Fake News: NBC exploits kids for anti-Trump hit piece

NBC has taken “fake news” to a whole new level.

Now, NBC has released two videos that use children to carry the water for our anti-Trump national media.

You won’t believe what they had these kids say.

The first video starts out innocently enough, with one teen saying, “I’m excited for a political outsider that can solve the disconnect between the American citizens and the legislators in Washington.”

But then it immediately launches into an anti-Trump tirade.

One African-American child says, “I want you to know that I don’t like your definition of ‘American’ because I don’t seem to fit within it.”

This is not an argument.

Of course, President Trump has never defined “American.”

Not only that, but he’s hired thousands of Americans from all different races and religions to work at his businesses.

Another teen says Trump is “attempting to ‘whitewash’ America.”

I wonder where he heard that from . . .

Van Jones whitelash

Does NBC really still believe the American people don’t see right through their intentions?

This video is yet another reason why more Americans are starting to believe that the media is the enemy of the people.

Watch the full NBC propaganda piece below:


  1. A message to the sponsors of programming on CBS, CNN, ABC, MSNBC & all the so-called news outlets. I and my family do not watch your networks, including your daily programming. A number of my friends and associates tell me the same thing. Your advertising does not reach our homes. Your loss

  2. This is not news it is indoctrination of children. It is the same thing that the state of California is doing in the text books of school children. people talk about Trump being a fascist, but it is the liberals that are doing the same thing that Hitler did with youth of Germany, and we all know how that turned out. We as good citizens MUST put a stop to these idiots, and their manipulative workings on the youth of our nation. If we allow this the children of this country will grow to be even more twisted than the liberal pricks are now.

  3. I am absolutely awe struck that a one-time authentic news agency such as NBC actually created this for broadcast. That they should be embarrassed is a given, but they aren’t and that’s the real shame.

  4. This is testimony as to how low the biased media will stoop to disparage Trump and support the liberal left. Disgraceful!

  5. Obviously a very scripted message. Is this all because those in D.C., including the media, think only they know the answers to all our problems (if so, why haven’t they done something about it) or is it because President Trump can’t possibly know how to do the job and they are hell bent to prove it. That might happen if the R’s in congress don’t get their act together, work as a team and support the President

  6. Thank you, NBC, for helping me to trust you even less now. You have used young children to propagate your political bias. You apparently created the words the kids used or you searched for a few with the message you wanted people to hear. Already, my wife and I were not watching your news shows and other programs on your network and this helps us to see we made a good choice. When will you turn from your political bias and start being an unbiased organization that supports fairness, goodness, and reports the news without such clear judgment against anyone who does not think as you? Your organization should realize that what you are doing is not right and someone(s) within the organization should make all efforts to change your entire reporting of news as is currently being done.

  7. It is childish, embarrassing for the people that participate in this type of propaganda and unAmerican for the “fake news” to show such disrespect for the President of the United States of America. He was voted into office by the law of our country fair and square and now all the immature people that doesn’t like it are stomping their feet and screaming for it to change, like a baby wanting his pacifier. I can’t understand how all of these Hollywood rich people and radical leftist can put their minds around Obama doing the country right. He put our great country into the biggest mess ever in my life. In all my years and I am old, I have NEVER seen Americans burning down their own towns, fighting police, demonizing police, or race relations as bad as they are today. Immigrants are taking over some of our towns and jobs. If Hollywood is so open to all this let’s bus all of these immigrants with felonies or other charges to THEIR NEIGHBORHOODS and let them kill and rape their kids and families. But they all have fences and walls around their property ” well surprise surprise…fences…walls… oh no”. They are so far from the actual situations it is easy to “preach”. Sorry so long but all of this craziness is mind boggling to me.

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