Eric Holder issued this shocking threat to Donald Trump

Barack Obama’s race baiting Attorney General Eric Holder threw down the gauntlet.

He spoke up in favor of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the Russia witch hunt.

But in protecting the swamp, he threw down a shocking challenge to the President.

Democrats began circulating a rumor that Trump was going to fire Robert Mueller by the end of the week.

Congresswoman Jackie Speier – who is one of the Democrats pushing the Russia collusion conspiracy – started this rumor.

Although there was nothing to back it up- Trump denied he had any intention of firing the special counsel – leading Democrats ran with the gossip as a chance to pump up their resistance and threaten the President.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder – who was cited for contempt of Congress – urged Americans to riot in the streets if Trump sacked Mueller.

This is a call to arms for the violent insurrectionists at Black Lives Matter and Antifa to destroy property and intimidate everyday Americans should Trump move to put an end the nonsensical Russia investigation.

This probe has dragged on for 18 months and no evidence of collusion exists.

It’s fake news that the Clinton campaign invented to explain their loss.

The media and other Democrats picked up on it because they knew they could use it to damage the Trump administration.

And now Holder is demanding riots should the President stop an attempt to nullify his election and silence the voices of the 63 million Americans who sent him to the White House.


  1. Be patient. Let Erick Holder, Jackie Spiere and all of their “cesspool tirds” play their marbles.

    Have faith. President Trump will play his chess.

  2. I certainly wish the Trump justice dept. Would start to prosecute all these democrats and other for all the illegal violations, people like Obama Hillary Bill Clinton Eric Holder, especially George Soros, and all the FBI people whom violated their oaths for the job. Plus all the politicians that have done things illegal regardless what party..

  3. Hey Holder you race baiting SOB! We see you for what you are and want you to see and understand that when you threaten OUR REAL AMERICAN PRESIDENT, you are also threatening us! We’ll remember….

  4. If that crook Holder is warning Mr Trump not to fire Muller,that is what he should do.If he thinks rioting in the streets is going to scare Trump supporters he has another think coming.He needs to be in prison with the rest of his cronies.I hope he fires Muller.


  6. What does the criminal Holder have to do with the price of rice? He was pathetic in the DOJ and even more pathetic trying to get some face time. Holder has nothing to do with President Trump’s DOJ. Holder was held in contempt by congress. Holdass should keep his mouth shut.

  7. He is either A) secretly a RINO and that’s why nothing appears to be happening under his command or B) He is in over his head and cannot keep up with the constant barrage of BS from the combative lefties in the Deep State or C) he’s doing a hell of job with a lot of peddling below the surface and we are just not privy to the results yet.

  8. Thank you Ed The Merlin, Of course President Trump is not Presidential like most if not all the former Presidents. He is a businessman, and definitely used to getting things done at warp speed, not the Molasses in a really cold January. Keep up the good work President Trump, we are trying to get you some help in the Senate and House in 2018 and 2020

  9. Amen. Sessions needs to get busy appointing a special investigator, or doing the job himself. But I am beginning to believe that Sessions is not the right A.G. for the job.

  10. Arrest the entire bunch for TREASON! Stop being afraid of the Clintons, Obamas, Soros’, etc. They all belong in separate cells in solitary – no windows and all they get to eat is bread and water! Do not send them to a fancy jail where they can still reek havoc!


  12. Correct! Holder is a Racist Thug who deserves to go to prison along with Both Clinton, Obama, Comey, Rosenstein, Loretta Lynch, and all the Corrupt FBI Officials that are trying to undermine the freely elected President of the United States. They are Racist Communist Traitors to our Country!!!

  13. If what he said didn’t protect her she would have been indicted. Comey is smooth and he thought by saying what he did and the way he said it he would look impartial and she wouldn’t be charged. This with how confident Liberals were that Trump would lose regardless of what Hillary did fostered their being so brazen. Of course this is IMHO

  14. Why is Holder still allowed to walk around free? This terrorist should have already arrested a tried for treason and other high crimes!! As far as the hitman for the democratic/communist thugs cult goes he’s already broken the law by straying from the scope of the sham, witch hunt and should also be arrested. There is 535 people in Washinton that have no balls. And I’m starting to wander about Trump!!

  15. Dirty? They are all dirty! Each and every Liberal and all RINO’s, especially in Congress. And Obuma was very cunning by shrewdly selecting dirty Liberals for cabinet and agency positions. How Bush selected Comey is beyond me especially with his track record of protecting the Clinton’s. That shows you what the Swamp is really made of. The Bush family, aka New World Order family hasn’t done us any favors. Again I say…what have any presidents, red or blue done for America. I ask you! Eisenhower gave us the Interstate System, Reagan a massive tax cut and ended the Cold War. Willy Clinton balanced the budget, BFD, soiled his trousers and aide’s dresses and GW gave us Medicare D and Iraq. Let me see…what did Obuma do? Oh, yes…out of control illegal immigration, racial divisiveness, Obama-Phones, Federal FreeBees et al and unprecedented debt. There you have it and all you hear are complaints about Trump and how un-presidential he is. Of course he’s unpresidential…otherwise he’d be accomplishing NOTHING. And I note…no one has shown up dead under his leadership as with Obama and the Clinton’s.

  16. Charge Holder under the Patriot Act and have him arrested as a Domestic Terrorist, charge him with inciting a riot and also Treason against a siting President and have him EXECUTED!

  17. Eric Holder is scared. Hmm, keep digging. I believe that Holder is dirty as Comey, Clinton, Obama, Lynch, and many others from Deep State cult.

    Find the evidence.

  18. Holder is a suck ass racist bastard, and should be in the Federal Pen on any counts up to and including arming the cartel with Fast and Furious. Douche bag in an expensive suit! Affirmative action in plain view!

  19. Former FBI Director James Comey has a long history of involvement in Department of Justice actions that arguably ended up favorable to the Clintons. In 2001, following the original 9/11 mass murder by the Muslim jihadists, President Bush asked the FBI to track the movements of likely Muslim jihadists; Comey and Mueller refused that request on the basis that such tracking would be “un-American”. The jihadist mass murders of Americans in Boston, Chattanooga, Orlando, Fort Hood, and San Bernardino are therefore the direct result of that irresponsible refusal. In 2004 Comey, then serving as a deputy attorney general in the Justice Department, apparently limited the scope of the criminal investigation of Sandy Berger, which left out former Clinton administration officials who may have coordinated with Berger in his removal and destruction of classified records from the National Archives. The documents were relevant to the accusations that the Clinton administration was negligent in the build-up to the 9/11 terrorist attack. Back a year or two ago, FBI director Comey announced that despite the evidence of “extreme negligence” by Hillary Clinton and her top aides regarding the handling of classified information through her unprotected private email server, the FBI would not refer criminal charges to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Justice Department since it was just a case of innocent negligence. Imagine a similar finding of the Nuremberg trials of the Nazi criminals: “Well – yes, Goebbels did order that 6 million Jews be exterminated – but he really did not mean it, so let him go free with an appropriate government pension”. And now those two criminal anti-American traitors – Comey and Mueller – are “investigating” Russian influence in the Trump electoral victory???

  20. Gary all he would have to do is say something bad about the Clinton’s and he would be gone too. He does what EVER they tell him to do or say just like a good puppy.

  21. It’s Session’s fault. He has no guts. Apparently, he himself is part of the swamp. He needs to unrecuse himself or resign, but he won’t do either. So, he needs to be fired and replaced with someone willing to prosecute the swamp.

  22. Holder was a POS when Obama was in office and he is no better now.The same for the DEEP STATE which I pray TRUMP can and will get rid of. Of course that would mean he has to go after Hillary AND Obama and we know his people won’t and I don’t know why they will not. Something is VERY crooked here.

  23. Why do you think that all new gun laws only affect the law abiding? Disarm the masses to take away the threat. Every one of these people are afraid of the Clinton machine. Maybe it’s time to fight back with the same tactics that are being used against us. Just saying.

  24. Eric Holder belongs in jail with the rest of his cronies and if he keeps threatening the President and the country, it would be a good time to see whose side the FBI is actually on. What Holder is doing and saying is treasonous and he should be arrested and if the Blacks riot, through them all in Jail.

  25. This threat coming from one of the sorry individuals that helped sell the Uranium to Russia????!!!!!! By soliciting riots in the streets he is showing exactly what he is and where he is from,,,,,,,Along with CROOKED HILLY, SLICK WILLY, and ALL of that “GANG” of AMERICA HATERS, this SLIDER should be behind bars along with that whole group of ?????? office holders that were supposed to “LEAD” our country, NOT SELL IT DOWN THE DRAIN!!!

  26. The Trump Team should fire Mueller and then arrest him as an accomplist in Obama’s organization to overthrow the government of the USA. Trump needs to exert power over this insane acceptance of Obama’s swamp.

  27. To me Holder is nothing more than a clinton ass kisser who is a fool and idiot ASSWIPE for the clinton killing and murdering group. He needs to be thrown in jail for threats to the president and his family. Holder is nothing and has been nothing more than some ones lap dog.He is lucky to have his job and hopefully he is gone by Christmas.

  28. Eric Holder is calling for the destruction of property and the assault and probable death of American citizens. He commented HIGH TREASON. Why is this rambelrouzer allowed to walk free. He may have called for riots but if this is all true, he has signed the death warrants of hundreds if not thousands of Black lives matters and Antifa members. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction fact

  29. TOO Bad, Because as of this time nothing will happen to Holder and his Crones.Seems like nobody has the BALLS to do anything.Just a lot of talk, So Far. Where is our ATTORNEY GENERAL???
    BOBBY ~!~

  30. TOO Bad, Because as of this time nothing will happen to Holder and his Crones.Seems like nobody has the BALLS to do anything.Just a lot of talk, So Far. Where is our ATTORNEY GENERAL???
    BOBBY ~!~

  31. Umm . . . it was Bill Clinton that met with Lynch on her plane, not Holder. Otherwise, I totally agree with your comments.

  32. If Holder says “peaceful” mass protest rest assured it will be the opposite. Remain very alert America! This is a call to arms to the Brownshirts (Antifa, BLM etc) The shadow government is rattling its sabres and calls to its useful idiots to turn the whole country into a rerun of Ferguson and Baltimore on a grand scale. They are losing the effort to “fundemetally transform” the USA. The Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton Deep State machine engineered by the Powers That Be is still clawing for power, meaning and purpose. They have failed miserably and the harder they try the more exposed they become for what they really are. I’m glad Mr Trump is leading the country. We need to support him and demand that our conservative elected Congress help him or they will be out of a job after the mid terms. God Bless the USA.

  33. WHO is HE to threaten the PRESIDENT of the United States of America…??? HE is NOTHING, a total NOBODY and needs to be arrested for getting a Border Patrol Agent “MURDERED”, giving WEAPONS to the MEXICAN MAFIA is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE and has NOTHING to do with Politics and/or the job of an ATTORNEY GENERAL…!!! AND it is NOT the job of a ATTORNEY GENERAL to meet a former president on an Airport, getting into LYNCH’s plane and discuss NOT to indict HILLARY for using PRIVATE emails/server illegally for OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT BUSINESS…..!!!! WHEN will they ever be INDICTED and PROSECUTED for their CRIMES…???

  34. Starting a riot is against the law.. a dumbass like holder still thinks he’s above the law.. It’s the democrats divide and conquer, and Soros give them 18 billion dollars to do his dirty work.. in hollywood the more they bash our President the more work they get..(It’s all about the money) soros give 34 billion dollars to liberals around the world to get his agenda done of one world order.. when he gets what he wants there will be No more movies, there will be No more entertainment ( no one will have money to pay to watch them) then he will change the currency so he gets all the money. But George don’t care about anyone but himself (Don’t forget he was born a Jew and he turned his own people over to the Nazi’s. Blm, antifa,isis, liberals are all his pond that he is playing for a few dollars to sellout not just America but all over the world.. he said he would spend all his money to ruin America. Is 18 billion dollars the price that the liberals sold America for?? President Trump threw an iron into his fire he’s fighting to save us (the American citizens) it is the SWAMP that sold us out..

  35. Holder is nothing more than a corrupt liar. He broke the laws of our nation under BO and was involved in F&F. Holder must be investigated and brought to justice for his crimes against America. Now Holder is calling for violence if Mueller is fired. Mueller deserves to be fired with all the corruption, lies and money spent on finding nothing but not ending the investigation, He is wasting taxpayer money as ALL democrats do. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! STOP the nonsense and cover ups!

  36. How about investigating Holder and Speier??? I am sure they are not as squeaky clean as they pretend to be. Holder on Fast and Furious. Gun running!!

  37. This BLACK BASTARD needs a good case of lead poisoning or a tight noose, at one end of a rope, around his scrawny neck….

  38. They are too lazy to get a job and the working Americans are paying their bills, through all the welfare they are collecting. What is Holder doing these days to collect whatever huge government funds he is collecting. That leaves them a lot of free time to spend on all of this crap! Eric Holder should be put in prison for the attempt to create a riot through the United States. You know they do not believe in God when they do this crap during the Christmas season, when most people are trying to settle down and have normal lives.

  39. It is time for the entire Obama Administration to pay for their crimes. Each and every one of them is guilty of TREASON and should be arrested, tried, convicted and EXECUTED. I volunteer to be their EXECUTIONER, give the order to fire to the firing squad, pull the lever to let them swing from the gallows, throw the switch to fry their asses i the electric chair, flip the release to drop the pellets to the gas chamber or push the button to start the plunger of an lethal injection, which ever method suits them, but not one of them deserves to STEAL another paycheck from the American TAXPAYERS! The Clinton Crime Family (Bill, Hill, and Chelsea) along with Soros and the rest of the Demoncraps screaming for Impeachment should follow the first group right after the last one is put down, for they are as guilty as all of the rest.

  40. Unfortunately, his partner in crime, Obama, has locked up the evidence of their crimes for five years by moving all such evidence to his presidential library! Probably to be made available right after the statute of limitations expire.

  41. If I’m not mistaken was Holder not the first sitting AG to be found in contempt of Congress, not that Eric Holder right, because we know anything he says cannot be believed…….just saying!

  42. Eric Holder should be imprisioned fir endangering the USA! Keep playing North Korea encouragement to rain hell fire down on our country, Obama should be imprisioned for what he did to our country! He was nothing but an Islam touter
    And with a First Lady that disgraced America! She said the first time I was ever proud of this country was when my husband was elected President!

  43. We AMERICIANS know Miller’s end game to “TRY” to impeach President Trump, I’m curious how them Muller,obozo, and the rest of the “DEEPSTATE” intend to “FORCE” 63 million AMERICIANS who didn’t agree with the “EX Presdent” obloMae to accomplish, especially n light of the “REBOUND” of our econ my, and the unemplymet at its lowest point in 17 years, while it’s evident boomer is and was “USELESS” not to mention not even eledigable, constutionally speaking, even as evidenced by Obomas own family in “KENYA” were Barrack was “BORN” you sir, are n the “Wrong side again” just trying to stay out of Federal Prision yourself, lol “GOODLUCK WIT THAT, as evidence s mounting against yo Oboma Clinton and more th a a dozen other so called AMERICIANS, dickhead!!!

  44. Holder ,Soros ,Obama ,Clintons Pelosi organizers of their agenda ,pay 15.00 an hour for people to do their dirty work . Set up the caravan of chaos move professional protesters to break windows, assault ,intimidate . Silent deplorables will rise again ,and again to block entitlements ,pork and to deny the ignore , deny lie leftists group which we one the Democrats .

  45. Holder needs to be in jail. Why is he still walking around free? He did enough while in office to be charged with a lot of not only running guns to Mexico with the fast and furious “plan” but also stonewalling investigations that comes under aiding and abetting enemies of this country. I would love to see him and Lynch both indicted for the bull they have done!

  46. Holder ,Soros ,Obama ,Clintons Pelosi organizers of their agenda ,pay 15.00 an hour for people to do their dirty work . Set up the caravan of chaos move professional protesters to break windows, assault ,intimidate . Silent deplorables will rise again ,and again to block entitlements ,pork and to deny the ignore , deny lie leftists group which we one the Democrats .

  47. Eric Holder is nothing more than a racist and kisses Obama’s ass to keep their b.s. being exposed in the media. Both should be in prison.

  48. No one intimidates Mr. Trump! NO ONE!
    No need to say anything about Holder.
    Intelligent, informed Americans know exactly what
    he is along with all other Obama cabinet picks.
    Obama will go down in history as the worst president
    ever. Worse than Carter. And when “The Donald” is done,
    there will be no question about it!

  49. That worthless black has a contempt of congress against him so why do we care what he has to say he’s
    not AG anymore so who cares

  50. This is to intimidate Trump. Trump is supposed to sit back and watch his removal with grace and dignity, like Romney would. Mueller is building a phony case to remove Trump from office and will release his accusations in October of 2018 that will flip the Senate and enable Trump’s impeachment and removal. Pence has been rehearsing his speech. They’re all in on it.

  51. The lying corrupt holder doesn’t realize he’s irrelevant and no longer holds office and is acting just like his irrelevant buddy obozo the former traitor in chief.

  52. This guy is a joke. I hope nobody actually takes his flimsy, pathetic attempts to oust Trump seriously. If there IS a riot, you can bet your bottom dollar that the protesters will be Soros-paid stooges … why else would anyone give a rat’s ass about rioting and risk being arrested?

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