Dr. Oz has a scary secret from his past that just came back to bite him

Dr. Oz’s struggling Senate candidacy absorbed another body blow this week.

Polls show a conservative challenger is gaining on Dr. Oz.

And Dr. Oz has a scary secret from his past that just came back to bite him.

Dr. Mehmet Oz’s Turkish citizenship has become a major issue in the Pennsylvania Senate Republican primary.

Back in March, Dr. Oz claimed he would forgo security clearances if elected to the Senate.

After the absurdity of that statement quickly set in, Dr. Oz tried to claim he only maintained his Turkish citizenship to be able to travel home to take care of his sick mother.

Dr. Oz pledged that if he won the race to be Pennsylvania’s next Senator, he would renounce his Turkish citizenship.

“I maintained it to care for my ailing mother, but after several weeks of discussions with my family, I’m committing that before I am sworn in as the next U.S. senator for Pennsylvania, I will only be a U.S. citizen,” Dr. Oz stated.

Dr. Oz’s Turkish citizenship became a bigger issue when it came out that he also served in the Turkish military.

Dr. Oz claimed this was a brief assignment he took on in order to be able to travel back to Turkey to visit his mother.

“President Trump was very clear, I’m America First,” Dr. Oz added. “I was obliged to serve for two months in the Infirmary in the Turkish military, which I did in order to go visit my parents as I went through my life. I can love my mother, and I can love my country as well.”

But some experts called Dr. Oz’s explanation for his maintaining his Turkish citizenship into question.

American Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow Michael Rubin explained that Turkey’s visa rules allow Dr. Oz to travel into the country to take care of his mother without being a citizen.

“Oz could care for his mother regardless of his citizenship status. Until recently, Americans could go to a booth at Turkey’s major international airports and get a Turkish visa for $20. The whole process took less than five minutes, even when there was a line. Oz reportedly has a net worth in excess of $100 million, so the financial strain of getting a visa a few times each year was no deterrent. Today, the process is even easier: U.S. citizens can apply online for an e-visa in advance of their travel and receive their Turkey visa almost instantaneously,” Rubin stated.

The scandal surrounding Dr. Oz’s dual Turkish citizenship combined with his history of left-wing positions on guns, abortion, and transgenderism created an opening for a conservative challenger.

Kathy Barnette surged to second place in the latest Trafalgar Group poll, as Dr. Oz’s scandals and ideological heresies took their toll.

But with the Primary less than a week away, will there be enough time for Barnette to pass Dr. Oz?

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