Eric Church just paid tribute to the Las Vegas victims in the best way possible

The country is still reeling from the tragedy in Las Vegas.

Some of the stories emerging of heroism, sacrifice, and love are truly heartbreaking.

One of those stories led country superstar Eric Church to write a new song, which he just debuted at the Grand Ole Opry.

Eric Church was one of the headliners of the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

He described his performance and interaction with the crowd in detail:

Rolling Stones writes:

Church recalled jumping into the audience to greet his fans during his Friday night set. “I shook everybody’s hand and I thanked them for coming,” he said onstage at the Opry. “I came back up the left side, saw smiling faces, hands in the air and pictures being taken … 48 hours later, those places where I stood was carnage.

“Those are my people. Those are my fans,” Church continued, tearing up and admitting he didn’t want to perform at the Opry or even play guitar.

But then Church saw an interview of Heather Melton, whose husband died shielding her from the gunman.

The story touched Church.

He said, “that night, something broke in me. And the only way I’ve ever fixed anything that’s been broken in me is with music.”

Listen to his new song below, “Why Not Me,” which he dedicated to Sonny Melton.

Before playing he noted two empty seats in Section 3, Row F where Sonny and his wife Heather were supposed to be seated.

“The reason I’m here tonight is because of Heather Melton, and her husband Sonny who died, and every person that was there. And I’ll tell you, I saw that crowd. I saw them with their hands in the hair, with boots in the air, and that moment in time was frozen,” Church said, “and there is no amount of bullets that can take that away.”


  1. To put it a bit simply, this is an example of the evil that’s in the human condition.
    We are all ‘moral criminals’ who brake the moral law of God. And the only ‘solution’
    to this is a conversion experience to Jesus Christ! Only He can change us from the
    inside out, so that instead of hating our neighbor, we can love them-as He tells us

  2. Evil is part of the human condition. I’ve never ben willing to spend even one night in Las Vegas because it’s a city which panders to human weakness. The people on the street have blank looks, questionable morals, and a lack of self control.

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