Drudge took down John McCain with this one brutal tweet

John McCain is not too popular with conservatives right now.

And rightly so after his vote to kill the so-called “skinny repeal” bill.



  1. He has been a phony bologna since entering
    the Academy. Remember the Keating Five!
    If the Dems had not wanted to save another
    Academy grad…..John Glenn, McCain would
    only be a footnote in the history of the U.S.
    Senate. Daddy and granddaddy’s service
    saved his bacon. Can we say “Phony
    Bologna” again.

  2. President Trump take a page from Obama’s playbook, issue an Executive order moving all congresspersons and their staff members and all senators and their staff members to basic Obamacare with no exemptions for any reason! As long as Obamacare exists it will be their only healthcare allowed!

  3. @ Lonny: McCain embodies the corruption which is our government. The sooner we are rid of him the better. I’m rooting for the cancer!

  4. Mountaine: You are so right John McCain is a traitor and not a war hero, thank you for your thoughts!!!

  5. Effie you will not have to support him for anything because Karma has set in and will take care of McCain post haste!!

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