ESPN’s latest move proves they care more about the NFL than America

ESPN anchors have cheered on anti-American anthem protests.

Then Jemele Hill called the President “a white supremacist who has surrounded himself with other white supremacists” and ESPN did nothing.

But after Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones said his players would either stand for the anthem or sit for the game, only then did Jemele Hill’s tweets land her in hot water.

Jemele Hill called for a boycott of Dallas’ sponsors in response to Jones’ statement.

Jones had implemented a plan that amounted to what Trump called for in the first place, a policy to force players to stop protesting during the anthem and show respect for the flag and all it stands for.

Jones did not hold back when he told reporters, “Let me be real, real clear: The thing that the National Football League needs to do and the Dallas Cowboys are going to do is stand for the flag. We’re going to do that.”

That, of course, triggered Hill who went on a social media rant, saying Jones put black players in a tough spot.

That forced ESPN’s hand to punish Hill and announced a two-week suspension for her “second social media violation.”

Hill calling Trump and his cabinet white supremacists, got her little more than a slap on the wrist.

ESPN’s ratings have been tanking for years largely due to their injection of liberal politics into sports.

This just shows how far to the left ESPN has gone.

Max Kellerman even called for removing the anthem from games because simply asking people to honor America injects politics into sports.

So they’ve cheered the anti-American protests on.

Hill’s only being punished because she targeted the NFL, biting the hand that feeds them, so to speak.

It proves ESPN would rather its host be anti-American. They just can’t be anti-NFL.