Elizabeth Warren proposed one attack on the US military that will leave you speechless

Elizabeth Warren is now the front runner in the Democrat presidential primaries.

That put her within shouting distance of being Commander in Chief.

And Elizabeth Warren proposed one attack on the US military that will leave you speechless.

Democrats know that, to win the party’s presidential nomination, candidates have to run as far to the left as humanly possible.

Elizabeth Warren is attempting to appeal to two Democrat instincts with her latest proposal to reverse Donald Trump’s ban on allowing transsexuals in the armed forces.

Breitbart reports:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on Tuesday vowed to reverse the Trump administration’s transgender military policy on her first day as commander-in-chief. She also pledged to provide service members and veterans with “gender-affirming care,” which includes taxpayer-funded “transition-related” surgery.

Warren detailed her plan to uphold promises to service members, veterans, and military families by devoting a section of it to the Trump administration’s transgender policy. She vows to, on day one, “reverse it” completely.

Warren wrote:

“Our national security community is weaker when LGBTQ+ Americans are excluded. I have opposed the Trump Administration’s shameful ban on transgender service members from the start – and I’ll reverse it on the first day of my presidency.”

Warren knows Democrat voters sneer at the military as a racist, sexist, homophobic tool the U.S. government uses to spread oppression around the globe.

Warren also knows that she can get Democrat voter support to overturn every aspect of societal norms by claiming men can decide to be women on a whim.

By proposing this attack on military readiness and unit cohesion, Warren can help shore up her left flank that suddenly appears less secure after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib all endorsed Bernie Sanders.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. All lib politicians and many libtards have already made the list !! BTW did Maxine really have the Gaul to question the intelligence of Ben Carson ??she is the dumbest crack head in LA!!!! And that face would scare the buzzards off a Gut Truck !!!

  2. Jimo, You seem to be really prejudiced against women. Too bad. There are many of us who do support President Trump and think he has been trying to do a good job, in spite of being blocked at every turn by stupid liberal, communist democraps. Some of us, contrary to what you think, do have common sense, and try to vote for candidates who have some kind of morals and integrity, and who respect our Constitution and laws.. I respect our military, and have been very thankful for Trump’s support of them, unlike Obama. I also support our policemen and ICE, and am against lawbreaking so-called sanctuary cities. I want only LEGAL immigrants! This country is on a precipice. I am thankful we presently have a man in office who seems to care about America and Americans! It seems some women aren’t the only ones who have no common sense. I have seen a lot of men out there who can’t seem to see the Forrest for the trees, either. Don’t condemn all women because of a few!

  3. The military should not pay for sex changes, ever. Nor any insurance should pay. Elective surgery should never be covered.
    If a person wants a sex change, they should have to pay every penny themselves. It’s Elective surgery, which means, “by choice,”.

  4. She waves her hands just like Hitler use to , she’s a Nazi , you liberals are mentally wacked if you vote for this whatever she is

  5. Why does Warren wave his hands and fists like a mill during performances? She does not have enough words or she no longer knows what to lie about.

  6. How is anyone going to defend the country if Elizabeth Warren gets her way?? Everyone would be too focused on a boob job and the latest lipstick shade.

  7. Elizabeth Warren has LIED her way to the top and is a disgrace. I would’t vote for her if my life depended on it! Why can’t people see the truth about her?? She has always been deceptive,made millions screwing the system, lying and taking advantage of anything which she can use to her advantage. People have had enough, she won’t win , Trump 2020

  8. Elizabeth Warren looks like the rear end of a south bound horse. Any democrat that would vote for this P.O.S person needs to be put in the hospital. TRUMP2020

  9. Warren looks like THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON and is so radical that she must have escaped from the asylum. Message to all you Democrats. Vote for this creature and you can KISS GOODBYE YOUR FREEDOM AND EVERYTHING YOU OWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Well that didn’t come out right ? With Donald Trump’s help we can stop those who mean to harm us . “Demoncrates”.

  11. $23-53 TRILLION dollars for FREE healthcare???? Insane Promise!!!
    INSANE statement and INSANE LIE !!!
    IF HEALTHCARE is FREE…THEN why will it COST $53 TRILLION dollars? And now add on this insane promise about free surgery for transgender?
    And WHO and where will the MONEY come from to PAY for something that is FREE?

    FREE Advice: Stop the Madness. She needs to see a psychiatrist and
    pay for it HERSELF … not us with HER FREE Government insurance. She needs help and needs to be committed to hospital.

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