Election DISGRACE – Ron DeSantis calls out vote counting scandal

Republicans were not happy with the outcome of the Midterm elections.

Many conservatives also questioned how officials administered elections in key jurisdictions.

And a big election disgrace had Ron DeSantis calling out this vote counting scandal.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis blasted states who are so incompetent they are still counting votes more than a week-and-a-half after Election Day.

During a press conference, DeSantis pointed out that Florida declared a state of emergency for Hurricane Nicole 24 hours before Election Day and still counted 7.7 million votes by midnight.

DeSantis compared Florida’s model of election integrity, efficiency, and transparency to other states – mainly Democrat ones – which run slapdash elections where votes trickle in well past Election Day and the results are up in the air until officials decide how many ballots they can find.

“The Monday before the election, we could declare a state of emergency for Hurricane Nicole, conduct an election, count 7.7 million votes by midnight… How are these other states still counting their votes? How pathetic is that?” DeSantis stated.

Florida outlaws ballot harvesting and also implemented strict deadlines for turning in mail ballots eight days before Election Day.

The state of Florida under former Governor Rick Scott and DeSantis cheat-proofed elections so the people have confidence that all legal votes are counted and officials in Democrat areas aren’t hunting down ballots days after the elections are over.

One state that stands in stark contrast to Florida is Arizona.

Arizona elections were a debacle, with 20 percent of voting machine tabulations breaking down on Election Day.

And more than 10 days after the election, the state is still counting votes in a critical Attorney General race where Democrat Kris Mayes and Republican Abe Hamadeh are separated by less than 236 votes.

Arizona was the source of much controversy in the 2020 election as well.

Much of the distrust surrounding Arizona elections owes to the absurd length of time it takes to count ballots and the opaque nature of how counties report results.

If more states followed the Florida model, there would be more faith in elections.

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