ESPN’s latest move proves they care more about the NFL than America

ESPN anchors have cheered on anti-American anthem protests.

Then Jemele Hill called the President “a white supremacist who has surrounded himself with other white supremacists” and ESPN did nothing.

But after Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones said his players would either stand for the anthem or sit for the game, only then did Jemele Hill’s tweets land her in hot water.

Jemele Hill called for a boycott of Dallas’ sponsors in response to Jones’ statement.

Jones had implemented a plan that amounted to what Trump called for in the first place, a policy to force players to stop protesting during the anthem and show respect for the flag and all it stands for.

Jones did not hold back when he told reporters, “Let me be real, real clear: The thing that the National Football League needs to do and the Dallas Cowboys are going to do is stand for the flag. We’re going to do that.”

That, of course, triggered Hill who went on a social media rant, saying Jones put black players in a tough spot.

That forced ESPN’s hand to punish Hill and announced a two-week suspension for her “second social media violation.”

Hill calling Trump and his cabinet white supremacists, got her little more than a slap on the wrist.

ESPN’s ratings have been tanking for years largely due to their injection of liberal politics into sports.

This just shows how far to the left ESPN has gone.

Max Kellerman even called for removing the anthem from games because simply asking people to honor America injects politics into sports.

So they’ve cheered the anti-American protests on.

Hill’s only being punished because she targeted the NFL, biting the hand that feeds them, so to speak.

It proves ESPN would rather its host be anti-American. They just can’t be anti-NFL.


  1. Sportscasters should stick to the job they were hired for-Sports. If you want to inject matters not pertaining to sports, do it on your own time. These players kneeling has nothing to do with the game. Stick to the game. ESPN should have fired her, not a 2 week suspension. Never again will I watch anything affiliated with ESPN. Never!

  2. Wait a minute. He said that originally yet went out and kneeled with the players. It’s about bottom line now. He is no hero as are the other owners. You live with the snakes, you are a snake.

  3. There you go . Where is the si called social justice that a conservative white man is fired and a progressive president insulting black woman is kept on. Guess social justice only applies to the left.Cancel ESPN.

  4. Never of happened even 20 years ago. Time to pull the plug on ESPN since they have become anti Trump mouthpieces instead of talking sports. We have left wing MSM left wing nut job stations. Surely don’t want to watch ingrates calling my Predudent a white supremists when there are zero facts to back it up, especially from a racist herself, who only got her Jon because she was black and female. She absolutely sucks. Her show sucks. ESPN sucks and should be put out of business. Left wing troll runs the station and left wing trolls are the broadcasters.

  5. No place for this behavior in the workplace. The first kneel down last year should have been slapped down immediately. The problem has festered because of managements failure to set a standard. The NFL has alienated its customer base. Not a good idea.

  6. You are absolutely correct! And, that goes for those who come to this country and hate Americans, while collecting welfare, get college scholarships, live pretty much for free and HATE AMERICANS. Where do they think the money comes from? My bad – they do not think, as greed and hatred are their religious beliefs and cloud their ability to understand reality and compassion. This goes for all people of whatever color: black, white, brown or whatever ink they put on their skin!

  7. It makes me proud of Jerry Jones to know he’s the kind of American that will NOT stand for the kind of racism that has divided our nation, but will take a stand for the American values that seem to have eluded our newer team members. I remember when ALL players stood for the anthem. Nowadays, it’s pathetic how these racist goons get away with their lack of respect. Positively disgraceful. But I’m proud of Jerry Jones, and the example HE is setting for the nation. At least he has the guts to stand up to these players and ACT like he’s the actual owner, and not afraid of them. Good for Jerry!

  8. Yes, she needs to be fired. A slap on the wrist is nothing. She’ll continue on doing the same thing.

  9. Have you ever noticed that the people who scream RACISTS the loudest when refering to other people, are usually the biggest Racists themselves.

  10. I find what Ms. Hill said much more offensive that what Kurt Schilling said and was fired for. She only gets a two week vacation as a slap on the wrist. This tells me all I need to know about ESPN and why I now only watch FOX Sports for my college sports or tune in on the radio instead of watching ESPN Broadcasts. The NFL is also showing how two faced they are as well. Issuing heavy fines when Players have tried to bring attention to worthy causes such as Breast Cancer, Mental Health Issues and the fight to help prevent Domestic Violence, but it is OK to disrespect our National Anthem and Flag. Shame, shame, shame on the NFL and Roger Goddell.

  11. She needs to be fired not two weeks suspension it’s so disgusting when all the the white sportscasters just sit there and just agree with All the crap the Black sportscasters say . How do look at themselves in the mirror every day they are such wimps
    All of them.


  13. Charter a ship for a month for those people that think America is bad. Ticket is free, $30, one change or clothes, flip flops, and put them off in south Africa, or Bangladesh. I’ll bet at the end of 30 days they’ll be ready to come home; in fact they’ll swim out to meet the ship.

  14. Once the liberal media and their constituents took over with their so called fairness etc. we are witnessing the most non- fair society since Germany in the 1920 and 30s. Those who have been indoctrinated with the sickness of libertalism have been indoctrinated to retreat and allow free access to our entire system of society norms. My point: take a look at the TV. 13% of the population now controls at least 40% of the networking and by some accounts well over 80%. The government provides more for non americans than it does for those who protect and pay for it’s freedoms with their lifes work. We have allowed a distortion of the nation that ranges into insanity from the founders point of view as they intended. Take a minute and read the Constitution and show me where it defines an illegal immigrant having earned in excess of what the payer’s into the future of our nation receive back. Where does it mention welfare with endless time frames, or luxuries like air conditioning or cell phones or college. Never a mention. Do you suppose those that fought a civil war ever imagined that this was their intention? So why do the demon whites excel? Is it all cronyism? Why do blacks kill so many blacks and hate whites for it? HELP, share the wisdom.

  15. A little slap is not going to stop this destruction of America from Happening, She needs to be fired, and example’s made all over so this Disrespect of our Country ends.

  16. Wallets and feet, the ultimate say by individuals. Disney, NFL, NBA should all be focusing on education as students, especially inner city are struggling. School choice and vouchers! The educated will see the light and path to prosperity, and believe me it is not via identity politics of Disney (ESPN), NFL, or NBA.

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