FBI agent revealed the cover-up of the conspiracy against Trump is worse than you think

Peter Strzok’s testimony before Congress contained one bombshell after another.

But one stood out above all the rest.

Under pressure, Strzok admitted the cover up of the plot against Trump was worse than anyone imagined.

House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte grilled Strzok about his text messages on his personal phone with Lisa Page.

Goodlatte wanted to know if those messages between Strzok and ex-FBI agent Lisa Page were turned also over to Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

Strzok revealed they were not.

When asked why, Strzok said it was because the Department of Justice let him sift through the messages and Strzok decided none were relevant.

Breitbart reports on their exchange:

Rep. Goodlatte: Now, you and Ms. Page used personal phones and accounts to communicate. Have you turned over those communications to the Inspector General?

Strzok: No, sir.

Rep. Goodlatte: If not, why not?

Strzok: Sir, they asked, and working with my attorney, the Inspector General and I arranged an agreement where I would go through my personal accounts and identify any material that was relevant to FBI business and turn it over. It was reviewed. There was none. And in my understanding the Inspector General was satisfied with that action.

The Inspector General’s report only reflects what Strzok wanted him to find out.

The text where Strzok informed Page that they would “stop” Trump was not initially turned over to Congress by the DOJ.

Horowitz found it on his own.

Who knows what devastating messages were withheld.

Hillary Clinton pulled the same stunt in her email investigation.

The FBI could not really determine the extent of her criminality because her lawyers combed through her messages and deleted anything deemed “personal.”

Strzok appears to have ripped a page from her playbook.