These FBI agents made shocking comments about Hillary Clinton

How close did Hillary Clinton come to facing criminal charges?

And can she still be held accountable for her wrongdoing?

The answer is yes if these FBI agents have their way.

FBI Director Comey announced last July that he would not recommend charges be brought against Hillary Clinton for using a private email server to mishandle classified intelligence.

Millions of Americans were outraged by the decision.

And that included some FBI agents.

The Daily Caller reports that some agents in the New York field office believed Clinton committed wrongdoing:

“FBI agents in the New York field office were rumored to have joked about seeing former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in handcuffs, Vanity Fair reports.

A former Department of Justice official told Vanity Fair a segment of the New York field office had a high a level of animosity towards Clinton. “It was widely understood that there was a faction in that office that couldn’t stand her and was out to get her,” he continued to Bethany McLean.

McLean elaborated that the level of acrimony towards Clinton in the New York field office may have been so high, FBI Director James Comey placed the bulk of the Clinton investigation in Washington, D.C.

The anecdote fits with widespread reports of internal FBI dissatisfaction with the July 2016 decision not to prosecute Clinton for illegally using a private email server to conduct official State Department business.”

The FBI agents’ distaste of the Clintons arose from the belief by some in the Bureau that she should have been prosecuted.

The Daily Caller also reports:

“It is safe to say the vast majority felt she should be prosecuted,” a high-level FBI official told FoxNews in the wake of the decision. The FBI official continued, “We were floored while listening to the FBI briefing because Comey laid it all out, and then said ‘but we are doing nothing,’ which made no sense to us.”

Former FBI assistant director of the Criminal Investigative Division also told McLean, “there was tremendous frustration about the notion that someone [like Clinton] could carelessly traffic in very sensitive material and walk away unscathed, arrogantly walk away and wait for her coronation.”

Another official intimately involved in the investigation elaborated to Fox, “no trial level attorney agreed, no agent working the case agreed, with the decision not to prosecute — it was a top-down decision.”

Retired FBI Agent Michael Biasello told the New York Post in October, “had myself or my colleagues engaged in behavior of the magnitude of Hillary Clinton, as described by Comey, we would be serving time in Leavenworth.”


  1. In the 2012 primary election, an incarcerated (in Texas) felon succeeded in getting his name on the West Virginia Democrat primary ballot. Although he was disqualified, he “won” the WV elector’s votes by getting more votes than Obama in the primary.

  2. I agree but I know that there are no time limits on what she did. They are investigation the Clinton Foundation for why else would they close the Clinton Global Initiative or the Hedge fund that Chelsa husband ran for there was one thing that was stated in the article it lost money and bill Clinton was shoring it up – interesting now they are closing it. When they do get to the foundation it will be Bill and Hillary as partners in crime!!! They so richly deserve it too!

  3. As a vet if I would have done half of what she did I would have been spending most of my life in prison making shoes for GI’s. her and her worthless husband are prime examples of the corrupt liberals. they all should be put behind bars

  4. Our country is being run just about the way Russia runs theirs and our freedom is slipping away, nobody seems to follow the law and finally finds a way out of it with money. This is what is happening now and must be corrected soon, if you break the law and found guilty your days are threw. The people that run the government should also obey the laws and follow the way the people do no, less; they should not get treated any different then the common people.

  5. Looks like Obama crew cannot get over that they lost the election, they should be investigated and should be charged if charged. It is possible Obama might of been born in another country, and being swift by doing things just before he had completed his assignment since some of the things doesn’t look good and the Way they were done. I voted for him but surly changed my mind because of the tricky ways he done things. This country is got be straightened out quick, and should not handle it like they are doing.

  6. How I would love to be a juror in her trial. Unfortunately I don’t think it is going to happen. Both she and her philandering husband both belong in prison. The perfect location for them would be the same cell for 10 to 20!

  7. She really needs to be charged, arrested, and tried per the current laws on the books and to show that Lady Justice does indeed wear a blind fold for equal justice under the law. Perhaps this will finally convince the democrats that the Clintons are not good people and that anyone from any political or economic position that violates the laws is not immune to the laws of the land.

  8. There’s a 1938 Errol Flynn movie, Robin Hood. Early in the film there’s a parody of the way government works – and it’s oh, so true… It’s also a very entertaining movie, worth watching.

  9. She Hillary, is not above the law. She Chou. R prosocut. I am starting to believe the Democratic party nerds to be investigated


  10. How about murder charges, and/or complicity along with felony election fraud profiteering – -from the time “slick” was governor of Arkansas? Just to name a few.

  11. We the people are used by this government as the biggest fools of any country. They are all corrupt and we haven’t enough sense to figure it out, after all these years. The New World Order, just think about how stupid that is. The Media is just as corrupt as the government. Look at what they are doing to our President, that they failed to do about all the Laws broken during the Obama administration. If our people do not wake up to the lies and manipulations going on. Then we will never get our country back from what Obama has done to America.

  12. Get over Hillsry. We now have greater problem with Obama and his shadow government trying to overthrow the government of the USA. THIS IS A SEDITIOUS ACT, being ignored by our congressional leaders, by our police, and by our military. Worse yet, George Soros in funding this movement using out tax dollars in the process. The problem now is that we have criminals working to defeat us shat are smarter than the Electorate that are supposed to defend us.

  13. why do you think Obama and his cohort’s are trying to ruin Jeff Sessions? To stop any further investigation into Hillary’s emailing classified info on an un secure server. Obama was also communicating to then secretary of state Clinton on the same un secure server. There’s still much to uncover pertaining to Hillary’s illegal un secure server while she was secretary of state!

  14. You have the FBI agents ready to do their jobs and you have James Comey running interference. You have the NYPD officers ready to do their jobs and commissioner James O’Neill blocking them. Seems to me the solutions is simple. 2 JOBS should be immediately vacant an open to someone who is willing to make sure the laws are upheld. Politics be damned!


  16. She is the face and the embodiment of evil. In addition to her direct government evil, she had 57 people murdered.

  17. I was hoping to see her charged as well. She thumbed her nose at all the voters and got away with it. Hang is to good for her.

  18. It just shows the disdain the elites have for the American people. Of course the type of people who would vote for Hillary would have voted for even if she was behind bars, so…

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