The FBI was hiding one strange secret about the Russia investigation

The FBI’s involvement in the Russia investigation has smelled fishy from the start.

Critics contend it was the work of anti-Trump partisans at the highest levels of the FBI.

And they admitted to hiding one terrible secret.

The Fusion GPS Russia dossier has been shredded.

Leakers are planting stories in the media trying to downplay its importance.

The latest example was a David Ignatius column in the Washington Post.

Ignatius was fed information from a Deep State source at the Bureau who tried to feed him the idea that the dossier played no real role in starting the investigation.

But in the process of trying to downplay the dossier – which the media will often try to falsely claim has been largely corroborated – Ignatius’ source revealed a startling tidbit.

The FBI was sharing information with Christopher Steele – the ex-British intelligence agent who put the fake news dossier together.

One FBI agent met with Steele in Rome on October 1 – just 5 weeks before Election Day – and provided him inside information about the investigation.

Ignatius writes:

“The FBI was now very interested. Based on the Australian account, knowledgeable sources say, the bureau requested another meeting with Steele to dig deeper. That encounter took place around Oct. 1 in Rome with Steele’s old FBI contact. At this meeting, the FBI official asked Steele if he had ever heard of Papadopoulos, according to an official familiar with the meeting. Steele hadn’t.”

Ignatius source admits the Bureau was providing information to Steele while at the same time Steele was shopping his dossier to the press.

Who knows what other privileged information the FBI turned over to Steele that could have ended up in the media.

The deeper everyone digs into the FBI’s Russia investigation the more it stinks.

Do you agree?

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  2. I have said for a long time this whole lash up was going to windup hurting the Dems more than anything they have had to deal with. People that have viewed the current evidence said this will shake D.C. to it’s very core and this is just 30% of what the Inspector General has. This ignorance on the Obama-Clinton Crime Cartel’s part could have thrown the entire nation into a Constitutional crisis and the way partisan behavior has been running the last year could have caused wide spread violence. All involved in this no matter who they are should be tried and sentenced to the maximum law will allow as an example of what happens when you threaten our Republic. No Club Fed FPC for the criminals, a behind the razor wire USP.

  3. My BIG question is “How Long Can the Democrats Keep This Under Wraps”?? If the complete TRUTH ever gets out, they may NEVER recover.

    • We can hope they never recover and they’re done. They’ve done almost if not irreparable harm to the USA. Hopefully people are seeing these dolts and traitors for what they really are, thieves and traitors. There’s so much more but i don’t have the time and energy to waste on this issue thay keeps festering like toenail fungus or to put it more blatantly, like a boil or carbuncle on Americas ass!

  4. Let’s be honest here…..this whole government shutdown is the Dems effort to distract from the dossier bombshell that is about to explode……it IS bigger than Watergate and will have a major discrediting of the Democratic Party!!!!

    • Dear Matthew: we can all hope this will be the death knell for the ‘dumbocraps’.These wrthless ‘obstructionists are hell bent on turning the USA into a third world entity and it seems they’ll do anything and everytghing to do it. American voters remember this: The June mid term elections are the next golden opportunity to continue the ‘dumbocrap’ purge. Time to get rid of ALL of them, no exceptions. Bottom line, ajk tourself this question: have these so called public servants done anything to improve your lives, really what have they done? God help the USA if these traitors keep being elected and reelected. For those too lazy to do due diligence on the candidates and just vote willy nilly for these thieves, do yourself and all the rest of thinking Americans a big favor and don’t waste your time and vote, please!

      • At the same time, get rid of the rest of the libs and rinos; we need to drive for “term limits” and VOTE OUT all incumbents who have served more than two terms and are NOT doing the job we asked them to do! It sickens me to read comments, from people who “refuse to vote”, simply because they decided they did not “personally” like which ever candidate– makes me wonder if they never heard if “write-in votes”?

    • I believe it reaches far more than the FBI. If they lied to the FISA judge then why have we heard nothing from her? We have judges who are part of this and god knows how far up it goes! This has just begun!

  5. I wouldn’t dignify Andrew Lavarone with a response. #1…he’s on the WRONG blog! #2…he has no sense of RIGHT! Leave him to his own moral LOW ground devices…a total waste of time and GOOD energy!

  6. FBI (Fuller Brush Salesmen?) To damn many people are lawyers, basis to be an agent. Lawyers are taught how to lie in law school. mock court. It is not an honorable calling. I won’t call it a profession. Congress men and Senators should only come from regular people. No law back ground, that is what the Supreme Court is there for, to be sure laws passed are correct. I’m getting off point. KBG had nothing on the FBI. Hell FBI couldn’t get LBJ for killing Kennedy. I have no respect for FBI, nada, “O”.

  7. I say fire them all and hire new people to do their job. And end they wasting of tax payer money. America has a debt to pay off and we keep wasting money on stupid investigations that no one will ever be prosecuted, JUST LIKE WATER GATE!

  8. How many copies of the dossier existed? Who had them? Have they ALL been shredded and WHEN? THESE QUESTIONS MUST BE ASKED IMMEDIATELY.

  9. I say deport all that is not a U.S citizen the Dems say there is only 800,000 try more like 3 to 4 Million get them out they have no rights so when they protest in the streets round them up and get them the hell out and it’s funny all that said they move out the country if Trump won not one of them assholes moved out the country that goes to show all talk no action lol and if a dem reads this and don’t like it go outside and scream at the sky lol ???? smdh smdh Dems are over if you are a Dem than move to another country and let soros be your president lol smdh yes cuz that’s who helps the very dum Democrat also trump did more his first yr than Onumbnuts whole 8 yrs lol ???? and you can’t argue with that’ lol smdh ???? I say to all you dum Dems you should all get together and on the count of 3 all you crying assholes scream as loud as you can up at the sky lol smdh lol ???? I will never talk to another dum Democrat again they are way to stupid to see what the hell is going on

  10. Maybe they should send a good police department to solve this case – when they are through the FBI can swoop in for the photo ops and take credit.

    • Well, at least those lower level FBI that weren’t involved in the scheme… far as I am concerned, the FBI has lost all credibility with me and they should be in prison along with Hillary, Bill, and all of the top Dem party. Their actions have tainted the entire FBI organization!

  11. Everyone who put together this dossier full of lies should go to jail. Including all who were stupid enough to take it as absolute truth and obtain the warrant to spy on Trump. The issuing judge should be removed.

  12. IT IS common knowledge “obammie” wanted to shred the Constitution, just as his liberal minions are still trying to do; if the current leadership wants to restore confidence in the federal government; they will ignore the complaints of race [pertaining to America’s first ALMOST BLACK potus], and make them serve their time for corruption.

  13. Pick up Christopher Steele, Bruce Ohr, Bruce Genesoke, Nellie Hauke Ohr, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Glenn Simpson, and Bill Priestap and give them all a vacation at the sunny confines in Guantanamo Bay. A few weeks of enhanced interrogation will loosen their tongues and information gathered will help investigators climb the food chain. Ally Yates, Andrew McCabe, Loretta Lynch, and James Comey will soon be added to list of guests at Guantanamo Bay Luxury Resort. Make sure we have rooms available for James Clapper and others. It will get a little crowded, but at least the truth will finally come to the light of day. Obama should be the final and most permanent invitee.

  14. It is time for a thorough investigation of the FBI and DOJ of the Obama White House. It is obvious that there is bias and fraud in their actions and people should be held accountable and prosecuted perties involved from the DNC should also be investigated and dealt with accordingly. The special prosecutor and sham investigation into Russia and the Trump needs to stop and focus needs to be on the actions of all who are involved in this expensive boondoggle. Where is Jeff Sessions and do we need make changes in leadership of the DOJ?

  15. Thank God we still have many civil servants remaining in the FBI & DOJ. Any of them that are true patriots should come forward with any information they have and be willing to share it with the Congress I also committes.

  16. The biggest joke of all is that Comey is set to teach a course at William and Mary college about “Ethical Leadership”. This whole episode in America is like a SNL skit. #MAGA

    • What does Comey know about ethical leadership? He should come to me and I would tutor him. Comey is just one more pawn in the Clinton crime cartel. Every day he walks free is an ofence to our people.

  17. I have no confidence in the FBI. I think this corruption goes all the way up to the former President. It is frightening. I hope they will all be sent to jail.

    • Why keep paying for these TRAITORS to live, I say they have all committed TREASON and should face the punishment they deserve, DEATH

      • That’s it, most of the assholes are still on the government dole and drawing bigger salaries
        than any of us ever will. I’m betting none of them will ever serve a day behind bars. If any
        get jail time it will be the lowest one who we have never heard of.

    • Most of the agents in the field are good hard working. It is the leadership that is corrupt. Until this group of traitors is locked up, we will have no justice.

    • Are you kidding me?
      Why he knew nothing. Nothing I tell you. His brilliant mind was busy contemplating the universe and his role in it.
      Why, Barack Hussein Obama is just now hearing about all of this on the news, just like you and I do.
      Why, obama would never ever ever ever break any law. He’s the only one in Washington DC who is innocent. He knew nothing. Nothing. I tell you, nothing.


    • Methinks this goes much deeper than any of us realize, also I believe this has been in
      process much much longer than we cand guess.

  19. Once a Federal Bureaucrat shows that his/her political ideologies are impacting their ability to do their jobs in an unbiased manner; they should be gone – not reassigned just gone! I don’t care whether they lean left or right – gone!

  20. This is a criminal act and FBI agents will be seeing jail time by using their power against the President of the United States to create a trumped up story. No pun intended!

  21. Just more dirty smarmy Obama-holdovers Deep State BULLsh*t! Shredded dossier? No matter. Kittykat is OUT and purring away. The FISA Court has already admitted that the dossier was used, in part, to spy on Trump and his campaign. A dossier PAID for by the DNC, by Crooked Hillary herself, and by certain (TBD) FBI insiders…Comey the Master Leaker? the Andy McCabe and Strzok ‘insurance policy’? Even the FISA Court judge who issued the warrant to spy on Trump got snookered…and KNOWS it…HELL to pay when the dirty rats are fingered. DOT DOT DOT…connect ’em. Follow the $$$. It is so OBVIOUS! In the meantime, a circus act of jumping thru hoops costing taxpayers MILLIONS. Shameful idiocy.

    • Confidence in the hard-working field agents…yes! The few rotten apples who think they’re bullet-proof will be exposed and dealt with.

    • The end result will be well worth the time and energy. Shocking evidence will go from Congress to Trump then the American people. And it promises to SHOCK…

  22. The question burning in my mind is, why was the dossier shredded? Did it provide the proof that was needed to declare Trump innocent of collusion? Yes, this DEFINITELY smells fishy to me!!

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