Elizabeth Warren just hit the Supreme Court with an ultimatum that will scare everyone

Democrats are fuming over the Supreme Court.

Party leaders vowed to take action.

And Senator Elizabeth Warren just hit the Supreme Court with an ultimatum that will scare everyone.

During oral arguments in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health, it became clear that not only would the Justices uphold Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban, but conservatives may also have the five votes necessary to finally overturn Roe v. Wade.

Since abortion-on-demand is the crowning “achievement” of the left-wing legal movement, Democrats reacted with a hair-on-fire moment.

Elizabeth Warren published an op-ed in the Boston Globe whining about how every decision the Court made since 2016 that liberals didn’t like was illegitimate because Republicans blocked a vote on Barack Obama’s nominee to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

“The problem we’ve got is first, that Mitch McConnell hijacked this court. He stole the Supreme Court seat so that President Obama didn’t get to name someone, and then he crammed through a nominee just weeks before President Biden was elected. But this Supreme Court’s response to that has not been to try to restore its own integrity and try to put balance back in the court but instead to lean into the extremism,” Warren stated.

Warren read from the Democrat Party script that every time the Left loses, it is the result of anti-democratic attacks from the Right, and therefore, the Left needs to throw out the entire American system and impose its will on the country.

In this case, Warren wants to destroy the Supreme Court forever by blowing up the legislative filibuster.

“We got a court that over time is taking out the basic notion of the rule of law. The idea that we decide something and pretty much stick with that. It takes a long time before we make changes. But not for this court. This court is there to undercut long-established rules that protect unions, to take away people’s right to their day in court, to take away voting rights. Now we’ve watched them, they’re right on the edge of saying in basically the Roe versus Wade decision, ‘Nope, we’re going to turn that around.’ This court has lost the respect of the American people. The only way, I believe, that we’re going to rebuild that is we need to bring in more justices. We need to get some balance back in this court,” Warren added.

The point of Warren’s op-ed is clear.

Warren is threatening that unless the Supreme Court sides with Democrats on the issue of abortion – as well as every other key issue before the Court – Democrats will create a permanent left-wing majority on the Supreme Court by installing as many as six new liberal Justices.

And that is one ultimatum that every American should find frightening.

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