Elizabeth Warren attacked Mike Pence with one word she instantly regretted

Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign is in trouble.

She’s plagued by low poll numbers and poor fundraising.

So she tried to turn the tables but ended up using one word to attack Mike Pence that she instantly regretted.

The Democrat Party is defined by anger, hatred, bigotry, and intolerance.

Elizabeth Warren is struggling to gain traction in the crowded presidential primary field, so she tried to ratchet up her attacks on the Trump Administration in order to stand out.

In an appearance on Morning Joe she ripped Vice President Mike Pence – who is a faithful Christian and devoted family man – as “dishonorable” – because he did not support homosexual marriage or special rights for homosexuals.

The Daily Wire reports:

Warren was appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” where she was asked by “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski, “Is Mike Pence an honorable man?”

Warren answered immediately, “No.”

Even the leftist Brzezinski was taken aback by the immediacy of the response, managing, “Okay, would you like to expound upon that?”

Warren gladly continued, “Sure. Anyone who engages in the kind of homophobia and attacks on people who are different from himself is not an honorable person. That’s not what honorable people do.”

Democrat voters hate Christianity.

They would like to see it wiped out of American life.

Warren knows this.

And with her campaign on the ropes, she is betting that attacking Vice President Mike Pence for his belief in traditional Christian teaching will help her break out in the ever-growing Democrat Presidential primary field.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Warren was appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” where she was asked by “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski, “Is Mike Pence an honorable man?”

    Warren answered immediately, “No.”

    Says trusty Lieawatha

  2. A worthless excuse for a human being who lied and stole the culture of indigenous American people for her own personal benefit. Another example of the wonderful choice that the Democrats have for presidential candidates. lol

    • What is wrong with these Democrats? They are hust full of hate. This is not the way to behave. It will turn the decent democratic voters against them, hopefully.

      • I must agree with you. Many of my family are moderate Democrats, for a very long time. They are feeling more and more each day being pushed away from the party they have supported for a very long time. As far Facahontas!! Checking a box got her special privileges. My great wife of over 30 years is Afro American. Does that allow me to check a little box too. Very sad the Democratic Party has fallen this far.

      • That’s exactly what is going to happen. Jewish an Christian democrats will be jumping on the Trump train. There is no democratic party anymore.

  3. Repost.
    Ege Shegava
    MARCH 16, 2019 AT 11:05 AM
    Her sins require her murde-e-e-r- ASAP!

    Jack Handy
    MARCH 17, 2019 AT 10:29 PM
    WHY YOU 0n a ‘murder’ rap ???

  4. She should be ashamed of herself for what she just said about Pense just because she does not believe in God doesn’t give her the right to dictate to others she is a real scumbag

  5. Warren who has used a LIE to get everything she has would not know HONOR if it ripped FAKE NATIVE AMERICAN head off and crapped in her extremely empty skull then slapped it back on. Those on the Morning Joe show are just like Warren so how would they know the TRUTH??

  6. Who cares what a hypocritical liar says about anything when they lie about their ancestry to improve their chances in school, jobs and their position in life. Besides that, just because you have a opinion on or about something doesn’t make it that I have to accept your views and opinions. I have a right to my opinion just like you do. We have a right to disagree to agree. Those on the left don’t believe that. If you don’t think like they do you are wrong. GUESS WHAT………………. NOT SO!!!!!!

    • This Elizabeth Warren, is about as logical as she is a liar. She should be ashamed to the depths of her soul if, there is one. What is this person thinking? And most of all why would she disgrace herself as such to our, Vice President, Mike Pence? What an occult, impugn, disrespectable,double-dipped idiot. She should give it up and call it over. I, hope so. c.p. Hargiss not liking her in, Chattanooga, Tennessee

      • I loved ‘passing thru’ “Chattanooga
        (choo choo”, (big band music of past day’)
        0n my way to FL.
        > The Southern Hospitality to ‘travelers’
        Was Awesome. & probably ‘still Is’.
        THANK YOU. 🙂

  7. Liz the fake native American is trying to do id tam homosexuality down our throats against our will. I will never accept that life style no matter how that bitch tries. I believe that homosexuality is an mental illness that the majority of us frowns upon. I don’t care what those people do in private as it’s none of my business what they do then. That just doesn’t make me a homophobe for disagreeing with her on this subject and I don’t believe that there’s a gay gene.


    • Anyone who defies nature with this gender bender b/s has to be deranged. As you say what they do behind closed doors is their business but I like you do not want it rammed down my throat. The Demonrats are pure evil filth in my oppinion!

    • When I was in nursing school in the 60s we were taught that homosexuality is a mental illness. We had a few men in the hospital where I did my psych affiliation. But I believe it is a sin, and many, if not all of those struggling with it, were molested as children. They might even have been so young that they don’t consciously remember it.

      • Joanna, ppl like you are ‘angels’. You are Right, many
        do not “consciously remember”. Their ‘personalities’
        have been ‘deeply fragmented’.

  8. When these democrats realize that they are not fighting against Christians or Jews but against God himself and the outcome has already been decided that they can not win. A matter of fact is that they are leading this nation to utter destruction by their ideology .

  9. Sitting Bull$hit’s entire life has been a lie. She made big $ swindling poor old folks out of their homes, which she flipped, in her native OK. Then she carpetbagged to Taxachusetts because her red state would never elect her. She forgets faggots, dykes and trannies are only 2-3% of the population and most people are afraid to rip them publicly but loathe their in-your-face excesses and remember at the ballot box!

      • Did it ever occur to you that there ARE people in this world who are NOT politically correct. They also speak the truth, which people like you cannot handle. It’s called “in your face reality”, for which people like you immediately jump back and holler “My feelings are hurt by your honest expressions that I cannot do anything about.” Think about it. Grow a couple, pendeja, and learn that people who speak honestly, and from the heart, usually get the respect they are due, not from wussies like you who holler from “feelings” and not “reality”. I have no feelings to bruise, so come back with everything you have, “feelings girl”. It will not hurt me one bit, as I do not give a rat’s a$$ what you think.

          • So that’s what we “non-PC” people, who tell the truth to your face, are called now. Well, I am proud of being that way. I’d rather tell the truth, than prissy around someone’s feelings.

          • The Traveller isn’t a sociopath anymore than you are an intellectual midget. Honesty in itself is a gift that fewer and fewer have these days. I for one would rather have everyone have the intestinal fortitude to speak their real beliefs than hide behind the veil of political correctness.

        • I feel the same as you.
          I speak the truth yet, I get challenged, ridiculed, bullied.
          Too many “Sensitive” folks out here.
          As you mentioned, Grow some Cajones.
          Thank you for being real.

          • You are most welcome!! Honesty is the best way to get the word across, no matter if the other person can handle it or not. At least, THEY will know you are speaking your mind.

  10. The Indian Princess Warren needs to close up shop, go home, and forget about any possibility of elevating her status to President of the United States of America. She already has enough problems to convince her she is wasting time and money if she continues her quest. First and foremost, what she did way back when she was little more than a girl which was, getting her education on a scholarship for minorities was not only a lie but, a criminal act. It was as bad as the “varsity blues” scandal going on right now in which, famous wealthy people may go to jail as well as have this criminal act follow them and their children the rest of their lives. Any school that awards a scholarship for minorities to a blue eyed, fair skinned, blonde female especially with no verification other than “my parents told me I was native American, look at my high cheekbones” is a pathetic excuse for a institution of higher learning!
    Princess Warren has been a liar all her life, she knew better and thought she was above working her way through school the way other working class students did. That should give pause to any corrupt Dem in the party but, I am sure it won’t because truth doesn’t matter to most liberals, as they have proven.

    • You’re right it will not matter if they think that she can beat President Trump; it didn’t matter that President Obama associated with American terrorists or The Nation of Islam, so why would a little thing like lying about your nationality stop them?

    • I think Warren needs to in her kitchen and open up another bottle of beer and YouTube it just to let her think she’s cool for PT contr

    • How about the news that it was John McCain and his aide who spread that fake Russian Dossier around the news medias for Fusion GPS. to help them set up Trump for all of the last two + years of investigations. Guess that McCain’ early demise saved him from all of the negative press, but what a way to get back at Trump for the ” I don’t like Hero’s who get captured comment” McCain was petty and so is his daughter.

  11. Warren is the epitome of the definition of DEPLORABLE. In her warped, deranged mind, I’m sure she considers herself to be an “honorable” person. After all, according to her, all the fuss about her heritage was just one big misunderstanding. Riiiight!!

    • Richard, Don’t call her deplorable. Hillery called Trump supporters a basket full of deplorables. I’m a daplorable in that basket and proud of it. She is not good enough to be a deplorable.

  12. Why is she not fired from her position like the hollywood freaks are being fired for lying on college admission forms? I think signatures should be taken and this lying POS BARRED from congress and her law degree REVOKED!

    • Be careful. Conservatives are complaining, for good reason, that the left is trying to stifle free speech. Don’t do the same by saying that Warren should be barred from congress and her law license revoked. However stupid and ugly her speech, please please please stick with FREE speech. Let the voters deal with Warren.

    • And after lying how much did that reduce her college tuition? And what other advantages did she receive because of that lie? And who’s place did she take? I worked two jobs to get through college, I have no tolerance for this behavior!’

    • Unfortunately, we cannot Impeach any Senators. Our Constitution needs to be changed, to include that. Also they get 6 year terms in office; which needs to be changed to either 2 or 4 years. The House Representatives get 2 year terms and the President gets 4 years. Don’t know why Senators get such long terms.

    • Keith, I agree with you. If Laurie Laughlin can be jailed, and fired from Hallmark Channel and possibly Netflix for the college admissions scandal, Elizabeth Warren should be jailed, fired from Congress, and her college degree revoked. Sounds like a fair deal to me.

  13. I wonder which “holy” book she reads and follows – The Quran, The Torah, The Bible?? If none then she is either an atheist since she doesn’t believe in a higher power or raciest because she does not believe in any of the religions in those books and condemns anyone who does believe in the teachings in those books. .That would explain her actions.

    • Why is the lying GOP still propping 45 up. They new he wasn’t qualified to represent America they chose party over our country.

        • AMEN BRO!! I taught English Grammar in the early 70’s, and am embarrassed what people do not know now. No correct punctuation or spelling. It’s pathetic what is not taught in schools today.

        • You are talking about Ben’s misspelling – wouldn’t it make sense that he’s a typically brainwashed Dim – O-Crat and doesn’t need to know any better? But thanks for catching that. I usually see those errors as well, but there are far too many to complain about.

    • Tomas Flores ….. Just a minor correction in your logic. There is another possibility. I was an agnostic for many years, which essential means… “a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God or of anything beyond material phenomena; a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in God.”
      . It took 30 years for me to finally see enough to believe in God. I haven’t changed my mind since, I talk to Him almost daily

  14. Liz go suck on one of them beers in your ice box and stay out of politics. Unless you are running for indian chieftain.

  15. Once again our beloved President made the right call. E. Warren is excused of any insults she throws due to her designated nickname given to her by Trump prior to her claim to being a Native American . He said ” I call her “Goofy”. I loved that one. I’m sure Mike Pence sees it that way too. She’s like a chicken that lays her first egg and doesn’t know what it is. Cackling in disbelief. Some funny stuff.

    • Dianne, She needs to make her words soft and sweet she may have to them again. I know it was hard for her when she had to eat crow.

  16. Pocahontas is a FAKE!!! People of faith, namely CHRISTIANS, are upstanding people!! Either you live for JESUS CHRIST, or you serve SATAN!!! It’s just that simple!! CLEARLY, Pocahontas serves SATAN!! WE PRAY SHE GETS SAVED!!! She is running down the wrong trail!!! She lost her head dress!!!

  17. Call your neighbors write a letter, do it with love and compassion , let people know the love covers multiple sin., we’re all sinners and make mistakes, but our America needs us , to fight for her and and our rights Let’s all stand

  18. Warren is too self absorbed and ignorant to realize she with her words is practicing the very same bigotry and hatred that she accuses VP Pence of? Talk about irony

  19. Warren is an idiot. I don’t agree with same sex relationships they are not normal but they are your own business. To call Those who are opposed “dishonerable”, is wrong.
    To quote Ms Warren “Anyone who engages in the kind of homophobia and attacks on people who are different from himself is not an honorable person. That’s not what honorable people do.” BUT, Isn’t that exactly what she just did? Attack Vice President Pence for having an opinion different from hers? And I object to the term “homophobe”. Let me state for the record. Those of us who oppose same sex unions are not afraid of you people, We just find you disgusting. Ms Warren is the one with the problem. She is exactly the type of person she says she is against. “INTOLERANT!”

  20. Elizabeth Warren aka Pocahontas, is anti-injun by grabbing a beer while doing her first campaign interview in her kitchen. She was inferring that all Indians are drunken Indians. And she should have any degree that she obtained while posing as part native American taken away. I say flog her. Democrats believe that acceptance of homosexuality can only be proven by climbing into bed with someone of your own gender. Shameful. Personally I don’t see where any homies in America are being mistreated except Jussie Smollett. If you want a cake for your same sex wedding you could have one of the “partners” bake it. It would give the other partner an idea of how well he/she/it/they is going to be in the kitchen. Pokie: you might as well quit the campaign or come up with some photos or video of VP Pence playing with a noose. You’re a freakin LOSER just like the PANT SUIT.

    • We’re dealing with evil people who seek their own destruction and then try and takes us with them to their final destination and it aint heaven cause Jesus Christ, thy Holy Spirit and God whom they belief not will be waiting for her and others judgment coming on them wether they belief or not. God is not a liar Amen. May God have mercy on u.

    • Better be careful Liz…..lots of Irish Catholics in the Boston area! Nice try but it as usual your mouth cant proofread your brain quick enough.

  21. First, I haven’t read her statements because I don’t find her creditable after her stating that she was native American. That was an insult to all native Americans. My first question as I laughed was did she state this in her native language? I hold our representatives to a higher standard, not a lower standard. I hold them to the oaths they took and made when placed in office. Anything else is not exceptable.

  22. The very next question should have been “Do you consider Louis Farrakhan to be an honorable man?” How do you suppose she would have answered that? Islam calls for gays to be killed, so how would Warren have answered the question?

  23. Dear Elizabeth Warren, Open mouth as wide as you can, insert entire foot and more if possible. Now, never speak again.

  24. She may have a law degree, but she is a stupid moron. She has absolutely no credibility as a Congress woman and needs to be sent back to the awful state of Massachusetts.

    • Her election to public office AUTOMATICALLY INCREASED HER IQ by 165 points.

      She now brags on being an expert in every subject on the planet!

      And yet… she suffers from HONESTYPHOBIA and INTEGRITYPHOBIA!

    • Caesar and Geezer – Do you think she is right in calling him dishonorable? Do you support your friends and family who are homosexual?

  25. I also agree that if the dems are condemning the REPUBLICANS & CHRISTIANS for something then you KNOW it’s actually what THEY THEMSELVES ARE DOING!!! They were never taught that when you point 1 finger at someone there’s 3 pointing right back at you.

  26. I must say, if the little lefties are attacking you then you must be doing something right. Tell me Fauxcahontas, what’s “honorable” about ANYTHING you’ve done for the last 30 years?

    • Of course HER answer would be all about how wonderful she’s been but the truth is… NOTHING. She has lied her way through life from the moment she entered grade school probably. At least since entering high school because she had to put a lot of things in place to lie her way into college and from there EVERY step she took to get her where she is today.

  27. That’s like calling Mussolini a decent fellow. Oh, and if she thinks she is honorable she seriously overlooked her behavior as an “Indian”, “Woman of Color” or whatever she was masquerading as.

  28. While growing up most of the best Christian I knew were democrats. That was then, this is now. The old generation is gone now. They have been hijacked by communist atheism. Now they are commiecrats. The old party respected God and country. Now a born again Christian are not welcome in their party of satan.

    • Dan Tyree, I am one of those Democratic Christian people that you were talking about. I am one of the “older generations”. For 70 years I was a staunch Democrat and now I have change allegiance to Donald Trump. I was born in MA 76 years ago. I was turned around with the previous administration. I love President Trump and his whole family and support him in 2020. God Bless AMERICA and our beloved FLAG.

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