Elon Musk destroyed Kamala Harris by stating one devastating fact

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Joe Biden handed Kamala Harris another big responsibility.

It’s turning into a matter of life and death.

And Elon Musk destroyed Kamala Harris by stating one devastating fact.

Joe Biden named Kamala Harris the White House’s “Artificial Intelligence (AI) Czar.”

This position is now vitally important to the national security of the United States and the future of mankind.

Biden named Harris his point woman on AI after apps like ChatGPI came online and companies are racing to master AI.

AI poses a unique threat to the human race.

British scientist Geoffrey Hinton is known as the “Godfather of AI.”

Hinton recently quit his job at Google so he could sound the alarm at the dangers posed by AI, which include “ending people.”

“I think that it’s conceivable that this kind of advanced intelligence could just take over from us,” Hinton declared. “It would mean the end of people.”

Given the gravity of this situation, Elon Musk ridiculed the idea of putting someone like Harris in charge of the United States government response to AI.

“Maybe someone who can fix their own WiFi router wouldn’t be too much to ask,” Musk posted on Twitter.

Fox News interviewed residents of Washington, D.C. – a city that is 95 percent Democrat – and they agreed with Musk that Harris was unqualified for this job.

“I don’t know if Kamala Harris has the background and the tech knowledge to really get a grasp on what AI can do and what its capabilities are, to be able to wrangle it in a space that is safe for everyone and not just beneficial for large corporations,” a man named Eric told Fox News.

A resident named Jo said Harris should “absolutely not” serve as the AI czar “because I don’t believe she’s done a good job at all as Vice President.”

“I would say no because I have no knowledge of what her track record is at this point of anything,” a woman named Keisha said in her interview with Fox News.

Harris already turned in one failed performance as the administration’s border czar.

Now Harris is being asked to manage how the U.S. handles AI.

Americans have seen AI lead to dystopian futures in movies like The Terminator where AI becomes self-aware and launches nuclear strikes against humanity after humans realize what is going on and attempt to pull the plug.

The “Godfather of AI” recognizes the danger this technology holds.

And Joe Biden’s response is to put the political equivalent of one of the three stooges in charge.

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