Elections will never be the same after a massive anti-Trump plot went into effect

Donald Trump was never supposed to win the Presidency with everything stacked against him.

That’s why the Left is changing their strategies going into November.

And elections will never be the same after a massive anti-Trump plot went into effect.

For decades, the Left has been able to carefully control the narrative spread in the Fake News Media.

And with that being where most people get their information, they were very effective at smearing anybody who challenged their narratives.

But in the age of the Internet, they have lost much of that power.

With one Tweet, President Trump can speak to the American people, bypassing the Fake News Media filter.

He can spread the message he wants to get out, not the one the Left wants to force onto the American people.

That truly changed things and made his anti-establishment populist message a winning one.

But it may never work again with what the Left is doing now.

Working alongside Big Tech, they are shutting down conservative voices claiming they violate their terms of service.

Simply expressing support for Trump’s policies, or attacking one of his enemies is enough to get shut down fully on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, or at least have your posts blocked from spreading as far as they should.

This took its most extreme turn this week following the release of an explosive report in the New York Post exposing emails from Hunter Biden proving that he leveraged his father’s position as Vice President to profit personally.

One email seems to show that he pressured his father to fire a Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Ukrainian energy company Burisma, all while Biden was receiving millions from the company.

But after it came out, Twitter decided that the link shouldn’t be able to be shared, and prevented people from sharing it.

And any link that was already posted was simply blocked from being clicked.

Not only that, but the New York Post was suspended on Twitter, being unable to post on the platform.

Along with the New York Post, President Trump’s campaign account “Team Trump” received the same suspension.

So less than a month before the election, Twitter is stopping Trump’s campaign from posting.

Unless something is done about it, nobody will ever be able to use the platform like Trump did to take on the establishment.

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