Every veteran in America shook their head in disgust after what Barack Obama unleashed

Barack Obama and other Democrats are trying to harness the energy of the rioters to defeat Donald Trump in November.

The Left is playing a dangerous game.

And now every veteran in America shook their head in disgust after what Barack Obama unleashed.

Rioters and looters across America put cities under siege.

Terrorists used military tactics to organize uprisings and loot businesses and government buildings.

This reign of terror was encouraged by Democrat politicians who embraced the spirit that drove thousands of militant insurgents into the streets.

“And part of what’s made me so hopeful is the fact that so many young people have been galvanized and activated and motivated and mobilized,” Obama said.

“That’s a direct result of the activities and organizing and mobilization and engagement of so many young people across the country, who put themselves out on the line to make a difference,” he added.

“And so I just have to say thank you to them for helping to bring about this moment.”

But that turned ugly in Reno, Nevada where terrorists broke into City Hall and stole items, including an American flag from a World War II Navy vessel.

The story had a happy ending because as it turned out, a patriot took the flag during the riots to save it from being burned and later returned the flag.

The New York Times reported:

When people broke into City Hall in Reno, Nev., this weekend during protests against police brutality, they smashed windows, set fires and took items from the building — including an American flag from a World War II Navy ship.

City officials thought the flag, which had been held in a display box on the first floor of the building, might have been one of the few that were burned Saturday night.

But on Tuesday, the flag reappeared with a handwritten, anonymous note attached: “Needed protecting. Looters were flag burning. RIP George Floyd.”

This looting and vandalism is not taking place by accident.

It is all the result of years of planning and training activists in the art of confrontational politics.

But thankfully a historic flag was protected by a patriot before looters and thugs could burn it.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  2. James E Northern he did fail. Things got worse on the Chicago hood rat’s watch. He’s just another liberal token that wasn’t properly vetted, having been born in Kenya. So go kiss his black ass.

  3. This is the most outrageous thing I have ever heard. Former President OBAMA inherited an economy that was in horrible shape and the Senate lead by Mitch McConnel did everything to make him fail. You Republicans were so upset that a Black Man was the President of the United States of America that you tried every way possible to make him fail.

  4. Barry Obummer started this whole destructive movement. He needs to be in jail. Along with the Clintons in one small cell together. Keep the cameras on them and share the show.

  5. I think we should furlough all the cops in New York, Boston, LA , Baltimore , Atlanta , Austin, Sacramento, Seattle, Minneapolis, Reno, and Washington DC , for thirty days !!! And then there will be so many dead liberals at the end of one month they will be begging for more cops and much more money for police budgets !!!!!

  6. Lymon you don’t have a brain. You and o dick licken Obama are as Racist as you are stupid. Get the F@@k out of the good old USA……………..

  7. According to the FBI’s latest homicide statistics, I’m 11 times more likely to be killed by someone of my own brown complexion than a white person. Also, a comprehensive 2019 study concluded: “White officers are not more likely to shoot minority civilians than non-White officers.” Every loss of life is tragic, but Washington Post’s database on police-involved deaths puts things into further context. In 2020, among those killed were (all males): 2 Native Americans, 9 Asians, 46 Hispanics, 76 blacks, 149 unlabeled individuals, and 149 whites (whose deaths don’t get reported by national mainstream media). Only nine black individuals were actually unarmed.

  8. Democrats have lost their willingness to help any Americans , what the hell is that about ? I can’t see why anyone would vote for this path to hell !

  9. Public sentiment will turn against the politicians who condone this destructive behavior and it will all work for the benefit of President Trump and the civilized establishment.

  10. It’s all about unconventional warfare Wyatt started with propaganda…I take it with a grain of salt, Means Nothing. Misery loves Company…Part Three…

  11. Every HUMAN LIFE MATTERS, from the Womb to the DEATH BED! NEITHER OUR BREATH, nor our ENERGY spent have COLOR with which to identify whose breathe it was, nor whose energy was there buring donw those buikldings and hitting those poor souls? There was no IDENTIFICATION for individuals, but mind less piles of human flesh doing harm to other people’s properties and killing without MIND! Pathetic! We are a Nation that is made of Smart people! Our Annual Federal Educational Fund was 781 Billion Dollars! That is only the Federal level! How about, each STATE, each city, and county… After all those Educational FEES, our people are not EDUCATED TO DO THE RIGHT THING, WITH the Right THOUGHTS before hand! Why?? Riots are for the USELSS MORONS who had too much energy to burn, but without any BRAIN CELLS with which ton\make a plan, how best to sovle the PROBLLEM? The Brutalities allied seemed to fit the Psychology of the EVENT! Combustion of other people’s sproperty for the releasing of one’s own anger, the buring of that lacking of SUBATANCE as HUMAN BEINIGNS! WE ahve seen this kind of RIOTS troo many t imes! WE do not want to see any more of it for as long as OUR COUNTRY STANDS on the FACe of the EARTH!

  12. Amen to Tony and Joe. Democrats are not pro riot any more than you are. Those shall be fully prosecuted.

  13. Why would I ever care to insult anyone? I never care to fonthat. It’s anti-Christian. All I do is speak truth.

  14. Obama needs to be in GITMO and not allowed outside visitors and not allowed any communications

  15. We experienced much damage and injury from the protesters that seemed not to understand the value of humans and public property. Is there a gift that the protesters expect for the substantial damage that ruined the lives of many citizens.

  16. Wake up Tony they got you brain washed.What else was he talking about “RIOTERS” DAH”

  17. Who in there right mind would listen to obubble head. Everything that comes from his mouth is nothing but hatred and dividing the country further that what it is.

  18. Obama was the weakest president, but he is the only provocateur of all presidents in American history who does not stop provoking bandits to create chaos in America.

  19. To 062014 > What world are you in. Obama is an anti-Semite, and anti-White. He even attempted with taxpayers monies to disrupt the election process of a democratic country, Israel. Then there is Obama’s support and funding of a major enemy of the US, Iran. Obama imported huge numbers of Muslims and planted them in various states that have caused problems for BOTH Black and White Americans. It amazes me when the proof of corruption of Obama and his administration is a proven fact, how blind and stupid someone can be supporting Obama the treasionist.

  20. Nice try 062014 But Democrats are openly cheering the riots on and it’s all a distraction from the proof that they are Traitors lead by Obama and they can’t have that truth coming out. Grow up people are tired of you blaming your brother for crimes you committed.

  21. Obama was the worst President in the United states history. He is not relevant so,who cares want he says.

  22. You, as the author of this “article” know full well he’s not talking about looters and rioters. Yet you write an article that’s going to make people think Obama condones this because they want to believe that.

    You’re a liar, this is fake news. This is what fake news looks like.

  23. Obama aka OneBigAssMistakeAmerica, they keep asking if we would want him for a 3rd term, WTF I sure hope we have learned from the liberals previous 2 mistakes. He and his criminal buddy Holder should be put behind bars forever for what they have created and done to our country, Oh btw don’t for get to send Michael with them

  24. If whoever you are you need to check the records and todays news
    obama is the worst president in my lifetime. But im only 80 and you. For your information there
    were more white killed than blacks by policemen and more
    police killed than whites and blacks. However you don’t see whites crying about it. And many of the black problems are brought on bt the blacks. More blacks kill blacks than whites kill blacks.

  25. I really apologize to the good people but I’m not politicaly
    Correct obama is just another
    Coc . No w i want it known that i believe the liberals, the democraps, the liberal media, hollywood and any one who helped the riots along with the rioters and especially g a.h. sors should pay for every penny to rebuild
    and clean up all damage.as for defunding the police every body get a gun and don’t ask ques-
    tions just shoot preferable we will get RINOs and LIBERALS.

  26. Why are you trying to blame this on President Obama? Yes, he was strong enough, intelligent enough and compassionate enough to recognize the disproportionate brutality against black Americans while others wanted to keep it that way, but he does not, nor do Democrats condone the looting and rioting. If you bother to look further, you will see that some of the looting is an organized action performed by white supremacists in an attempt to get the uneducated into believing this is all on protesters, when it isn’t.

  27. Gab, I’ve read your posts. And an only able to come up with one conclusion. You claim to be a veteran, but I’m on James side. Been insulted by better people with better insults than you’ll ever be or have!

  28. this is why the mulsim stuck around after his term was up. he needed to keep the hate going and take down the country

  29. May God truly and richly bless you, Dr. Bruce F. Andrews PhD. Yes, God is testing us just as He tested the sons of Israel. They were so disobedient and lacked faith that He deservedly made them wander in the desert for 40 years instead of 4 weeks. If they had just had FAITH and obeyed, they wouldn’t have had to suffer so. This is a lesson for us: Honor God.

  30. One of the innocents killed in the riots was a 22 year old woman that called herself multi-racial, she was proud of both sides of her heritage, unlike our former Pres. that went out of he way to be black only. The only time in his young life that he felt the pangs of racism was when his mother took up with her second black significant other and he was teased and looked down upon because he had a white mother, probably why he wnted so bad to be considered solely black.

  31. BHO will go down in history as the worst President and Ex President in history. He lied his way into the White House and really lied to get re elected. He has a disdain for most Americans and I suspect many Americans regret voting for this vile man. We should deport him to Kenya where he belongs.

  32. What kind of criminal record for drug trafficking is Barry Soetoro hiding in his sealed records and are there any outstanding warrants on him?

  33. Obama would be better off if he kept his mouth shut. Where is the duct tape when you need it? He was the absolute worst President in history and did nothing for Americans. He allowed our people to die in Benghazi and sent billions of dollars to our enemies. Much of what he did was unconstitutional. Don’t even get me started on that he/she Michelle/Michael.

  34. No justification for violence, ever. Mr. Obama is a hypocrite for promoting illegal activities resulting in violence. Anyone supporting violence should be criminally charged as an ACCOMPLICE.

  35. No Dan it has nothing to do with his intellect. His srguments still sound more intelligent than Trumps to me.

  36. Gab the reason that retard joe stutters is because he’s a moron. Not so with all stuttering people. But he can’t say sh&t without getting it all over his face. That fool can’t put two words together. Just wait for the debates. You’ll see.

  37. Why has Trump not fulfilled his promise to end the GOP wars? Still 60-70k troops in the Middle East. Do you support that?

  38. When Donald Trump is reelected, there is a padded room for Sleepy Joe. He has always chosen to avoid battles that question his integrity. As far as Obie goes, he has never met a terrorist that he disliked. No matter what he says, he and Mitchell have always disliked America. MAGA RVN 68-69

  39. So I guess I not getting an Christmas card ??? LOL… Been called worst by better women than you…

  40. Always making up some crap…Change the channel with your nonsense and lies. Do you have a picture of Don Lemonade in your hip pocket???

  41. Dan, yes I have seen his xrays. Telling you how though could get someone in trouble though. Biden was classified as ineligible due to severe asthma which is also why he still stutters and others make fun of him for it.

  42. Gab how do you know Trump pretended to have bone spurs? Did you see his medical records? No? Then stfu. Maybe he did fake it, or not. I don’t care. I’ve done things in my younger years that wasn’t to be proud of. Did stink finger joe serve? I don’t care, but nobody brings it up. Rapist Bill Clinton dodged the draft.

  43. Bruce, few of us have to serve. We choose to serve except that guy he pretended to have bone spurs so as to not serve.

  44. Every veteran is aware of the former Presidents distaste for military and law and order. This is the result of not having to serve his adopted country. I realize the my President did not have to serve, but he has a lot of respect for our military and law enforcement. So Barack, take Sleepy Joe and others of this ilk and ride off into the sunset and never be seen or heard from again. RVN 68-69


  46. Obama was the worst president ever in the government of the United states. He should never ben been president. I will never believe he was born in this country.

  47. Lymon is kin to Don Lemonade and loves corrupt little “Shoe Shine” the milk is sweat…

  48. Lyman the only ones that miss the commie mulatto is brain dead libturd losers like you. He was never a person who loved America and is still pulling the strings to fundamentally transform America. Into a commie sh&t hole.

  49. America truly miss President Obama. Our only Hope in Glory is that Michelle pick up the mantle where our beloved President Obama left off.

  50. It’s interesting that we didn’t hear about antifa until the radical mulatto came on the scene. At different times blacks and whites clashed, but bathhouse Barry is stirring the pot.

  51. That would sum it up, and Mullet head should kicked out of this country immediately. Him and Susan worthless Rice…

  52. Dan Tyree and all the rest that are asking why is this criminal, Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama allowed to do all these criminal acts and all the past ones because we the American People allow him to. We the American People didn’t demand that he be vetted before he even was elected to his first office. The main fact that everyone misses is Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama is here and doing these things because GOD wants him here. Throughout life, we are tested. Will we follow GOD or Satan. Good or evil. Truth or lies. Well, which is it? what do you follow? Do you choose the good Christian life? Or do you follow lust, a quick dishonest buck? Or are you somewhere in the middle? The morals of this Nation slip further and further away from GOD, and closer and closer to Satan with each and every passing year. Do you even know who GOD (YHVH) is? Do you even care? Well, you should care, it’s your life that’s in the balance. No, not this puny flesh life, it’s the life that really matters that’s in the balances. Are you a Christian? You might ask why does this matter? I don’t believe in religion anyway. I’ll tell you, I’m a Christian, I believe on Jesus Christ. I believe John 3:16. But I’m not religious. How can this bee you might ask? I’ll tell you. Religion is man-made, and for the most part it’s a lie. Christianity is not a religion. Christianity is reality and always has been. We “ALL” are living it every day. That’s right like or not “ALL” of us are living Christianity. Now, do I have your attention? GOD wants your undivided attention. This is why He allows these evil, no-good Satan filled liberalist Democrat slug’s to exist. They’re here to test YOU and ME! Do you want to know what to do? Then read your King James Bible. Read it with understanding. Rightly dividing it. Do you want to know more? Go to http://www.shepherdschapel.com.

  53. Supporting the spirit of the peaceful protests is not the same thing as supporting riots and crimes. As a veteran, I also fully support peaceful protests and exercising the first amendment of our constitution.

  54. To Richard Bears…FODA. You should know what that means if you were in the service…By the way, who who listen to a Muslim Communist scum bag like old chimper…

  55. I could say many things about this Muslim Ex President but I think he said it all himself. Why then is he still walking free?

  56. I’m a vet and every word that comes out of bone spurs mouth disgusts mean. All you lying coward bone spurs jockstraps (supporters are just as disgusting as the orange god you admire so much.

  57. he should have done what should have been done to him when he first running for office striped of everything and deported for being here illegally

  58. Ex president Obama, tell me why the tragedy occurred to protester Italia Mari Kelley. You’ll find her tragic loss on you tube. Explain why, sir.

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