Dr. Phil had one scary warning that should worry every American

Dr. Phil McGraw is one of America’s most trusted voices of reason.

But Dr. Phil sees a growing trend that leaves him frightened.

And Dr. Phil had one scary warning that should worry every American.

Dr. Phil blasts the weaponization of the government 

On his new primetime show, Dr. Phil issued what he deemed a “call to action” to “save our collective soul” following the conviction of Donald Trump in a rigged show trial in New York City.

Dr. Phil warned Americans that the weaponization of government against political opponents would lead the nation down a path of ruin.

That’s because Dr. Phil believes retaliation for Trump’s political show trial would lead to never ending escalation of twisting the power of the state to target the other side every time power changed hands.

“This weaponization of our great institutions — the FBI, Justice Department, and individual state similar institutions — will lead to one of two outcomes. One is more of the same from the other side, tit for tat. That may seem deserved, but it is not the right way forward for America,” Dr. Phil stated.

Dr. Phil asked his viewers to send a message to politicians that the weaponization of the government must end.

“The other is what I call on you to demand from your politicians today: an end to this craziness in order to save the soul and sanity of this country,” Dr. Phil continued.

Dr. Phil’s warning 

Dr. Phil revealed his great fear is that arresting political opponents no longer becomes enough.

The demand for partisan revenge, Dr. Phil warned, would bring the type of politically-motivated assassinations seen in Russia to America.

“What are we going to do next, have a [Vladimir] Putin poisoning posse and start finding political opponents foaming at the mouth at home, not so mysteriously dying in their La-Z-Boy recliners?” Dr. Phil wondered.

Dr. Phil claimed this issue was bigger than both Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

The popular talk show host told viewers that if they let their hatred for Trump or Biden consume them, it would corrupt the nation beyond repair.

“This is so not just about Donald Trump. If your let your hatred for Donald Trump compromise your ability to find true North on your moral compass, shame on you,” Dr. Phil added.

“If you let your disgust for Biden make you blind to the inevitable consequences of pursuing revenge then God help the children who will inherit the dystopian nightmare we create,” Dr. Phil continued.

Commentary like this, combined with Dr. Phil’s visit to the border and objections to transgender surgeries, leaves many wondering if Dr. Phil is going to run for office one day soon.

While Dr. Phil says he doesn’t endorse candidates, he’s increasingly becoming involved in the political discourse.

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