Fani Willis dared a Judge to do one thing that could end the case against Trump

Fani Willis is plowing ahead with her tainted criminal prosecution against Donald Trump.

The Fulton County District Attorney isn’t backing down despite massive setbacks due to a sex scandal of Willis’ own making.

And now Fani Willis dared a Judge to do one thing that could end the case against Trump.

Fani Willis continues to make inappropriate public comments 

Willis made her first public comments since Judge Scott McAfee blinked and lacked the courage to disqualify her from the Trump 2020 election case on allegations she engaged in a self-dealing scheme by hiring her lover Nathan Wade as special prosecutor.

It’s clear from her public comments that Willis refuses to acknowledge she did anything wrong.

And now Willis is also doubling down on the behavior Judge McAfee found so troubling despite giving her a pass on disqualification.

At an event for WAVE (We All Value Excellence), Willis made politically-charged comments to Fox5 in Atlanta about the Trump case saying no other District Attorney would have the courage to prosecute Trump.

“There’s one District Attorney in the state and really around the country that has had the courage to do this, and she continues to do it,” Willis stated.

That’s false on the face of it, as Willis’ fellow Democrat prosecutors Alvin Bragg and Jack Smith also indicted Trump on made-up charges.

Willis added that the only reason she indicted Trump was because he supposedly broke the law. 

“The case landed in Fulton County, not by anything that I did, but by the actions of others, and when a case lands in my jurisdiction, that’s the end of that,” Willis added.

Willis invites Judge McAfee to issue a gag order 

Judge McAfee took the unprecedented step in his ruling to not disqualify Willis that it might be appropriate to issue an unheard of gag order on Willis after she smeared her critics as racist.

Prosecutors are supposed to do their speaking in court where the accused can test the evidence and cross-examine witnesses.

But Willis told CNN a “train” is coming down the tracks for Trump as she prepares to try and put him on trial before the election.

“I don’t feel like my reputation needs to be reclaimed. Let’s say, for the record, I’m not embarrassed by anything I’ve done,” Willis told CNN. “You know, I guess my greatest crime is I had a relationship with a man. But that’s not something that I find embarrassing in any way. And I know that I have not done anything that’s illegal.”

“All while that was going on, we were writing responsive briefs. We were still doing the case in the way that it needed to be done. I don’t feel like we’ve been slowed down at all. I do think that there are efforts to slow down this train, but the train is coming,” Willis concluded.

But if Willis continues her comments that the defense will argue prejudice the jury pool then Judge McAfee may end up with no choice but to throw the case out and declare a mistrial.

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