The FBI Director made this shocking admission about Hillary’s emails

Liberals have pitched a six month hissy fit over FBI Director James Comey’s decision to publically reveal 11 days before the election that the FBI had reopened the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information on her private email server.


  1. Hello, big PINK ELEPHANT in this story is the unanswered question!
    If an outsider covering up a crime is committing a crime, ISN’T FBI INSIDER JAMES Comey and DOJ AG’s WHO HELPED Comey cover up INSIDER crimes of the Obama staff A HUGE CRIME – ESPECIALLY SINCE they were SUPPOSED TO BE A SHINING EXAMPLE OF OUR JUDICIAL SYSTEM, NOT MAKING A MOCKERY OF IT? Why has there been no special counsel investigaton of it, not even after the IG’s reported crimes committed by the corrupt departments, but even the new FBI director, nor the FISC top judge has asked for an investigation of it, but apparently are still attempting to cover up the corruption by proposing some new training sessions (with many of the corrupt lawyers still in the departments) and some new rules for the corrupt lawyers to ignore and break. Every lawyer involved in the corruption should have been fired, arrested, prosecuted and disbarred.
    Instead these same corrupt lawyers, who were all involved in the stop Trump – throw the election to Hillary – Crossfire Hurricane – Rosenstein/Mueller fishing expedition – House fishing expedition and shampeachment coup attempt were encouraged to waste more treasury funds and waste more of their time on the federal payroll in this criminal coup attempt by investigating Trump/Russia collusion after they already knew there was none. No American should ever denigrate any other nation’s government, no matter how corrupt and criminal they may be.
    In a recent interview re her proposed pod cast program Hillary herself said a lot of the administration was communicating with her on it. Huma Abedin also said at the time that Obama himself had been communicating with her on it and knew aboutit from day the first day – despite the fact he lied and said he found out about it the same time we deplorables did.
    As for this Comey revealing that classified government information was forwarded to then disgraced pedophile Anthony Weiner, look up what the FBI did with that. The only thing I found was they talked to her and decided she may not have known she was involved in a crime. IMO, FBI Director Comey probably gave her the possible excuse that the government copier was creating problems at the time for the illegal forwarding of goverment material to his personal laptop, and closed the case without any real investigation because it would also involve other Obama administration officials.
    Next question is did FBI Director Comey actually go through the evidence the NYPD turned over to him from Wiener’s confiscated laptop? If he did, why didn’t he launch an investigation into the alleged pedophile snuffing video on it that had seasoned seasoned NYPD staff watching it crying and throwing up. This is another even worse crime cover up. Could it be some truth to allegations that Comey has that skeleton in his own closet? Was that the real cause of his being fired?
    Fellow Americans are we going to tolerate gross evidence of corruption inside the top judicial agencies of the CIA, FBI, DOJ being committed and repeatedly covered up and no one being held accountable?

  2. As they say, “Hell hath no fury….”.
    That’s it. That’s all I’ve got.

  3. Hillary and her comrades are a toxic gaggle. Hillary, she may whine about losing but that’s her and her Klans’ way of dealing with the truth; throw a hissy-fit, bite, scream but most importantly lie. Hillary should be indicted but it will never come to pass; Hillary has been enabled throughout her career by the judiciary and those enablers throughout the government and its agencies.

  4. The time has come that I would like to see these people that think they are above the law, The Clinton family, Obama and hig whole cabinet that have lied to the American people being and heads of the IRS and Comey be tried, convicted and placed in jail. We need to see justice done, it’s about time.

  5. The Clintons have run a con on America for 20 years. The latest and most major breach of law is not the worst but close. I do not think the all of the FBI will mysteriously commit suicide in the next year. Certainly those that don’t will proceed. The Clintons criminal enterprise needs to be stopped. Now they have billions of charity money to bribe people. It is hard to pay taxes when the biggest crooks do not have to.

  6. Time to really drain the swamp!! All the people that get away with crap,money and call everything fair ,need a wake-up !!!No wonder nothing happens in the USA !!! Fill the jails !!

  7. There is already way more than enough evidence to indict Hillary – its time to see the law enforced. It doesn’t matter how big and ugly and complicated the situation may be, its time. And if it includes Comey and Lynch and Osama Obama – our laws include them as well.

  8. He was also pressured to do so by the NYPD. They are the ones who seized that computer and found the information that Wiener kept on that computer – derogatory files against the Clintons in case they “ever came after him”. I’ve read that the NYPD also said that if charges were not brought in a timely manner they would go public with that information. I know Hillary and Bill feel they can control the NYPD through DeBlasio and commissioner O’Neill. Hopefully the real NYPD will stand their ground.

  9. If Clinton had not lied, cheated, and performed fraud and then tried to cover it all up, much less write about it in emails, there would have been nothing for Comey to report. This is all on Clinton and no body else. Comey did his job just as Lady Justice wears a blindfold, not throwing nor giving punches. Both Clintons should be ashamed of themselves, but of course shame is not even an emotion or word that either of them know.

  10. Clearly a felony had been committed not only by Hillary, but others on her team as well!
    Comey has admitted as much yet he failed to carry it through to recommendation for a much deserved indictment not only once, but twice! Failure to do so certainly provided Hillary protection from prosecution which the evidence certainly calls for! Justice demands that this be carried through to completion even if it results in incarceration for a bunch of political criminals. Comey shouldn’t be let off either! He effectively obstructed justice that the American people deserve!

    Yes, I know that he faces great danger, but that’s the cost of doing business with any of the Clintons as a long line of people have learned the hard way.

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