Fani Willis could be headed to jail after she made this crucial mistake

The tables have been turned on Fulton County DA Fani Willis.

Now she’s the one who’s in the hot seat.

And Fani Willis could be headed to jail after she made this crucial mistake.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ life is in shambles after her improper relationship with Nathan Wade was exposed.

She faces disqualification in her criminal case against former President Donald Trump and 14 of his allies for contesting Georgia’s 2020 Election results for hiring Wade to serve as a special prosecutor.

Wade was paid more than $600,000 in taxpayer money for his work, which he allegedly used to pay for numerous vacations he took with Willis.

Now on top of being potentially disqualified from the Trump case, Willis and Wade are staring down a serious “legal problem” over their improper relationship according to Fox News legal editor Kerri Urbahn.

Willis’ former “good friend” Robin Bryant-Yeartie testified in the Fulton County DA’s disqualification hearing that Willis and Wade began their romantic relationship in 2019.

That directly contradicts what Willis testified under oath in court.

Willis claimed that she and Wade “have been professional associates and friends since 2019” and that “there was no personal relationship” between them when she appointed him special prosecutor in November 2021.

Wade filed for divorce from his wife one day after he got the contract for Willis to serve as a special prosecutor on the Trump case.

Fox News Media contributor Leo Terrell – a civil rights lawyer – said that Bryant-Yearties’s stunning testimony could lead to Willis being disqualified.

“I completely agree with Leo Terrell that the witness testimony this morning, saying that their relationship began long before they said it did in a court filing, would be grounds for disqualification if it’s true,” Urbahn explained. “And not only disqualification, Emily, but also it’s a legal problem for them, as you just mentioned, you know, to lie in a court filing. That’s a crime.”

Willis also could have committed the serious crime of perjury if she lied under oath about when her romantic relationship with Wade began.

Urbahn said that Republican state lawmakers in Georgia have uncovered numerous witnesses willing to come forward and testify about the romantic relationship between Wade and Willis.

“If you have a witness testifying that a relationship began long before when they said it did in a court filing, it’s a big problem,” Urbahn said. “I just think this is, at a minimum, this is a bad day for the Democrats’ lawfare campaign against Donald Trump.”

Urbahn went on to explain that Willis being disqualified would be a “game changer” for the Trump case because it is so “tainted by their behavior that it would need to move to a different venue.”

A new prosecutor might not decide to move forward with charges against Trump and his allies at all.

And Fani Willis’ improper relationship with Nathan Wade could be the downfall of her criminal case against Donald Trump.

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