Elizabeth Warren stunned her voters into silence with her position on Facebook banning Trump

Facebook’s Oversight Board upheld Facebook’s ban on Donald Trump’s account.

Virtually every Democrat celebrated this move.

But Elizabeth Warren stunned her voters into silence with her position on Facebook banning Trump.

When Facebook’s Oversight board announced Facebook had the right to ban Donald Trump, but that the platform had six months to come up with a permanent solution to his account, Elizabeth Warren did not join in on praising the decision.

In an interview with Cheddar News, Warren claimed this decision demonstrated that Big Tech had too much power and needed to be broken up.

“I’m glad that he’s not on Facebook,” Warren explained. “I think that he poses a real danger. But I don’t think that Facebook ought to have this kind of power,” Warren continued. “We need to break up these giant tech companies, and Facebook is one of them.”

Warren added that the Oversight Board that Facebook created to make decisions on suspending users like Trump was not actually an official body with any real standing, but was instead part of a private group, which only increased the need for the government to take anti-trust action against Big Tech.

“They are crushing competition and in cases like Facebook, they’re acting like they’re bigger than the government. The group that made this decision calls itself ‘the Supreme Court,’” Warren added, referring to the Facebook Oversight Board. “They are not the Supreme Court, they’re part of a private company. They need to be broken up, we need a chance for competition to flourish here, and we need a chance to have some power that balances out what these giants are up to,” Warren added.

Warren has shown consistency in this regard.

When Warren ran for President, other candidates such as Kamala Harris demanded Facebook and Twitter ban Donald Trump.

When asked if she supported that position Warren said “no.”

The conservative movement is mobilized against Big Tech censorship.

And there are some on the Left who believe Silicon Valley oligarchs should not act as the arbiters of truth.

But will there be meaningful action by Congress to protect free speech online?

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