The FBI Director never expected to have this massive problem on his hands

Former FBI Director James Comey has a huge problem.


  1. How can anyone believe anything that comes out of the Obama administration. Seems to me they have lied, cheated, committed slander, fraud, pay-to-play, diverted millions of tax payer $$$ to organizations and for nefarious schemes to omit telling the truth.

  2. PRESIDENT TRUMP IS working hard to repair the damage done by TRAITOR Muslim Obama and his administration! ,,Muslim Obama AND Hitlery Clinton both deserve THE DEATH PENALTY!

  3. You are CORRECT! FIRE THEM ALL! Hillary Clinton and MUSLIM TRAITOR Obama belong in PRISON awaiting their EXECUTION FOR mega THEFT and murders and TREASON awaiting their EXECUTION! THEY deserve THE DEATH PENALTY!

  4. So why are we wasting time and money on this disgruntled, fired employee? Why are we wasting even more time and money on a special investigation? Oh, that’s right, it’s these self-serving politicians who are trying to wag the dog.

  5. If this is true and Comey lied about it – then this is his third instance of perjury- Strike Three You’re out – or in this case You’re In – Jail.

  6. In the words of Pontius Pilate, (John 18:38) ““What is truth?” retorted Pilate. …” In comrade commie comey’s case, truth is whatever he says it is.

  7. Several felonies already committed by Comey, he must go to jail. The fake Russian collusion is a proven farce concocted by Democrats – shut it down now, its a waste of tax dollars. Prosecute Lynch next

  8. Like every other ASSosiate of the Clinton’s he is a liar and in it to bring the Trump Administration down. They all have broken the law and should be in prison

  9. I believe James Comey has just again revealed that He is A self serving Crook , who is very willing to lie to serve his own agenda!

  10. Comey is a “bought & paid for” Clinton Whore, he’s been “In the Tank” for many years, compromised to the hilt. Goes way back, and he should go to Jail for that “memo” he leaked.

  11. If President Trump doesn’t fulfill his promise to “drain the swamp” by getting rid of all of Obama’s cronies, then he is hurting not only himself, he is placing Americans at risk of having Obama possibly attempting to reclaim his “throne”!!!

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