Dr. Fauci went on TV and leveled this ultimatum about Donald Trump conceding the election

Joe Biden is getting all the help he can manage in trying to get Donald Trump to admit defeat.

After Dr. Anthony Fauci all-but endorsed Biden during the campaign and now Fauci is once again causing trouble for the President.

That’s because Dr. Fauci went on TV and leveled this ultimatum about Donald Trump conceding the election.

On Monday, Moderna – which took part in President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed – announced its coronavirus vaccine was 95 percent effective.

This was the second vaccine to prove effective and proved President Trump correct when he predicted last spring that a vaccine would be available before the end of 2020.

In an interview on NBC’s Today Show, Dr. Fauci claimed Donald Trump contesting the election by alleging widespread voter fraud was hurting America’s fight against the coronavirus.

“The virus is not going to stop and call a timeout while things change. The virus is just going to keep going. The process is just going to keep going,” Dr. Fauci stated.
Still, Dr. Fauci touted the success of Operation Warp Speed in delivering two effective vaccines.

“Now we have two vaccines that are really quite effective. So I think this is a really strong step forward to where we want to be, about getting control of this outbreak,” Dr. Fauci added.

But Dr. Fauci then falsely claimed Donald Trump is holding up the transition because he won’t concede the election and allow the transition to a Biden administration to begin.

“This is something that just is now going in the very, very strong, right direction,” Fauci stated. “The vaccines are effective. We want to get it approved as quickly as we possibly can. We want to get doses to people starting in December, and then we want to really get the ball rolling.”

“We want a smooth process for that,” Fauci added. “And the way you do that is by essentially having the two groups speak to each other and exchange information.”

Dr. Fauci’s outrageous warning was clear: Donald Trump needs to admit defeat or else the blood of dead Americans will be on his hands.

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