Elizabeth Warren just set herself up for a massive defeat

Elizabeth Warren has dug in on the nomination of Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

She just made a major announcement about her position on his confirmation.


  1. Why would anyone but an idiot listen to or follow Warren who cant decide what her DNA shows and pelowsi that cant even stay sober and keep her teeth in when speaking or slurring if she can remember what she’s suppose to say. Evil is the purest forms

  2. Since the Democrats passed policies to disallow filibusters while they were in the majority, how can they now be allowed to hold a filibuster??? They are breaking their own policies and laws and the LAME Republicans are letting it happen. We need term limits folks to get ALL these dinosaur politicians OUT OF OFFICE!!! The Democrats always make up the rules as they go along to fit their needs and those stupid Republicans just bow down and say, “yes sir, no sir”. What good are they being in the majority if they don’t stand up and do their job? They MUST STOP the Democrats from doing this filibuster at any means!

  3. Not arguing, just reinforcing the “most” here, which leaves room for the rest of us: Just gotta say, that I, my sister, 2 daughters, niece, daughters-in-law are all proudly conservatives/Republicans, as are our friends. Go, Trump, MAGA!!! 🙂

  4. There is nothing that comes from Pocahantis, Ole Wackadoodle aka Pelosi or Finestein that surprises me. In short, they have all lived by the sword and I will watch with glee as they turn above the flames on that same sword.

  5. I cant think of many women that I just cant stand besides Clinton, Pelosi and warren. There are others and they all happen to be liberals. I stopped calling them democrats a long time ago. I think they are in for a big surprise. If McConnell will get off his duff and initiate the nuclear option.

  6. Warren is the epitome of the women’s ruination of this country that they orchestrated by putting that idiot in office for 8 years. Most dems are women. Most women are dems. They NEVER vote for the good of the country – but only for their self-serving fulfillment – thus obuma to lead the destruction.

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