Dr. Phil sounded the alarm about the sick thing Joe Biden did to kids

Dr. Phil McGraw – known as Dr. Phil from his time on Oprah and his own nationally-syndicated show – shared a horror story.

It’s beyond the pale.

And Dr. Phil sounded the alarm about the sick thing Joe Biden did to kids.

Dr. Phil returned from a trip to the southern border to share some terrifying news with popular podcast host Joe Rogan.

In the interview, Dr. Phil explained he spoke with National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd and that Judd told him that the Biden administration helped facilitate child sex slavery in the United States by relaxing policies at the border.

The administration did away with rapid DNA testing at the border, which was used to ensure that illegal alien children were with a relative.

Dr. Phil said the Biden administration was using taxpayer money to then transport children – who may be linked up with traffickers into the country.

Rogan then played the clip of Dr. Phil’s interview with Judd.

“Are they given money? These people that are released into the country?” McGraw wondered.

“So it’s our taxpayers that ultimately facilitate the travel, but yes, travel is facilitated, and they are given all the necessities that they need,” Judd responded.

Rogan couldn’t believe what he saw.

“Holy sh!t!” Rogan exclaimed.

Dr. Phil said Judd admitted the border was “out of control” and that the media refused to do their job by asking him questions about cartels trafficking children in America.

“I said, why have you not talked about this? He said, nobody’s ever asked me these pointed questions, but I’m grateful that you’re asking them now. That’s how out of control we are down there! We are paying money to take these children and sell them into sex slavery. They come in with these addresses written on their bodies, written on their arm and we call up there and say, ‘Do you know so and so?’ ‘Yes, we’re waiting for them.’ ‘Okay, they’ll be on a plane or a bus,’” Dr. Phil stated.

Dr. Phil said the change in approach and rhetoric was noticeable and even past Presidents committed to amnesty for illegal aliens at least paid lip service to securing the border.

“If you go back and watch Obama speeches, Bush speeches, Clinton speeches, and all the Presidents before talked about having a strong, protected border. This is a weird thing they are doing. They’re just letting people come in, and the Red Cross and different groups are giving people maps, showing them how to do it, and encouraging it,” McGraw stated.

Dr. Phil also told Rogan how the Biden administration looked the other way on immigration enforcement.

During his trip to the border, Dr. Phil recounted how if illegal aliens encountered border guards deployed by the state of Texas they were arrested, processed, and sent out of the country.

But if the Biden administration’s border patrol took illegal aliens into custody they were handed an immigration court date years down the road and given a free pass into the United States.

“The Texas border guards wear brown uniforms, and the federal guards wear green. If you get arrested by a brown uniform, you get arrested, processed, and sent back,” Dr. Phil concluded. “If you get apprehended by a green uniform, you get arrested, processed, and given a court date in seven years. So they run to the green uniforms and away from the brown uniforms.”

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