Drudge took down John McCain with this one brutal tweet

John McCain is not too popular with conservatives right now.

And rightly so after his vote to kill the so-called “skinny repeal” bill.


  1. He has been a phony bologna since entering
    the Academy. Remember the Keating Five!
    If the Dems had not wanted to save another
    Academy grad…..John Glenn, McCain would
    only be a footnote in the history of the U.S.
    Senate. Daddy and granddaddy’s service
    saved his bacon. Can we say “Phony
    Bologna” again.

  2. President Trump take a page from Obama’s playbook, issue an Executive order moving all congresspersons and their staff members and all senators and their staff members to basic Obamacare with no exemptions for any reason! As long as Obamacare exists it will be their only healthcare allowed!

  3. @ Lonny: McCain embodies the corruption which is our government. The sooner we are rid of him the better. I’m rooting for the cancer!

  4. Mountaine: You are so right John McCain is a traitor and not a war hero, thank you for your thoughts!!!

  5. Effie you will not have to support him for anything because Karma has set in and will take care of McCain post haste!!

  6. Was that the reason he was given a “pardon” by Nixon. When a reporter asked him about that he waved them off and walked away with NO answer! Typical “judas politician”!

  7. Best analogy – -“a supposed war hero”; if anyone actually believes this turncoat is a war hero, they need to do a lot more research and ask his fellow POW’s “why” they dubbed him “canary mccain”. He was no prisoner, he was a “guest” at the Hanoi Hilton and fed the VietCong anything they wanted to hear! His disabilities are NOT from torture, those are from his plane crash.

  8. Waiting for McCain to die! Better to do it at home rather than the Senate floor! His jealously of Trump is hurting the American people!

  9. If John McCain who is a sheep in wolves clothes had Obama care like the rest the US citizens he wouldn’t have voted against the bill. It time that we set term limits, and every bill signed into law is made applicable to everyone.

  10. The air force should have kicked him out of service when he flamed out aboard the air craft carrier he was on? They decided to let him fly a mission he got shot down on. Did they decide to give him better treatment at the Hanoi Hilton because of his family back ground? Hes a do nothing sack of crap and always has been.

  11. John McCain, I hope you live for a long time with much pain and suffering which you so rightly deserve I hope you loose your mind very gradually (what there is left of it) so that causes much confusion and agony every minute of every day for a long time to come! May you (not) rest in hell, when you get there, but be the Devil`s primary person to to abuse for all eternity!

  12. I agree that John McCain should retire. He has let the republican part;y
    down. I am very disappointed the way he has acted. He has not supported
    president Trump. He has been very spiteful. I will never support him for anything again.

  13. You are nuts. McCain is a traitor to his party, to the president, to conservatives, to the people who voted for him in the past, and to his country. He doesn’t seem to care about what is best for the people. I am sorry I voted for him for president when he ran. He is a disgrace for selling out the above and needs to join the corrupt Democrat Party!

  14. Just glad that he never made POTUS. Just imagine. Sure Blowhama sold us out to every left wing organization in the world but with McShame, I would think that all of our public buildings would be written in Cyrillic by now. Poor man is completely confused and ill but he has no business being in politics or any position of responsibility. What is worse is why was he re-elected the last time?

  15. i am ashamed that i voted for this so called man, i now refer to him as the traitor of the conservatives, the patriots , i don’t see this man as hero anymore or ever will. John McCain will go down in history as a traitor , how much money did the democrats pay you to vote NO?

  16. no torture…got the arm when he ejected from the plane..the other prisoners suffered because of his “singing ” his daddy knew the commander of the prison and johnny boy had it soft.and became a video star

  17. They will and continue to fall by their own weight….simple enough….so sit down in a comfortable chair and watch all of this unfold. Our President will overcome and will come triumphantly of all that is before him. Why? HAHAHAHAH!!!! ask an Athiest

  18. His corruption goes back to Lincoln savings and Loan. He has been heroified so much he actually believes it. My neighbor has his type of brain cancer and was given the same treatment. He begged them to take him off the chemo and rad and let him go…which they did. McCain will likely request the same.

  19. While I feel sorry for the fact that McCain has been diagnosed with brain cancer, I am personally amazed with the diagnosis, since McCain obviously doesn’t have any brains. This man is a traitor to the Republican Party and to all those who supported him. What a moron.


  21. Juan McCain continues to be a traitor to his country, his party, and his constituents, as he has been since the Viet Nam era, when he was named “Songbird” for his traitorous conduct with the NVA, and prior to that, his disastrous stunt on the USS Forrestal. He should have been tried and hanged then, instead of pardoned by Nixon. His conduct toward the Viet Nam POW rescue efforts and the VA healthcare system brand him a traitor to his fellow service members, and his name will forever be remembered as one who put his self interest before anything else.

  22. Arizona has a penchant for electing FLAKES to the U.S. Senate. However, they have the opportunity to correct the situation. Sen. “Flake” Flake and Sen. “Screw-Off” McCain will likely both be gone by 2018. No one wishes cancer on any one, but McCain’s brain cancer, possibly a life-long affliction, has a life expectancy, after diagnosis of 12-15 months. “Flake”, hopefully, took a cannon and directed it at both of his feet, in his soon to be published book, “A Principled Conservative”. The man doesn’t know the meaning of either word!

  23. You’re absolutely correct Lia. McCain is definitely a traitorous Rhino along with the other 5 you mentioned. They need to be voted out come 2018!

  24. Megan needs to face the facts that her father is a traitor to the core!!! I sincerely hope he is made to fight his Cancer with Odummy care and that he dies slow and painful!!!

  25. I don’t even trust that the scum has a brain or a tumor.If he had an operation over his eye he had one great surgeon,as if course he would ,on our nickel.It looks like a marking from a sharpie and he still has his eyebrows.Funny I was thinking while getting breakfast the reason that Daddy and Grampa got him of the ship first was the likely hood that the sailors on board would probably give him what he deserved.What a Blessing that would of been.

  26. Our founding fathers fought and died for this great country. What it has become is truly disgusting.

  27. McCain is a corrupt as-hole. The only person he does care about is himself and big money. He did take money for his school or college from Soros, so that tells just exactly what type of person he is.

  28. He never been a hero he kill 14 of our men on a aircraft carrier it was a actually but his dad was a big shot in the navy so he got away with it .I no the whole truth behind McCain. Hi life is one big lie

  29. You are wrong most likely me to like obama care even the doctor don’t like my insurance wen up 600 dollars to pay for other people. Is that right.and obama was the worst president this country every had

  30. Tell us what a hero “SONGBIRD” is and was before he entered congress. Tell us why his prison was than named “HOTEL”. You better read up on McCain and also Kerry and how they were partners in crime when junior senators. McCain lied for 71/2 years under BO on healthcare by signing the bill to REPEAL healthcare. That makes him a fraud and a liar. Get it right before you open your mouth. Who won the presidential election? Why? Is it any person in congress’ job to vote against the people or to represent them? McCain is a fraud, liar, corrupt and has disregarded the American people!

  31. John McCain was a disgrace long before he voted to not repeal Obamacare. He only got elected because he was a prisoner of war. Where was his integrity and honor when he gave a speech to the veterans administration ( Which is so poor it couldn’t afford to supply all disabled vets with Prosthetic limbs to replace what they lost in combat) and he charged them, and collected $100,000 to give a speech.

  32. John McCain is not a conservative nor has he ever been I have watched him for many years he is really more like a Democrat than a Republican.
    Whatever suits him is what he does. I have never liked what he does in the Senate!

  33. Another RINO sold my state of Indiana out last senate race. Richard Lugar got angry because he didn’t get to run and win again. He was around 80 and hadnt lived in Indiana for years although he did own a farm here. His little hissy fit cost Repubs the election and we got stuck with Joe Donnelly. It’s cost us plenty.

  34. If there is even a grain of truth in the accusations and comments concerning him that have been made against McCain by many of those who served aboard ship, and more telling, were imprisoned in the infamous Hanoi Hilton when he was, McCain’s treason began long before he rode his “heroism myth” into Congress. Since his drubbing by Obama, he has been a bitter, spiteful person, who has let his hatred and resentment of a newcomer like Trump override any sense of duty he has to the American people.

  35. Glioblastoma is a terrible diagnosis and that alone is enough without wishing a painful death.

  36. McLame sold his soul long ago, his contract with satan has been stamped for collection: *PAYMENT PAST DUE*
    Good riddance to tha fraudulently titled, ‘hero’.
    “We don’t meed another hero, we don’t need to know the way {to his new} home” (hell)

  37. I always had the highest admiration for McCain because of his actions as a prisoner of war. With the way the news media distorts things, I am wondering if what I always heard about him was true or not but back then I think the news media was more honest. But he has done so many other things over the years that made my respect for him wane. I agree with this article. I think he hates Trump more than loves America. He, like so many other people, we liked and cared about let power go to their heads.

  38. tired of the crap, I’m with you, tired of the crap called Judas McCain and tired of the crap he has given us..he is nothing but a used up prophylactic and nowhere to go, but the ashheap, where he belongs. He will not screw the voters anymore, he bought his own crap hole to wallow in, till we read his obit, good riddance.

  39. Sounds like you have a mental problem of obama size. Why not go back in the dark closet and finish playing with the thing you hold dear to you and wish that mental defect be there to share your disabilities.

  40. McCain, was always a backstabber, when he was caught with the Keating Five, with the Silver State Savings scandel, he was able to worm his way out of the scandal and let the rest of the Senators, go to prison. He escaped, by turning on them and evading them with them with information and friends. He is a POS, ever since. This hero turned Worm, is going to cause havoc at every turn. He has no friends now, but he is no doubt waiting for the shoe to drop on his ass, when President Trump, because of McCain’s vote, will cancel the Executive Order, allowing the freeLoaders in the Senate to lose their subsidized health care payment, which will cause them to cough up the health payments like regular working people. I cannot wait for this to happen and slap these politicians to reality. We are their slaves and the only time they need us is election time, when when the ignorant vote for them each time..WAKE UP, YOUR VOTE IS USED TO MAINTAIN THEIR LIFESTYLE..THEY ARE ALL oBAMITES, users and abusers.

  41. Mr. Goodman – I sincerely hope your children are wealthy – because if they are not you and your children will suffer greatly when your fabulous Obama Care fails . Then you will have nothing . What an absolute moron – even a blind man can see you are ill informed and follow anything your told just like a sheep to slaughter.

  42. You are one sick Democrat if you can’t see what your precious traitor Obama has done to this country – your fellow Americans were without jobs the world was laughing as your precious Obama bowed to foreign dignitaries and told the world how bad America was.You folks that live in a fairy tale world are major reason we were in the mess we were in. My family has been Democratic for generations – but what the Democratic Party did to us and every other American gave us no choice but to vote for President Trump. You better hope President Trump continues to lead America out of this mess created by people like yourself with the help of Democrates posing as Republicans such as Ryan, McConnel, Susan Collins Macasky and a man I truly respected until his vote to keep Health Care on a road to failure John Mccain. You may truly believe what you wrote – try taking a moment and really put the pluses in one column and the Cons in another on what the Democratic Party has actually accomplished for us.

  43. What do you expect, once a traitor always a traitor!! He betreyed our Veterans in Vietnam and again in Arizona when he allowed Odummy and the VA to murder Veterans in his home state!! What a world class POS!! I hope his Cancer kills him slowly, painfully and especially hope he must use Odummy care to fight it!!!

  44. The Arizona canary is NO hero – -never has been, never will be; he was simply promoted that way. Ask any one of his old comrades in arms, OR this POW who did not get to stay at the Hanoi Hilton. The canary was a “guest” of the Viet Cong and he fed them all kinds of military secrets and information during his stay there. His only “injuries” were from his plane crash.

  45. Mr. Pasley, the only honorable thing left for the people of AZ to do is, recall the bastard from DC and hold a special election to replace him.

  46. Then why the hell did you people continually vote him in, especially the last time he ran for office? Everyone knew what a judas he was years ago.

  47. If his health insurance reflected the increase that mine has in order to pay for this Obama care trash he would be singing a different tune. But all of their health care is free. What other people are having to deal with doesn’t affect him in the least. He did this to spite President Trump and the American people that are having to pay for this every month

  48. Harry your insults are the desperation of the liberal thought pattern. When facts can’t be presented resort to name calling. How sad.

  49. John McCain was heard saying right after the vote was finished…”let’s see Trump get Obamacare repealed and replaced NOW!!!”
    Well, one thing that can be repealed and replaced is you, Mr. Mcain. You betrayed this country in Nam, and you’ve betrayed this country again.
    Wonder how quickly your vote would have been cast the other way if YOU had been mad to be on obamacare, hmmmm???????

  50. My gut told me McCain was going to vote against the repeal. I am not a psychic, or have a crystal ball; it is a given that McCain is an unabashed traitor of conservatism and the Republican party. Moreover, an absolute traitor and a quintessential Democrat.

  51. He won’t do it. To win in his district you need to be a republican. Too bad my fellow Arizonans can’t see what he really is – a dem with a R by his name. I’ve been voting against this ass hat in the primaries for a long time, then withholding my vote in the general.

    I doubt he’ll run again, most likely dead before his next cycle or the current term ends.

  52. So disappointed in John McCain, I have tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but this last vote made me sick. He seems to be in the pocket of the dems. To think he would put his spite for President Trump before the welfare of the American people is disgusting,

  53. There is a need for another zoological category for people like this “Harry” – Cretinus Mazimus.

  54. There is ONE word that describes JOHN MCCAIN, BEFORE, NOW AND FOREVER: TRAITOR! He will always be known as a TRAITOR because history does not lie.

  55. Thoughts on McCains’ actions. The people of Arizona voted him in all these years and he totally gave them the finger. To allow your emotions to get ahead of common sense and the very actions you told them you would do, it is inconsiderate at the very leas , kind of evil even. I always wondered why he considered himself a Republican.. Sorry about his health,but he should be sorry about casting that vote.
    As to whether they should continue to try and repeal, perhaps all of them should consider the ones who can’t even afford the co pays and the fact that the whole system is collapsing. Yes they should get it passed. Thank You

  56. History of McCain and hero must have been written by his Admiral father.. mccain; if nothing else, he could have Rid Taxpayers of being FORCED to pay Planned murderers of Unplanned infants. That would have been some redemption. A small spirited man with position envy
    and a Even lower level of revenge, Extends that Tax Enforcement of Great Constitutionalist Citizens To PAY .!! While you sit around thinking of a mccain Government from your own supposed Tower of Power.?

  57. McCain has always been a ‘gangster’, remember his gang of eight? The biggest surprise is the diagnosis of brain cancer. For the diagnosis to be correct, one must have a brain, and ‘lil johnie’s’ actions would belie that assumption.

  58. Why do people keep voting this democrat in republican clothing back in, time after time? That is where the real stupidity is.

  59. I like Mr. Drudge’s words “Supposed war hero”! I guess it depends who you believe. If you believe the other prisoner’s at the “Hanoi Hilton” then McCain was not a hero, their nickname for him was “Songbird” and that should be self explanatory! If you believe the main stream media then you might think he was a hero.

  60. McCain has shown that for the past 30 years he is more into McCain, a focus on his self perceived worth, than on serving the public. He just put an exclamation mark on his leadership qualities, and they are self aggrandizement founded–he does not even come close to the level of his sire! God Bless him on his passing.

  61. Mc Cain, Not a hero for me. Follow the comments by those who served in Viet Nam. Was all about himself then as well as now. Not a patriot!!! Has no use for the American people. Loves himself more than anything in the world.
    Sorry Megan, you should love your father, but enough of this hero stuff. Slobbering over him, feeds his ego.

  62. You ‘hit the nail on the head’, Thaddeus!! Pres Trump is a ‘master’ Chess player and is considering his ‘next’ move to counteract this. You had it correct!! He is going to make it so that Congress now gets the ‘same’ health care as everyone else! No ‘exceptional treatment’ here anymore!! You had better believe that these people, exposed to the faulty ‘Obamacare’ as their health insurance choice–will ‘run’, not ‘walk’ to come up with an ‘exceptional’ health care plan and repeal the ‘faulty’ Obamacare!! This alone, will ‘melt’ all objections and obstruction by these people!! LOL

  63. I definitely believe that our elected representatives should live under the same rules as we the people who pay their salaries. If ACA is good enough for us it should certainly be foisted upon them as well.
    Term limits is certainly something that should be implemented. A President is limited to two terms…why not Senators and Representatives?
    Republicans, one and all…you ran on repeal and replace!!! Do your job!!!

  64. They should not have any benefits that are not available for all citizens. Have term limits and give them a 410K plan,which they can take after leaving office.

  65. Shame on John McCain who’s doing nothing more than trying to get even with President Trump. What he did shows he cares nothing about how his vote would affect so many Americans. He was more interested in himself.

  66. A true American traitor to the conservative issues he campaigned on to get elected. He got called out for being a phony during the election, and this was his big chance to get even. Shame he had to end his career, and possibly his life, with the world knowing he was a fraud the whole time.

  67. Let me remember what I know about Senator McCain – the losing RINO in the election of 2008 to the winner Marxist Muslim half-breed from Kenya B. Hussein Obama, previously a street agitator for the ACORN thugs:
    1) He was a son of the notable Navy Admiral in the WW2; as such he was accepted in the Naval Academy in spite of his low grades from high school; that in my book is called nepotism;
    2) In the academy he was at the bottom of the graduating class (well- #75 out of the class of 76) but passed due to his Admiral father; the school director directed his future bosses not to let McCain place a foot on any submarine – and so he passed his time in service scheduling time-offs for the marines in service;
    3) While in training he jumped and parachuted from 4 – FOUR – training planes for unknown reasons thus destroying those planes; apparently he got confused by the knobs and levers and panel lights;
    4) In Vietnam when his plane attracted North Vietnamese communist fire he abandoned the completely untouched war plane and parachuted into the enemy hands;
    5) The communists wanted to trade his name to Americans for substantial rewards – but McCain refused – that was his only true patriotic gesture;
    6) It’s not clear whether the taped confession McCain gave to his captors to avoid further torture has played a role in his postwar behavior in the Senate. That confession was played endlessly over the loudspeaker systems at all the communist prisons of captured US soldiers —to try to break down other prisoners—and was broadcast over Hanoi’s state radio. Reportedly, he confessed to being a war criminal who had bombed civilian targets and murdered innocent children. The Pentagon has a copy of that confession but will not release it. Also, no outsider I know of has ever seen a non-redacted copy of the debriefing of McCain when he returned from captivity, which is classified but could be made public by McCain.
    7) In Congress McCain was known as a watcher of wind indicator and so voted Republican as often as Democrat;
    8) In the elections of 2008 he was just an incoherent moderate RINO trying to please everybody – and was swept by the Chicago vote fraud machine.
    Since then he has shown himself a low-IQ bloviating gasbag with no political program of his own except in voting 50-50 with his Republican colleagues. Just like that other low-IQ bloviating gasbag John Hanoi Kerry he just improvises his politics as the wind blows on any particular day. WAR HERO – hell no! McCain is the chairman of the Veterans Committee, and those criminal Veteran Administration scandals remain unaddressed.

  68. I recommend that if he has it in his power, President Trummp (I never referred to Obama as president)should eliminate congress health care and retirement plans, and give them the same plans they have given us. Social Security is NOT their piggy bank. Although they have been using it as such for decades.

  69. The Arizona Republican party should start a statewide recall campaign of McCain and look for a suitable candidate to replace him. McCain was once again re-elected in 2016, which means he won’t come up again until 2022. With his cancer diagnosis he will never see 2022 and should be replaced so that the Arizona Republicans have a suitable representative in Congress and not an egomaniac.

  70. As I look at that picture straight on, it reminds me of, Oh, what was that guys name? Ah yes, I think it was something like Kruchev? Something like that.

  71. What a terrible set up McCann did. Flies out to Washington, gives a good speech and then he slams down with his own personal feeling for Trump, the Tea Party, and the Conservatives, AND HE stopped everything from progressing to getting the health plan approved. Just ROTTEN OF HIM.

  72. the American people want Obamacare repealed… did YOU ever ask the people who think it is okay, WHY they want it… MANY people get subsidies paid for by struggling families .. how long does anyone think that can be sustained… millions of people are struggling with high premiums, high deductibles that make their insurance unusable (worthless)… insurance premiums in Arizona went up more than 100% but guess that must be okay with you …. Obamacare is a one size fits all insurance…. Men should NOT be forced to buy Maternity … How soon will you be using your maternity care??
    American People deserve better than Obamacare.. they deserve to be able to buy what they want and need.. not what Obamacare forces down their throats…

  73. I have the same disdain for McCain that he has for all those who believe in the Constitution and getting the Federal government off our backs. I have the same for the rest of the betrayer 7, the three women, plus Alexander, Heller and Portman, all of whom voted to keep Obamacare in place. They all must go the next time each is up for reelection.

  74. That’s because he is using our tax money from the senate to pay his medical bill. If the bill is passed he has to pay from his own pocket. Traitor!!!

  75. McCain is DISGUSTING!!! He hates President Trump and like others (Rinos, DemocRATS, the left), they hate President Trump so much that they do NOT care what happens to the American People… Because of him, the American people continue to suffer under Obamacare… McCain is a traitor… spreading this hate and lies …
    Time to get out of office.. he is NOT fit to be a Senator representing anyone…

  76. Mr.John McCain has already BEEN judged by the RIGHTEOUS JUDGE, JESUS CHRIST; WE ALL KNOW THAT GOD IS NOT A RESPECTER OF PERSONS, REGARDLESS OF TENURE, FAME HERO, OR SENATOR! John McCain will soon meet GOD and will be dealt with accordingly. However, there is always grace as long as he has breath; I doubt if he’ll repent, only Christ knows. “Vengeance is MINE sayeth THE LORD.” NO one gets by with hate and spiteful acts!

  77. McCain need to apologize to President Trump as a heavenly sent president and then McCain could be in his last days on earth his best thing to do to go to confession make peace with God and that means with all God’s people. To be a Hero is to be humble and loving And forgiving arrogance has no place in eternity

  78. McCain what you did was totally wrong just because you hate Trump and the conservative movement you voted against America. What a legacy you are leaving. SHAME ON YOU!!!

  79. “Supposed war hero?” Got that right. There is a plethora of material from McCain’s peers who suggest he was the opposite.
    I met and supported McCain when he first ran for office here in Phoenix.
    Worst political mistake of my life. Rino is barely correct for McCain.
    And now Jeff Flake of Arizona seems to be plagiarizing Barry Goldwater.
    Flake has written what he calls Conscience of a Conservative.
    I checked, “Conscience Of A Conservative” by Barry Goldwater is still available. I knew Barry pretty well and think he is twisting in his grave
    over this insult. I have wondered about Jeff Flake. Suppose Flake is a flake.
    George Rowe
    Phoenix area since 1947.

  80. Thank God he will be gone soon. No cure for glioblastoma. Good riddance McCsin, we will not miss uou.

  81. I’m not going to say to much about McCain wrong doings ,he will soon be dead with the brain tumor, the cancer is to far gone to save his life. So i will let his day of judgment from a judge he can’t buy off issue his fate.

  82. I pray that McCain never returns to Washington. The Arizona Republican assembly ought to recall and replace him immediately. He is a spiteful, incompetent and conniving politician who is incapable of making any kind of best interests decision for America. He is corrupted just as Drudge so aptly stated.

    I hope President Trump rolls up his sleeves and keeps the pressure to repeal the idiot Obamacare fake healthcare system in the current time. The setback is not permanent – LIKE OLD FART MCCAIN HOPED – but rather exposes him and others like him along with all the greedy and useless Democrat Senators for they are, that is fools that need replacing. I hope the President follows through on his threat to take away their GRAVY TRAIN healthcare insurance benefits – they aren’t better than the rest of the US citizenry in having to abide within the laws they make.

  83. I feel both Glen Beck and Bill O’Reilly are correct! It is a horrible thing to see anyone turn on the Ameriica citizens but when Otis a person who had all the respect in the world from thesesame people it is nothing more than an act of high treason from John McCain! Hopefully he has sealed his fate with Americans once and for all! He certainly gets no respect from me personally ever again!

  84. Ariz. Sen. John “Reach Across the Aisles” InAne couldn’t remember how many homes he owned and went on to blame the 2008 crash on dem dar whippersnapper short-sellers and speculators while never mentioning the Community Reinvestment Act.

  85. John McCain just voted for what the majority of the American people want. That is what a politician in Washington is supposed to do. I don’t know why the Republicans don’t know of this simple common sense.

  86. McTraitor and that flake Flake. How did AZ get so lucky? If that’s the best AZ Republicans have to offer, I pity the Republican Party in AZ.

  87. He should retire and a replacement found. His vote made me wonder if he is OK. Also the Congress and Senate should not be held up on any future vote for a bill because he may not beable to attend.

  88. Now we know why this person is such an anti American traitor. He has apparently been suffering from brainlessnessfor years. Why would anyone who has a brain and says they are a conservative patriot and then pick Palin as a running mate. Arizona has one of the worst health care systems in the country but McCain could care less, he just wants to take as many Arizona residents with him when he dies as he can.

  89. My personal opinion is that when McCain lost to GW he was bent on destroying him. He became a pariah to the conservative cause and never stopped. He began to enjoy the idea of being a maverick which gave him attention. Once down that road he continued his destructive path.

  90. Are the voters in Arizona REALLY voting to keep RINOmccain in office as their senator? Or is there voter fraud and cheating which has not been disclosed and corrected?

  91. John McCain in my opinion is a disgrace NOW, I will never berate this man because of the torture he went through while serving our country, however his actions did not serve the country well with his last vote! He literally screwed his country!

  92. Don’t be surprised if McCain changes from the Republican to the Democrat party. He might as well, being the RINO that he is. I am totally disgusted with Arizona for electing this loser. Trump is the last chance that this country has to be saved from the socialist idiots in the Democrat Party, and McCain is doing everything he can to block him out of spite. Tea Party people and other conservatives have a lot more work to do to get rid of more RINOs and Democrats.

  93. McCain you should of Retired when you lost the presidential election against Obama. So now just leave Have a nice life.

    Bye Bye

  94. Mccain should have retired a long time ago. He is a prime example as to why I support limited terms. He is a disgrace to our state of Arizona and the American People. I for one will be thankful when he is out of office.

  95. It has been said , and I think proven ,that John McCain is on the sorts payroll what else needs to be said other than he is a traitor and no war hero !

  96. I think your exactly right. John McCain is a very self center individual. I appreciate his service but he has done nothing for military retirees or veterans. He wants retirees to pay more for our health care, he was against the 911 education bill and I have seen the comments he made on military commissaries. President Trump called him out and he is holding a grudge. He calls himself a maverick but maverick of what not for the vets that’s for sure. Most of my fellow vets look at him as a self center sale out. If he wants to know what the average vet thanks of him he probaly doesn’t want to know. Yes McCain is about McCain.

  97. Mr McCain’s the poster boy, with Mr Schumer, for limited terms. The two of them, with Mesdames Pelosi, Warren & Waters, could pose for a photograph, titled ‘Too old to think’.

  98. John McCain is in the same basket as ALL OF THE REST OF THE CORRUPTION PARTY e.g. obama, clinton, holder, lynch, comey, biden, kerry, all should be in PRISON; THEY ARE CRIMINALS OF THE WORST KIND!

  99. It is so sad to see seemingly intelligent “leaders” fall into lockstep with the Liberal left.

    Trump has achieved much without them.

    Sadly, with Iran, North Korea and Russia eager to hurt us,our political disarray makes us vulnerable.

  100. he never was a hero…he was responsible for 130 deaths of fellow service men on a carrier during the Vietnam war…and sat and drank while everyone tried to clean up his mess…and let us not forget the videos he make for the Vietcong when he was captured hes a chicken …t, back stabbing TRAITOR

  101. John McCain is now a Hero of the American People, he did the right thing, John you get your treatment and beat this Cancer just like you beat our corrupted government !!

  102. This man discus what he has don be trait the Country!! John McCain Shame on you When everything was going in right direction and there you are Boo to you J rk!!!Now go on with the misery for what you have done!! No other hero would have done this they live very happy life not you body!!!

  103. With a “friend” like this who needs a enemy !??!?!!?
    He’s a “two for” !!!
    He’s disgusting !!! Sorry Megan !!!! Do not tell me your father’s a hero any more !!!

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