Fani Willis revealed some bad news in court that no one saw coming

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Fani Willis’ political persecution of Donald Trump took a shocking turn.

Democrats weren’t prepared for this.

And Fani Willis revealed some bad news in court that no one saw coming.

Fani Willis finally responded to Trump co-defendant Mark Roman’s bombshell court filing asking Judge Scott McAfee to disqualify her from the 2020 election case and throw out the charges against him.

Roman’s motion centered on allegations that Willis hired Nathan Wade to serve as special prosecutor in the Trump case after the two began having an affair.

The motion alleges that Wade used some of the $654,000 he billed Willis’ office to pay for kickbacks in the form of airline and cruise ship tickets for the couple to go on luxury vacations.

Willis never denied the allegations, and in her court response, she included a signed affidavit from Wade admitting to the affair.

But Wade tried to carefully word his answers by saying he never gave money back to Willis.

“In 2022, District Attorney Willis and I developed a personal relationship in addition to our professional association and friendship. I have no financial interest in the outcome of the 2020 election interference case or in the conviction of any defendant. No funds paid to me in compensation for my role as Special Prosecutor have been shared with or provided to District Attorney Willis,” Wade wrote.

But bank records from Wade’s divorce show he paid for airline tickets in Willis’ name.

Wade filed for divorce from his wife Joceyln one day after starting work as the special prosecutor on the Trump case.

Wade also never handled a case above a misdemeanor, which raised even more questions about why Willis would hire someone so unqualified to quarterback a criminal investigation into the President of the United States.

The answers to these questions seem obvious to many Americans, including Donald Trump.

In a post on Truth Social, Trump wrote that since Willis admitted her affair with Wade took place  while they worked the case and that records showed he met twice with the Biden White House Counsel – including one meeting three days after Trump announced his re-election campaign – the only option Judge McAfee had at his disposal was to throw this clearly politically-motivated case out.

“Fani Willis, the D.A. of Fulton County, just admitted to having a sexual relationship with the Prosecutor she, in consultation with the White House and DOJ, appointed to ‘GET PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP.’ By going after the most high level person, and the Republican Nominee, she was able to get her ‘lover’ much more money, almost a Million Dollars, than she would be able to get for the prosecution of any other person or individual. THAT MEANS THAT THIS SCAM IS TOTALLY DISCREDITED & OVER!” Trump wrote on Truth Social.

91 criminal charges aren’t hurting Donald Trump in the polls because the American people can see – as the Willis scandal proves – that these are sham indictments designed to generate headlines to hurt Trump and tie him down in court so he can’t be on the campaign trail.

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