Eric Holder said seven words about William Barr that should end his career

Eric Holder was one of Barack Obama’s most loyal and effective henchmen.

Holder repeatedly pushed the envelope on playing the race card to gin up strife that the Obama administration could exploit for political gain.

And now Eric Holder said seven words about William Barr that should end his career.

Eric Holder was the most political Attorney General in the nation’s history.

Holder called America a “nation of cowards” on race and even went so far as to say he was Barack Obama’s “wingman.”

Now in an Amazon Washington Post op-ed Holder is claiming of Attorney General Barr that “he is unfit to lead the Justice Department.”

Holder wrote:

This is certainly true of Barr, who was until recently a widely respected lawyer. I and many other Justice veterans were hopeful that he would serve as a responsible steward of the department and a protector of the rule of law.

Virtually since the moment he took office, though, Barr’s words and actions have been fundamentally inconsistent with his duty to the Constitution. Which is why I now fear that his conduct — running political interference for an increasingly lawless president — will wreak lasting damage.

The American people deserve an attorney general who serves their interests, leads the Justice Department with integrity and can be entrusted to pursue the facts and the law, even — and especially — when they are politically inconvenient and inconsistent with the personal interests of the president who appointed him. William Barr has proved he is incapable of serving as such an attorney general. He is unfit to lead the Justice Department.

Holder’s rationale for making this outrageous claim is Barr analyzed the evidence in front of his face and correctly stated that the Russian collusion investigation was a politically motivated hit job on Donald Trump.

Former Attorney General Holder and other Obama allies know Barr tasked United States Attorney John Durham with investigating the origins of the Russia investigations.

Durham’s findings so disturbed him that his investigation is now a criminal probe.

Holder knows this and used his Amazon Washington Post op-ed to throw chum in the water as part of an effort to preemptively discredit Durham’s findings.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.