid $25 million in a settlement. Neither he nor his family are allowed to have a charitable foundation in New York after they were found to have illegally taken and used money designated for a cancer charity. You’re barking up the wrong tree when he assert anyone else has no moral compass, integrity, or ethics.

  40. I have accepted you have people with no Dignity, Integrity or Moral Principal’s who call the President of the United States a fraud & fool. You two retards have fit the description of Obama right down to the “T”. The most corrupt worthless politician to ever sit foot in the Oval Office along with a want-to -be whatever at his side…

  41. Of course the story has changed over time… as new information emerges from studying the virus, which is new. It’s called science. How very sad for you folks who believe scholars, medical experts, journalists, scientists, and others are all out to deceive you, while your sole beacon of truth is a reality tv guy who has a life-long history of frauds and cons and lying. Wow.

  42. Okay. I am glad you Trumpists have now accepted that our current president is a spineless fraud. Dr. Fauci is there to give advice; the President’s job is to make decisions. If Trump thinks Fauci is wrong, then overrule him. Even Trump, however realizes that a large majority of Americans see Dr. Fauci as competent and honest, imperfect but not a buffoon.
    Next thought, the problem here is that the individual who should be making the decisions has a five year old’s understanding of science. He actually asked if taking something like Lysol internally would be a good measure. (Despite his denials he wasn’t being ironic or sarcastic. watch the tape.) He had heard earlier in the day that disinfectants were a important protection. He didn’t understand the reference was to countertops and desks. He is a moron who is using the Scarborough murder fantasy as a distraction from his utter incompetence. He is not even vaguely moved by the fact that Scarborough was 800 miles away at the time of her fall.
    You can justly point out the failures of the Democrats; I will not dispute that they are many and significant, but if you can’t see they Trump is, even in Anne Coulter’s eyes, a fool and a fraud who is laughing at his supporters for buying his bologna, you are to be pitied. I am reminded of the scene in Huckleberry Finn when a conman says “Ain’t we got all the fools in town on our side, and isn’t that a big enough majority in any town?”

  43. I know that this is a conservative right-wing news blog. However, the anger and distrust toward Dr. Fauci are really abusive and ignorant. He is well over 70 years old, with a distinguished education, resume, experience in infectious diseases, and has served for many years for both Democrat and Republican administrations. Wearing a mask is small protection, minimizing maybe 50% or more chance of droplets from your breath traveling to another person who is very close to you, especially if they are coughing, sneezing, talking, or yelling. That will protect them if social distancing is not possible, which both can be quite effective in reducing the risk of infection. Being close to a lot of people inside for a lengthy period of time is the greatest risk, so wearing a mask is courteous to others. Nothing is 100% effective for this highly contagious virus. This is not a Democrat hoax and contrary to what some absurd comments state, Dr. Fauci is not interested in politics, the virus is not discriminatory, just invisible to the human eye. Of course, 50% of the deadly endings are to health care workers, first responders, and nursing or assisted living elderly patients who are crammed together for a lengthy period of time. However, it has been factually proven that some church congregations have infected over 50% of the parishioners, with some deaths. This is real,. Instead of coming up with these absurd uneducated and unproven conspiracy theories, please understand that this is still a very mysterious virus, and not all medical experts totally agree with each other as it is very rare, very new and it takes time to experiment with cures and relief, etc. It took many years to come up with penicillin, other antibiotics, insulin, polio cures, etc. I don’t agree with the anti-Vaxxers, but I understand their concern; and that it can lead to decreased immunity rather than developing immunity through exposure. Wearing a mask while close and in a crowd, especially indoors is just courteous, not asking people to jump out of a plane thousands of feet above the jungles of Vietnam or Afghanistan. Just a small inconvenience to try to be kind and courteous. You should all be grateful to the scientific community who work tirelessly and not to become wealthy. They all are not overly political, especially when talking about science and medicine. The obscene and just plain ignorant negative comments here just illustrate to the rest of the world how stupid some Americans can be, including the morons burning cop cars and dancing on cars and burning buildings down, while there are first responders and healthcare workers out there really sacrificing to make sure you are healthy, safe, well-fed, etc. everyday heroes I am no liberal snowflake, having served in Vietnam with my son in Afghanistan, so you can take you ignorant political conspiracy theories and save them somewhere where they will not affect your fellow Americans, err on the side of caution and respect for first responders, children and the elderly. One death that you may save if you are wrong is worth the tiny inconvenience of wearing a mask in close encounters and inside especially in crowded situations. I understand in the heat of the summer, how hot and stifling it can be, so try to keep some distance from strangers or even friends and relatives > maybe Fauci is wrong on some issues and maybe you are right, but if you are wrong and it turns out that you may be asymptomatic and some people get it from you, that would be unfortunate. I believe i is more patriotic to be a little courteous and be kind to others in those more risky situations. Just because an enemy is not rushing to you with s bayonet or an AR15 does not mean that this little invisible virus is not there. That is part of the reason it is so dangerous because you cannot see, hear or smell the enemy. Please all be safe and epecially be kind, maybe if others would be kind and considerate, it wold be passed on to calm the anger and crazy behavior on all sides of the political spectrum right now!

  44. There are states with mask prohibition, like Minnesota Statute 609.735, a misdemeanor crime. Has this black letter law been repealed?
    It may be best to check if your state has a similar law. 😉

  45. The problem with the Dr. Fauci’s of the world is they have no concept of extrapolation. I am a senior citizen living in a small community in remote Colorado, it is not New York City. That does not mean illegal things cannot happen. It does not mean that over extrapolation is acceptable. What is clear is that the US has fallen behind tracing and tracking virus type problems.

  46. Yeah some of them are left-wing nut jobs like the one that crawled up out the sewer to make a post like the last one…

  47. The masks do absolutely nothing. If you read the box that they come in they say clearly that they do not protect against viruses. And being that I am an HVAC engineer i know about filter technology. There are no filters available that will filter out viruses. Even the best ULPA HEPA does not filter out most viruses and COVID-19 is a small virus. It cannot be filtered out with anything. In hospitals we use UVS light or ionization to kill the virus.
    N95 masks and P100 filters only filter .3 microns and larger. The CONVID-19 virus is .2 to .01 microns.

  48. Vasu, you must be the most ignorant fool on earth. Fauci is the cause of all this problem. He is the one that has changed his story. Every day he came out with something different about this virus. Trump made only one mistake and that was putting his trust in Hillary lover Fauci. You have too much CNN on your brain, if you still have one.

  49. Back in January we knew nothing about Covid-19. Every week we learn more and the mitigation protocols get upgraded; sometimes they seem to reverse. Advocating a different behavior in May than was recommended in February is not fraud or hypocrisy; it is recognition of new facts. Most people, up to 80% in some markets, who are spreading the virus do not even know they are infected. Refusal to wear a mask it shouting to everyone around you that you don’t care if you infect them or not.

  50. If anyone is doing a study on really stupid people and right-wing idiocy they can start by reading this article then read the comments. There is a flock of wingnuts hanging out in the comments section.

  51. The Coronavirus pandemic did not have the desired result on the economy so now let’s see what Antifa and Black Lives Matter can do with the rioting. It looks like the Democrats meant it when they said “by any means necessary”

  52. Oh really Dr fauci wears a mask? Then why are there pictures of this quack walking outside laughing with bill gates, NEITHER one wearing a mask?

  53. There it is…Means Nothing. You don’t like the channel little weasel, change it.

  54. how crazy can the hold country be this is a dummy lord what is wrong with all of you out there

  55. Vicki congrats! Few even on this site are as racist as you. People like you caused the problems we are now facing. Our president shares and encourages your thoughts.

  56. Thank you Vasudha. You are completely correct. Ignore the little lost ants on this site though nothing we do can let them see truth.

  57. Speaking of masks and social distancing, why aren’t democrats outraged at all the rioting jigs in Minnesota not wearing masks and maintaining 6 feet distance?
    Stores are finally opening again in Minnesota only to have jigs smashing their windows and looting their property. I guess the jigs think its a good idea to ruin their own hood, like sh!tting on your living room floor.

  58. New name for th he Covid-19 virus, the Vasu Flu, there is no cure for intense psychosis, Trump’s inactiveness got us here, your mind is in a perpetual state of being scattered across numerous planes of existence with absolutely no grasp on any one reality.

  59. Vasu get someone to help get your head out of your ass. I can see why you people support retard joe. The commiecrat idiots that post messages on this site shows nothing but ignorance.

  60. I never liked Fauci nor trusted him and Trump needs to run his lying ass off and out of D.C. and block him from ever working on a government-sponsored job or research job again. Now what needs to be done is a real count on who really died of COVID and who died of other causes I don’t believe the true numbers would be near as high as they are now

  61. I’d trust a goat before Hajji, and the little doctor is a left wing nut job. Jump in the Potomac Vasu and wash off the stink…

  62. “Now Dr. Fauci went on CNN and contradicted Trump…” I trust Dr. Fauci over Trump. Trump’s inaction got us here. On January 24th, Trump said, “It will all work out well.” On January 30th, Trump said, “We have it very well under control. We have very little problem in this country at this moment –five. And those people are recuperating successfully.”

    On February 10th, Trump said, “Looks like by April, you know, in theory, when it gets a little warmer, this miraculously goes away.” On February 26th, Trump said, “I don’t think it’s going to come to that, especially with the fact that we’re going down, not up. We’re going very substantially down, not up.” On February 28th, Trump said, “This is their [the Democrats’] new hoax.”

    And on March 4th, Trump said, “Based on a lot of conversations with a lot of people that do this, because a lot of people will have this and it is very mild. They will get better very rapidly…”

    Again and again, Donald Trump denied, deflected, and dismissed the idea that COVID-19 was a real threat to the health and safety of the American people. As a result, we are now weeks — if not months — behind where we need to be to adequately respond to the growing COVID-19 crisis.

    At this moment, nurses, doctors, and healthcare workers still lack basic personal protective equipment like gloves and masks, and a national testing program to identify and treat people with the virus is yet to be developed by the Trump Administration.

    With the amount of ground we need to make up to get ahead of this virus, we need bold action from the Trump Administration right now. And until they institute a national shelter-in-place order, develop a national testing program, and get doctors and nurses the masks, gloves, and personal protective equipment they need to fight this virus, we will not stop pushing them to do more.

  63. Fauci isn’t the expert that some people believe. He’s just another ass kisser for the commiecrats

  64. I am not sure there are any experts anymore. Everything is peer reviewed and no one wants to piss their off. Most of the so called experts couldn’t find their nose even with crossed eyes.

  65. fauci is a medical doctor and trump thinks like a kindergartener; what’s the surprise?

  66. I don’t wear a mask because I don’t believe the lies being told! Did they tell us in 2009 to wear a mask? Nope! So what the point of lying now? Is it because Trump is President? Not a DEMOCRAT? Being close in is WORST way of keeping safety! But getting outside is best! Are dog’s dropping dead? Cat’s? So if you going believe a fool who keeps changing his story. Then I guess you are a FOOL AS WELL!

  67. Fauci is speaking his mind. Why? Because he is amongst his ‘kith and kin’ that is CNN. This weasel should be should be locked up for the safety and peace of mind of the general public.

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