Elizabeth Warren used the one word that could destroy the Democrats in 2018

Elizabeth Warren sat down for an interview on CNN.

Warren – like all Democrats – feels emboldened to attack President Trump.

Appearing on CNN, Warren used the one word that could destroy the Democrats chances in 2018.

Warren addressed Michel Cohen claiming the President ordered him to violate campaign finance laws.

The Massachusetts Senator said she was not afraid of the word “impeachment.”

Democrats should fear raising the specter of impeachment.

If Republican voters believe Democrats will impeach the President if they win Congress, they could erase the enthusiasm gap the Democrats currently hold.

Former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon claimed the midterm elections were a referendum on impeaching the President.

Bannon claimed that if Republican realized the stakes, they would show up at the polls in numbers that could blunt the blue wave.

High profile Democrats like Elizabeth Warren bragging about impeachment will only help that case.

Do you believe Republican voters will turn out in November to stop the Democrats from impeaching President Trump?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. First we were called ” the deplorables” by Hillalie; recently “Get Nothing Done Biden” called us the “dredges” of America!!
    Think what an average ad agency could do with these names in a campaign–
    The Dems would be crushed like the skulls of unborn babies they support!
    Imagine !! Any creative people out there??

  2. Has anyone noticed that MOST DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS have serious mental issues. Elizabeth warren and Maxine Waters, not to mention Pelosi and Schumer. Warren and her genealogy based on a wall painting with a person with ‘high’ cheek bones makes her a Cherokee, which automatically gives her knowledge of native American foods (which she likely has never had) so she writes a cookbook on the subject (most recipes are said not to be native American (Where did midwestern natives get crabs for their recipes)Maxine’s IQ is lower than a turnips,; Pelosi can’t remember what she said 20 seconds earlier and Schumer is incapable of opening his mouth without propaganda and BS spewing out. Makes you wonder what type of moron could vote for these mushrooms.

  3. Why do the Demos want to get rid of president who–
    1. Ended ISIS that Obama created.
    2. Ended the Korean War.
    3. His efforts to stem the illegal immigrants has allowed wages of unskilled workers all along the SW to rise 30%.
    4. Gotten us a balance in trade and tariffs.
    5. Gotten rid of terrorist organizations like Black Lives Matter that cost the lives of blacks and policemen.
    6. Lowered the corporate taxes so that businesses are moving back into our country.
    I believe that anyone who does not like Trump does not care about America.

    • You make so much sense. He has done so much except give the left everything for free which must be what they are holding out for. If you hate Trump then you hate America because he truly loves our country.


    • You are 200% right. If they Democrats don’t believe, just search for the comment that the Koch brothers did at the beginning of the month. They will offer 400 millions to either party to keep the border open. Get it. PAY 400 MILLIONS TO KEEP THE BORDER OPEN. In order word they just want chip labor. And the chipest they can getting the better for them. Once they get what they want their rule will change to: THEY WILL HIRE YOU FOR WORK FOR ONE MEAL. YES ONE MEAL A DAY. TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT! AT THAT MOMENT THEY ALREADY HAVE THEIR ONE WORLD ORDER, AND THE WILL GIVE A CRAP ABOUT YOUR DITUSTION OR LIFE. SKAVERY IS ON THE RISE IN AFRICA AND IT WILL GET HERE ONCE THEY WILL GET THEIR DESIRE OF HAVING ONR WORLD ORDER.

  5. The moment that even DEMS think about they are to get a chance to turn back all The things this country has given as gifts in our lives its all over. Just watch the fears that could come over peoples lives and the things.that President Trump has been able to change and the DEMS don’t have a chance. This is the reason they are so afraid they brought the most insane woman to claim charges against Judge Kavnaugh. She is a physcio case even her students say she is scary. As far as Warren is concerned she want even prove her nationally.


  6. Well, if the dems go out in full force to impeach or get a majority in the House and Senate, when the people’s taxes will be raised and more people will be out of work, I guess they will get what they asked for.

  7. Senator ( I use this terms loosely ) Warren is another liberal “queen” that should be voted out of office as she is a disgrace to the Democrat party. But who in the Democrat Party is worth their salt – No one. Just a total bunch of crying babies that should all be voted out of office and hopefully this November you will see a total Republican landslide.

  8. Roger (dodger). re ” And the RINOs were right, his performance in Helsinki was kowtowing up to Putin, which he had done over and over” etc = WRONG.
    >>> What re Putin’s HUGE statement re $400 MILLION toHillary SIPHONED
    thru a Mr. BROWDER. Which has since then revoked US. Citizenship/lives in Britain.
    > GO BACK to the ‘stinky’ Helsinki Summit &&& LISTEN to What Putin Said:
    &&& i’m 99% Sure this was discussed w/POTUS in ‘private’ BEFORE the ‘public
    view’. DJT just stood there like 0mg, vlad, U SAY IT. &&& NOT 1 IOTA from
    msm OR ANYONE ELSE rethis ‘BROWDER’ statement. E’0ne ‘blew it off’.
    > NOT Good. that’s all. ps Would Putin ‘LIE’ on that 1? perhaps,but i
    don’t think so. It was DJT’s Way of Letting Putin EXPOSE ‘SOME REAL DEAL
    USA ‘collusion’ KrAAP re hillary (clintons)/ ‘o’, brennana etc. Heavy ‘stuff’
    & Again, e’one blew it off’ . DJT did not.
    btw: Russia Largely a
    Christian Nation w/ 0rthodox. NO Sharia. Putin Determines to Keep ‘it’ that way. & yes there are some ‘isolated’ X-tremepockets. Also GO BACK to Winter
    0lypmics & View the Russian ‘STATEMENT. Tells ALL. Russia NOT Intersted in
    ‘Invading’ USA, But To Protect Their Motherland. & BTW – HAVE 0pened Land
    for SA Farmers To FARM THERE. &&& NO MONSANTO /0R GMO foods. ok enuff.
    > CHINA CHINA china WANTS USA. Review their LAND/ BUSINESS TAKE0VER. &&&
    IS Quite Clear. good bye.

  9. Yes there were a lot of slaves here. I lived in the south for 9 years went to the plantations saw all the small buildings where the slaves slept. Beds were way smaller then ours today but they were small people back then. All plantations had slaves to plant and get there crops in. Yes the Indians were here before we were.

  10. Their is no limit to the lack of backbone in the GOP. They remind me of fishing worms, no backbone. The RINOS are almost as bad as the Progressive, Communist Democrat party. It is very difficult to vote anymore. The Rinos are cowards and the Demos are communist. But, The Demos are a little bit worse. The Demos being absolute lunatics is what gets GOP candidates elected. Fact is both parties have two things in common, corruption and incompetence.

    • Which is why Conservatives must thoroughly vet those who are running for congress in their state.
      There are many RINOs who are acting as Conservative to get elected. One in my state using audio clips taken out of context to make her Conservative opponent sound like she is against the president, even though the opposite is true. The Republican party has to be reformed and no better chance than now, under President Trump.

    • You are absolutely right. I do not feel there is a true patriot in the bunch.. It’s about give me power, or I will run like a scared rabbit!

  11. The United States of America committed unthinkable atrocities against the American Indians! Murdering innocent men, women, and children, of all ages, to take away their homeland! They were established, they belonged here, we didn’t! The United States Military bashed in the sculls of American Indian Babies, and elderly! Where we live, shop, and earn a living, where we worship, where our courtrooms sit, where rule of law is argued, all stolen, all violently, illegally, acquired! We came in, rounded them up, and murdered most of them, those remaining were sent to large areas of land nobody wanted, and held inside a federal government pen, like animals! This Country is guilty of many atrocities but none this bad!
    They tell us that there were slaves here at one time, if that’s true, only the wealthy, owned slaves! There weren’t many wealthy Americans, and not many that owned slaves! Why are white People Today, being blamed for the actions of a few? Africans, sold other Africans, to the Dutch, because they controlled the majority of sea worthy travel during the time! I do not deserve to be blamed for something that I never witnessed, I never condoned, I never had anything to do with! There are many atrocities that we as a Country have to pay for! Gods wrath, is on us all, until we are forgiven by believing that God is alive, God sent his Son Jesus, to die on the cross for all men’s sin! He paid the price, all we have to do is accept Jesus, and live as Christlike as we can! No man will escape Judgement day!
    The only thing we can do to heal America is pray to be forgiven, and then try to do right, and tell others!

    • Is that the same jesus who,when he comes back is going kill 2/3 of the worlds population, suggest you read Revelations more closely

      • No, the Jesus who will comeback and kill 1/2 of the worlds population is the Jesus of Mohammad, you know the guy who dictated his made up religion around sexual dreams and actions of his own sexual wants and needs and actions. Mohammad teaches that Jesus will return as a Muslim and will demand conversion of all Christians and non Christians to Islam and will kill those who do not convert. The Christian Jesus taught to spread the word of God’s teachings through Jesus but to leave those who will not learn of Jesus’s teachings and move on to those who will accept Jesus’s teachings. When Christian Jesus comes backs it will be about the sinning of each individual and if they believe truly in Jesus and leave their sinning ways they will live with Jesus and God. So between being afraid of both Jesuses I will accept the Christian Jesus and as a female will not accept the Mohammed Jesus. Mohammed made up his religion 300 years after Jesus’ murder on the cross and just changed the teachings of Judaism and Christianity’s Revelations that was written during the Roman time to Mohammad’s teachings. Mohammed actually wanted to be a Jewish prophet but was laughed at by the Jews and kicked out of town because he could not read or write and tried through memorizing the stories of the Jewish prophets but couldn’t get the centuries old Jewish stories quite right so he made up his own Korah or his own Bible. The Bible was the recording of Jewish historians in the O.T. and the N.T. was written up by his followers recording Jesus’ teachings after his death and not by Jesus.

    • I agree Rob. My Monican people suffered Were required to register as mulattos in the cencus. Google Monican nation. But I love my country. That was then, this is now. I also agree we should all turn to Christ for help and salvation.

    • I agree the Indians were treated horrible. But you don’t hear them complaining or hollowing racism. The were treated three times worst than African Americans ever were.

      • Right, remember the Trail of Tears….and much more. Sad thing is that it really didn’t have to be that way for either the Indians or Negros. However, I’m not responsible for any of that, and I carry no self-guilt and America hatred for it. Let’s just Make America Great!

  12. Obama wasn’t eligible to run for POTUS! He regularly admits, brags, about being the first foreign born POTUS!
    Is there a statute of limitations on High Treason? Bill Ayers Coup plot went well, it’s not over, in fact this is still the traitors fighting to get their coup rolling again! The only people getting convicted, are on the right! If anyone on the left have illegal issues, they don’t even go to court! How is this happening? Al Sharpton isn’t a politician, but he is revered by certain politicians on the left, he owes $4M to the IRS, he is skating! Wesley Snipes did three years for his tax evasion, and he is a black, Hollywood Star!
    Al (too big head) Sharpton isn’t an actor, isn’t a politician, isn’t even a reverend, but he is above the law? Do you see how hypocritical the left is? Keith Ellison had 2 different women step up to tell that Ellison beat them down, but that Islamic, racist, black man in Minnesota just got elected as the Attorneys General for Minnesota!
    Tell the truth, if either of those men were white, and committed the same crimes, they would be getting their fudge packed by bubba in prison!

    • A President can be impeached after leaving office, it’s not so much impeachment as the trial in the Senate, and YES Obama should be tried on fraud and a host of other charges.

  13. Republicans BETTER R.A.L.L.Y.!!! VOTES ARE VOICES!!! Kate Steinle was the poster child in 2016 for ILLEGALS crashing our borders. Mollie Tibbetts is the 2018 poster child. How many MORE Americans must DIE before REPUBLICANS secure our borders??? GET ON THE STICK!

    • Pammy JayKay, You are so right. What the Dem liberals have said and in a lot of cases not said about Mollie’s murder is a travesty. I thought there were terrible when Kate was murdered but I cannot believe the way they have rallied around these illegal alien murderers and are protecting them over and above our precious American citizens. These were innocent young women who would be alive but for our nonexistent border wall. BUILD THAT WALL, BUILD THAT WALL, BUILD THAT WALL! CONGRESS, WE WANT FUNDS FOR THE WALL, FUND THE WALL NOW!

  14. If you value the Constitutional protected rights afforded us by our creator, get up and go vote in November, or whenever early voting is happening, missing this voting session could be the end of the Constitution, I.C.E. and Rule of Law, in America! They will open our borders wide, and say all who come through are welcome! Welcome for free, as long as taxes are paid!

  15. Reprobate Minds! This was prophecied in the Bible, they will be turned over to reprobate minds! Nonbelievers, reprobate minds, up is down, down is up, a lie is respected like the truth used to be! Back in the day, a hand shake and reputation as an honest man was everything!
    We got our first “Black” POTUS, and come to find out, is only half black, but was our first foreign born POTUS! 100% Fraudulent! Obama divided this Country for strategic purposes, and he made telling lies normal. The smartest thing Satan ever did was convincing people he didn’t exist! Reprobate Minds, the LGBT crowd can’t be Christians and remain gay, so they attack Christianity, busting through the doors of Gods House to disrupt service, Vandalising Christmas themed birth of Christ nativity scenes! Who does that? Challenging the legality of displaying the Ten Commandments! Have you ever wondered why the state of California is always burning? God purifies by fire!

  16. The crime of the century is the coup masterminded by Bill Ayers to put an ineligible Candidate inside the Oval Office! Barrack Hussein Obama was never eligible to run for POTUS! They knew it, the DNC knew it, and it was brilliant! Also, Treasonous!
    Everything obama did in 8-years as fraudulent POTUS, is simply evidence of the largest crime in American History!

    • ABSOLUTELY, Rob. Wow & WTF. Not good.
      > NOW, ‘WE’ Somehow,
      SOMEWAY, MUST STOP ‘this’ ASAP > & getting ‘Down’ to
      ‘Whatever means’. SAVE USA. SUPPORT DJT. <<<
      &&& 'sorry to say' Pence WILL Not Do, (a would be in
      waiting 'manipulated')
      So Do Not Even 'Court' that thought. In lieu of Mueller,msm
      news. Should igo 0n ??? hmm.

  17. It is ridiculous that the dems should use the impeachment process to undo the a legitimate election. They are reducing themselves to political extremists who will do anything to remove a duly elected president. They don’t believe in democracy.

    • I keep saying that we are not a democracy. That is a demcorate name and we keep saying it. We are a REPUBLIC and should never refer to our form of government is a democracy period.

  18. The fake Indian is crazy. The dems are running around making fools of themselves. Every time they come up with a new theory to attack the President, they go further down the drain.

  19. I am afraid that one thing Warren is right about is that 45 will face impeachment. He has sunk himself by his arrogance, and going out and saying stupid things that are evidence against him. His interview with Fox backed up Cohen’s point about payoffs, but failed to understand it makes the Trump Org. complicit and since the payoffs were labeled with FALSE Cohen invoices for legal fees, it involves TAX FRAUD. Trump had already said in an interview with Lester Holt that he fired Comey for the Russian probe (clearly obstruction of justice) and then he took away Brennan’s security clearance for the Russian probe, which he partially blames on Brennan (another obstruction of justice). And the RINOs were right, his performance in Helsinki was kowtowing up to Putin, which he had done over and over – – truly, Trump is compromised and does Putin’s bidding, including ending military preparedness exercises with South Korea. Time to realize that Trump has sunk the ship.

    • You wish! You son of a bitch! You back the Criminal Organization
      DNC! There have been enough treasonous acts to put every politician with a (D) beside their names in prison for life, some death penalty!

    • All over a fake dossier purchased by HRC, used by the Obama Administration to get a warrant to spy on a Constitutional protected Citizen, something obama will never know about!

    • YOU are just another rat loser! Believe all the biased BS the fake news puts out! Oh, excuse me, you are perfect as was clintoon and bo plenty! I take Trumpa past before either of the rats mentioned above! And has any of his actions affected you in a bad way? Our country in a bad way? OUR countries security in a bad way? Guess you don’t hear or read real news! Don’t like him as a person? TOUGH WE DO!

    • Roger, I will be the first one to say President Trump does”step on his own toes” so to speak. However, some of the brightest and best legal minds in the country, some of them liberal, disagree with your consensus of his legal problems and the rest of what you said about and involving Russia is pure unadulterated bull$hit.

      • M he sure does get in his own way sometimes. But he’s better than the alternative. You an I know that. As least if he should leave office because of these trumped up ( no pun) charges , Pence would be great. But I still believe he’s being singled out with false charges.

        • My Dear Monacan Dan T. PLEEZE, DONOT EVEN ‘Court’ the
          ‘Thought’ of Pence. Please. Altho, he IS Next ‘in line’ &&&
          ‘That’ IS ‘what’ THEY Want’. N0000!!!( & w/ all Due respect to
          Pence) . Gen. JamesMATTIS
          ‘fits’ ‘the bill’ & sadly, Not Next. After VP IS ‘
          ‘Speaker of the House’ IN ‘such Events’.

          • Right Zee. They would also double down on pence. These commie bastards will push and shove their way into power. People go vote or our country is lost.

          • Damn it Dan,RR dropped my poat Again re p.-.n.c.e. whatever.
            C ya ’round town , i guess. ‘p’ already dbld down/ just tite
            lipped/close to vest. ps. M is learning ‘short lingo’ haha.

          • ps, DAN. (NASTY ASS (pathetic & sorry to say)dIANE, CAN’T EVEN COME CLOSE TO ‘0UR’
            discussions. haha haaa.

    • So Putin asked his puppet to impose some of the stiffest sanctions this country has ever imposed upon his country. Putin had asked his puppet to support Israel rather than his allies Syria and Iran? Sounds like Obama had been his puppet, not President Trump! I’ll bet Putin is disappointed in President Trump for not selling him anymore of our uranium, what ya think?

    • You are stupid. As for the money issues obama did worse. 1st he is not a legal citizen of the US. Trump is.
      2nd Obama lied every time he opened his mouth.
      3rd Obama only cares about Obama. Listen to his self serving speeches.
      4th Obama lied knowingly that his ACA was not affordable. He has cost true citizens millions.
      5th obama stole money from the citizens of the US and sent 2 billion to his brethen in Iran

    • POTUS IS ‘Far’ from Arrogance/Arrogant. Please ‘know’
      true meaning of ‘Arrogance’. obama ‘spoke down’
      to ppl. DJT ‘relates’ to E’day ppl.

  20. Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, Barrack Hussein Obama, Eric Holder, George Soros, Elizabeth Warren, the DNC, rigging their own party’s presidential nomination election, gun running resulting in a border patrol agents death! Falsely claiming she was an American Indian to fraudulently cheat taxpayers out of money to pay for her college education! Selling Uranium to Russia by the dark of night, illegally storing classified information
    on her cell phone! Selling arms to ISSIS in Benghazi and telling the savages there to leave no witnesses, leaving Americans to die! Fraudulently representing yourself as an American born citizen to be eligible to run for POTUS! Falsely swearing an oath, to abide by the Constitution, and uphold the Constitution, when you weren’t born in America, your father wasn’t born in America, and still going through the inaugural process fraudulently! Financing violent groups to disrupt and attack innocent Constitutionally protected citizens! Disrupting, causing chaos, inciting violence, riots, bribery, sedition, treason! Domestic Terrorism! Lying to Congress while under oath! Buying a fake birth certificate, and holding a SS# of a man dead nearly 100 years! Spending $28M of taxpayer funds, without permission, to seal your records that are supposed to be legally open to the public!

    President Trump,
    Falsely, accused of collusion, which isn’t illegal anyway!

    • You’re right on. I have a feeling you and I will be long gone and there still won’t be anything done about all the criminal acts the DEMs have perpetrated. By having the government do nothing about their acts, it is giving tacit approval of them.

  21. The only way Democrats win are for two reasons: 1) Too many Republicans stayed home and didn’t bother to vote 2) The ignorant, gullible, indoctrinated and dependent showed up at the polls to vote.

  22. I pray the rest of the deplorables think like us. And get out and vote. I love Mr. Trump. Anyone who would give up the life he had for the love of his Country has to be GREAT. They will try to impeach him so we can vote. I just wonder how many illegals or dead people or even made up people will be voting. I will be praying. GOD Bless America🇺🇸

  23. Can she offer any proof of her rash statement? Or is it just her wishful opinion? While the democrats have been attempting to downplay it recently their number one goal is still to impeach President Trump. And any excuse will do for them.

  24. you know everyone here is so smart see if you can answer one question, you all keep saying its the money, no it is already cleared he paid it, but his one answer is the question at hand. the answer was to protect his family, well lets see something he paid it to keep it from coming out to protect his wife. well to me i would of said that these 2 women are blackmailing for hush money to everyone which would of taken the power away from them, not paid them and not have a wife wonder if he paid them to keep quite from saying he had an affair or if he paid them to hide the affair. but so everyone know there is more then enough grounds to impeach for the good of the republican party alone. the reason here is he might of broke the law and what to do if the law was broken and everything he is doing is to cover it up,if he is innocent let the facts come out and face them like a man face to face not this bs of if you don’t do as i said or face the out come of i’ll take your security clearances, 1 thats bs saying its my way thats a 2 year old child game.2 by even acknowledging it as true sit back and let it happen and answer it in the end

    • Patrick: your less than coherent statement is a rambling run-on sentence. Were you awake when you wrote it? The really troubling thing is that you are allowed to vote.

    • Hay this security clearance thing is all a inch of bull. There is no reason Antony should hold a security clearance after there service is done in the government and he has the power to remove it so everybody just shut the f. K up about it I AM GLAD SOMEONE IN THIS GOVERMENT IS DOING JUST THAT. GO CRY SOMEWHERE ELSE ABOUT IT.

    • Patrick, you write like a 2 year old, I had to reflect on baby talk in an attempt to comprehend what you had written. If you want to bash President Trump, you would be better off to copy and paste CNN propaganda. Just saying.

    • Bovine Scatology! The only potentially damaging issue here is whether the bitch was “paid off” with personal or campaign funds. It’s also not an uncommon practice for wealthy individuals and companies to allow their shysters to pay people off to avoid dealing with nuisance suits.

  25. President Trump will serve the people of the USA for two full terms. He will be remembered as one of the greatest presidents of our time. We can only pray and hope that Hillary Clinton will go to jail for the rest of her life. Stealing, cheating, having people killed are all crimes that should be enough to put her away.

  26. Elizabeth Warren said it all except she quit when she was really getting hot!
    Elizabeth Warren should have continued her statement to include..We are a nation of laws and no one even Hillary and Bill Clinton are not above the law! Elizie is a loser and a phony.

    • Good for you, Betty Jay! Let’s get everybody out to vote Republican and increase our majority. We must have more GOP in Congress so we can get on with our agenda. USA, USA, USA, USA!

    • Completely agree. The problem is that there are a significant number of Republicrats I place in that same category. It’s the swamp.

  27. I believe a sitting US Senator should have an I Q above a 5th grade student. I also believe they should be required to read and understand our Constitution and take a test to prove it. Senator Warren appears to lack both of these requirements.along with too many sitting Senators. If they believe paying off a couple of ladies for sex (if true) is treason, what is giving away
    $145 Billion to a Country that has shouts out death to America, a Gift. All true American should vote Republicam this November. God Bless American if the Democrats regain control of Congress. We’re doomed.

    • Agree with YOU! She is a Prideful Fool! Her Trusted Friends should tell her to set down, before bad things happen to her! Karma never stops working! “As ye so so shall ye reap!” “What goes about comes about!” Hatred begets hatred!”

      • Astute posting, seeker. We need to get rid of all the prideful fools and trusted friends should tell Trump to step down before he divides the country further. Hate to say it to you people that don’t like RINOs, but they were right that Trump tends to unravel himself by his inability to shut up. For example, he went on Fox TV interview and said he paid Cohen back, then ignorantly said, but it came from his own money. The guy should talk to his lawyers first – -he admitted to several crimes there, the least of which is campaign violations. You see, Cohen’s documents made clear that the payback was in FALSE INVOICES for legal work, but the $150,000 for McDougal (fraudly complicit with the Enquirer and now he is working with special prosecutor) and $120,000 for Stormy were NOT legal fees. So, paid by his company, this involves both the Trump Org. and tax fraud – -you can write off legal fees but not payoffs to former lovers. Plus Trump, in an interview with Lester Holt said he fired Comey for the Russian probe – – a clear crime of obstruction of justice. Before no one was sure why he fired Comey, now he stated it on air! let’s face it, Trump is sinking his own ship by his arrogance and ignorance – -the RINOs were right.

  28. I know that I am ‘crying in the wilderness’ so to speak but voting Republican just to vote Republican will not help President Trump. Sadly there are far to many Republicans that are nothing but RINO’s. Sadly there are far to many candidates running on the Republican ticket that are RINO’s. It may be easier to twist a RINO’s arm to vote for President Trump’s policies, but that has not worked with RINO Ryan and two-faced McConnell. The senate race in my state is a perfect example of this. Hawley versus McCaskill’s. Most of the time the GOP is their own worst enemy. My state GOP does not support President Trump’s agenda. Therefore they put in place a RINO to run against McCaskill’s. The only way I see out of this mess is for enough people to vote third party that Ms. Abortion-at-any-Cost Claire and Mr. Blowing-in-the-Wind Hawley are dethroned.

    • Cabin I agree about rino republicans. Third party people normally cause the dem. to win. I also get frustrated with rinos. The Clinton crime cartel would never made it to the White House in 1992 if not for Ross what’s his face. I would love to see term limits.

  29. If I have to be carried in a stretcher to vote in November, I will do that. I am spending as much time as possible talking to people to get them anxious to go vote in November as well. I do not fear the threat of the Demonic-rats impeaching trump. I fear them gaining CONTROL which is really what they want.


    • Impeach him for what ? Wd hat has he done to ok mpeach him ? Nothing at all so to ok impeach him just to impeach him because there all anti American globalist communist isn’t going to go over ver well. Think about that ?

  30. Scared, worried, concerned is what she is and pversold on her self importance. But I guess some listen to her just because she’s on TV. Patriots need to turn out in force in Nov. Rhino repubs are a threat.

  31. The Cherokee tribe should sue her for disrespecting their tribe. I’m from the Monacan tribe. If that bitch ever claims to be Monacan , I’m changing tribes.

  32. The problem with all this is that it relies on the unproven act of Trump using CAMPAIGN FINANCE FUNDS to pay off these women. A person with Trump’s wealth and the time he did not spend soliciting campaign donations is more than capable of paying such payouts out of his own pockets. The vast majority of liberals would choose paying out such sums out of somebody else’s pockets obviously, but a President who donates his “salary” as President to charitable causes should be at least SUSPECTED of paying out money out of his own pocket to these women. In addition, such payouts should be regarded not as an admission of guilt, but as a reasonable alternative to a court trial wherein libel judges and/or liberal jurors would be likely to gouge a non-liberal for much higher sums no matter the facts or lack of facts surrounding the matter, especially in the state of New York. I would tend to think of it as an out-of-court settlement without the admission of guilt. That’s how billionaires would be expected to remain billionaires, don’t you think?

    • nobody has said he didn’t pay them out of his own pocket there are limits that are set for all candidates that must be up held and he has such as anything over 2700 has to be reported which he didn’t he has said he didn’t report it because he didn’t know and there is a tape from before he was elected telling cohen to pay it by trump himself. i also stand by what warren is saying now, that they let mueller finish his case, not start impeachment against trump till everyone has the facts. but the facts right now have confirmed he is lying to everyone and has been since the start, the truth is what he needs to be doing, we all know he new before the election he lied about the girls but he is lied because the hush money was to effect the outcome of the election which is illegal and he new it before he did it.

      • Funny how desperate the Democrats are to find something on Trump. Anything to try to discredit this president. Do these democrats really thing that if the Republicans put as many dogs on Hillary or any Democrat in public office,they would need to start an encyclopedia to fill it with all the corrupt & criminal Democrats.

    • Perfect Michael just Perfect! The same polls that predicted a Killary landslide are same ones predicting a blue wave. They are all a sick joke! America one it’s way to greatness again!! Thank you President Trump!!!!


    • I’m certainly gonna vote for Pres Trump…..AGAIN, and my immigrant wife, who became a US citizen in Feb of this year is also gonna vote for Trump. (Thanks Sen Menendez for not assisting me in getting the wife over here in 2012-13. Oh, that’s right, you were involved in a scandal to bring in girls from the Caribbean)

  34. Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Wasserman-Shultz, the list is endless, are all poster children for the mentally deficient.

  35. Patriotic Republican voters will turn out in November to stop the Democrats from impeaching President Trump. The only reason that President Trump is despised is that he was not a Politian and had not “paid his dues” in climbing the political ladder. Politicians are envious of President Trump for being a businessman and becoming President.

    • Most of the D.C. swamp dwellers do not want anything to change. Our elected representatives no longer represent the American people, just themselves. Our government has become far too powerful and far too corrupt. Our country was never designed to have a ruling class, yet our politicians believe they are just that.

  36. Yes we should ALL believe Elizabeth Warren – I mean just because she lied about her heritage to gain a cushy $500,000 a year job is no reason to think she is not trustworthy 😉

    • I heard someone recently call her LIEawatha. I thought it was funny. Actually though, there isn’t much funny about this fake. She lies, gets caught, backpedals, lies again, gets caught, makes up excuses, lies again, etc.,etc.. It’s endless with this bubble head.

      • She makes on believe the old adage , blonds have more dumb . Or to borrow an old Bon Jovi song and rework it , “She gives blonds a bad name ”
        This woman has lied to America so many times that we need a program and score card to keep track . From her fake heritage add infinitum . We can only hope that the voters of Massachusets wise up and vote her out and into obscurity

  37. Warren gambled. Clearly a desperate act.

    I can imagine how much she hated him for labeling her “Pocahontas”. She is choked on this one.

    Yes, yes, she deserved to be choked for lying her ass off. People need to see her true color. She used her fake Native Indian heritage for personal gain since her Harvard years. No respect for her at all.

    Elizabeth Warren is a … loser!

  38. She is so stupid. She obviously dosen’t know its over for her. By the way- she needs to have a blood test to prove she’s an Indian./ President Trump offered her $1,000.000
    to take the test. Duh- she won’t do it. Can’t imagine why…$1 milion dollars? She could even contribute it to a charity.

  39. I really see no reason to even care what Elizabeth Warren thinks anymore. She has gone past the point of Civility. She is so set on Illegal Voters that she can’t understand why we can’t just have an open Border. For one thing she has no clue what its like to have at least 1 Million of these in any State. She has no clue that we can’t go out at night anymore by ourselves without fear of gang violence in our streets. Our Children can’t play outside in the yards because of random shootings. We see nothing good will come of allowing the Democrats to even set forth any agenda. They have nothing of value for this Country.

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