The FBI Director’s dark past came back to bite him

There is one figure at the center of the Deep State conspiracy against Donald Trump.

It’s the FBI Director.

And his dark past just came back to haunt him.



  1. I think the whole FBI should be under investigation! They are all part of the swamp maybe the whole department needs to be replaced or removed whatever needs to be done I mean look at the Las Vegas coverup? WTF is going on with that why is this Russia investigation still going on with NO evidence as of yet! And why isn’t this Uranium deal under investigation with all this evidence swirling around the obamas and Clintons? Esp with the undercover FBI agent willing to talk about the 6 years of evidence on that! Etc,etc,etc, drain that swamp!

  2. You are right, sadly so many in D.C. still have a death grip on their remaining power. These swamp creatures only care about their power, not serving the people that elected them. Here lies the problem, people look at their creature and say, well they do their districts great without realizing that’s the problem. They all band together, eat out of special interest handlers and push bad law’s, bad policy and enrich themselves at the expense of all of us. The acting FBI Director should resign or be fired. Failure to follow his oath is grounds for dismissal, period.

  3. How considering the circumstances regarding Mueller, Comey and McCabe, did they end up appointing Mueller? I never understood who and how he got appointed!! Does the Chief of Staff Kelly have any power to stop this on going Russia scenario? Even N. Gingrich didn’t get it. There are so many crimes that have been committed, between all of Obama’s’ appointees, H.C. and her victims with all of her other crimes as S of S. It is beyond mind blowing. And if the public began to know the truth behind John McCain; a traitor and criminal himself, they would never believe his involvement in all of this. It would take anyone 1/2 hour on the internet to find out his connections to George Soros and the Muslim Brotherhood and deep ties to the Democrats. He demonstrated that clearly the other night as he was the decisive vote to keep OB CARE alive; barely, as he gave the finger to all Americans, especially to the ones’ in Arizona who have had their premiums increase over 100%, when his intent was to say F you to Donald Trump; as he was on to him. The day of his aneurysm, was a result of him refusing to open the door to the FBI and they broke the door and hit is head.. He then discovered he had cancer. A bit of information the news media never shared with us. McCain is behind so much of the ” Resistance” and if you were watching the vote the other night as he was laughing with the Democrats he said I quote, ” Now lets see if Trump can make America Great Again now” !! I heard him. He is sick, full of vengeance for Trump and hatred. He got caught and now he will go down as a traitor with a net worth of over 50 million, instead of a war hero. He only hurt himself and all of the people who voted for him… Good reddens.. Will it ever end. How did we get here!!!!

  4. They are all there for a reason…true colors are just that…true colors…even I who is color blind can see that….LOL

  5. Fire McCabe now so he can’t cause more damage. Fire Mueller and fire Rosenstein.
    Now, the swamp smells better and looks cleaner!


  7. And the swamp is being drained from all these evil doers….Little by little one by one…they will go down…

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