These are the top five reasons Roger Goodell should get fired from the NFL

Anti-American NFL anthem “protests” are spiraling out-of-control.

The NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell could stop them if he dared to enforce fines for players who refuse to stand and honor our nation’s flag.

But these five reasons show that Roger Goodell is hardly qualified to manage a 7-11, forget a billion-dollar industry like the NFL.

1) Weak Leadership

The NFL Commissioner could have nipped these anthem protests in the bud by fining or suspending Colin Kaepernick when this all began during the 2016 preseason.

Yes, Kaepernick was a favorite cause among the liberal media. But he was a backup quarterback and enforcing NFL rules would have only caused a momentary backlash.

And quite frankly, it wouldn’t have been a surprise.

The NFL routinely fines or threatens to punish players for all sorts of things that could be considered “speech,” like wearing eye-black that includes messages that aren’t league approved.

Running back DeAngelo Williams even received a fine for honoring breast cancer awareness after his mother passed away from the disease. The Dallas Cowboys were prevented from wearing a decal on their helmets to show support for police after officers were gunned down in 2016.

Yet Roger Goodell sits on his hands while NFL players trash the country that’s made them so rich.

The saddest thing is that it took the President of the United States to make the point that these protests needed to stop. It never should have come this far.

2) Caring more about players than his customers

Roger Goodell’s failure to act only shows he cares more about what his own rich athletes think than the fans that make the NFL profitable.

His response to the NFL attacked President Trump for being “divisive.” Goodell was never concerned about how player protests might divide fans or alienate them.

His concern is only that NFL players who dishonor America don’t feel alienated!

TV networks rushed to join in, refusing to show fans that booed players, walked out or held signs telling off anthem protesters.

NFL ratings are falling. DirecTV is offering refunds for those who cancel NFL Sunday Ticket (as Renewed Right’s editor did last Sunday afternoon). At least one sponsor has pulled out.

Slapping your customers in the face is no way to run a business anywhere but into the ground.

3) Believing the liberal media is representative of Americans nationwide

NFL advertisers apparently know more about the fan base than NFL brass surrounding Roger Goodell.

Pickup trucks, beer, and investment companies . . . they’re serving up red meat to the central core of the NFL’s base.

Does the NFL think liberals are driving around on dirt roads in pickup trucks? Do they really think Black Lives Matter cares what the towing capacity of a vehicle is?

If Goodell thinks the liberal mainstream media that’s infatuated with NFL protests will be around once he alienates the traditional pro football fans by embracing the league-wide anthem protests, he’s lost his mind.

4) Refusal to insist players to “make their point” some other way

Most Americans are open-minded. We don’t mind political debate.

We’re willing to listen to opposing points of views and have discussions provided there’s a level of respect and the feeling that both sides are truly willing to work together.

That’s the entire problem with anthem “protests.”

Colin Kaepernick and his backers apparently never wanted an issue debated because their first step was to throw the country under the bus. It was to disrespect our anthem and our flag (and he said so!). In short, they’re showing they dislike our country – the country that so many have fought and died to protect.

How can anyone trust anthem protestors to want to make America better if we can’t believe they even like it?

If NFL players wanted to make whatever point they’re trying to get across some other way, then maybe we could talk. But NFL players apparently aren’t interested in that

5) He still hasn’t learned his lesson

Roger Goodell and the NFL are hemorrhaging viewers and fans.

The longer this madness goes on, the more money the NFL will lose.

Yet Roger Goodell apparently has no strategy for dealing with any of this.

He still doesn’t recognize that Americans are tired of having politics shoved into their face.

And the longer this goes on, the more damage it will do to the NFL.

Yet there appears no end in sight.

So what’s Roger Goodell’s biggest failure?

Answer in the comments below!

Nearly 20,000 Renewed Right readers have made their voices heard that pro football fans should boycott the NFL until these anti-American “protests” stop.

If you’re skipping out on football today, send us a picture of what you’ll be doing instead to

We’ll review our reader responses and may post an article including some of our favorites next week!



  1. In the words of Mike Ditka, “adios to the commish and the players who all the players who disrespect our flag and country”. I hear that if they go to Europe they will make in a lifetime what the make in one or two games in the NFL.

  2. Rules were made and meant to email followed just like the laws are. If you beak the law your punished. If football players break the rules their punishment should be Gather your things and GO your no longer playing on this Team. This Team honors America and it’s Flag.

    • Agreed ! Since when in America we do NOT stand for our National Anthem or Flag!!!
      You say U love R Flag, Country & the Military Service Men so what is your reason to do it during the very thing that gives U the right to protest to further divide this country???
      You make no sense….so put your Country first or….Please leave, we do NOT respect your Non-Patriot behavior. President Trump is right again, if U can NOT fulfill your NFL contract….UR Fired, get the hell out!!!
      the America I knew was patriotic and proud, not ashamed and turning to globalism instead. The American flag was allowed anywhere in this country, not banned from schools, people’s home or mailboxes. It wasn’t trampled upon or defaced without repercussions. Everyone stood for the playing of the National Anthem, because it stood for something good and great and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited by every kid in school.

  3. The nfl has just dug it’s own grave. The nfl owners will not be given any more money from the tax payers. When we give them money to build new stadiums and make improvement, they keep all of the profits and pay nothing back. NO MORE. NO nfl.

  4. This guy is such a jerk. No question he is a liberal democrat and bows to the political correct group. The league needs to replace him

  5. Put sportsmanship back into sports and leave politics out of it. Disrespect for our flag and country cannot be tolerated in the sports arena. Players may have the right to protest, but only on their own time, not our time. If they genuinely hate our country, they should leave the US and go to some other country that suits them. At one time, players were considered hero’s and role models to our younger generation. No more. Now just self centered idiots.

  6. This is not politics. It really isn’t about freedom of speech. This is a group of private citizens revolting against the duly constituted government and laws of the United States of America. Not so many years ago such a revolt would have been considered treasonous, the perpetrators would have been arrested, tried and, if convicted, hung by the neck until dead. Because judgement and punishment for a crime is delayed, the heart of the criminal element is emboldened.

  7. This is not politics. It really isn’t about freedom of speech. This is a bunch of private citizens revolting against the duly constituted government and laws of the United States of America. Not so many years ago such a revolt would have been considered treasonous, the perpetrators would have been arrested, tried and, if convicted, hung by the neck until dead. Because judgement and punishment for a crime is delayed, the heart of the criminal element is emboldened.

    • You are exactly RIGHT!
      If there are NO consequences then there is NO reason to STOP!
      If any of this were tried when BHO was in office you would have been immediately prosecuted and jailed, etc!

  8. Kotoc is correct but he missed one thing… Liberals don’t care about rules or laws, only the ones they make. Look at CA for instance, they are constantly flaunting the disrespect of federal law.

    • You are spot on except liberals is appearing to be fascist who show up for town meetings not belonging to the community.
      They should be considered terrorist when they cover their faces and begin acts of violence. At which point they should be shot down as terrorist.

  9. Who has the right to disrespect the flag? That’s and easy one no one absolutely no one if your a legal resident of this country, which leaves a debate for another time legal resident. My father served in the Navy in World war2 I served in the Marines Vietnam Vet. Our family always honored the flag and what it stands for. I was always a Pittsburgh Steelers fan for years going back to Bobby Layne or John Henry Johnson when they played the game they loved not only for the compensation, recognition, and love of the game. I understand those days are long gone, and like me I am long gone as a Steelers fan.

    • Harry I’m on the other side of the state “GO EAGLES” I serve in the Army and when I look at the NFL it make me sick to see this business run like from someone who a big over pay axxxole. I will not watch the NFL again until he’s gone. Super Bowl good bye.

  10. President Trump now needs to decree that no professional athlete who has, is or does kneel during the anthem or around the flag presentation will not be eleigibke to represent the US in any Olympic game in their sport.
    These snowflake millionaire athletes are not representative of good citizens and should not be given a world stage. So I guess our Olympic basketball team will not have Stephen Curry or the other overpaid players who kneel or protest President Trump!

    In some countries, their disrespectful actions could result in inprisnment or death.

  11. The players have the NFL, Owners and coaches right where they want them, PETRIFIED. Rather than consider the REVENUE side, which pays for EVERYTHING THEY DO, these BOZOS worry about the EXPENSE side, primarily the Players! The FANS pay ALL THE REVENUES, directly and indirectly, along with those who have no choice about paying, as we are taxed to pay, like it or not!

    They operate under the Neville Chamberlain school of diplomacy. Bribe the players and screw the ones paying the bill!

  12. IMO these guys have been spurred into this by the hypocritical liberal leftists once again trying to divide our nation! They are ticked off because they cheated so hard and still lost the election for the prime witch! Claiming to be protesting because of oppression when they are all millionaires is really a huge contradiction! Nothing about that at all..we are talking about disrespect of flag and anthem and they keep saying it is something else. That’s why we know it isn’t about their rights , it’s about them politicizing their race and having the audacity to slander whites! Screw them!

  13. What outrages me as much as their disrespecting the cuntry, is that we are subsidizing them. I am so outraged that we subsidize them and
    PBS. If they can’t stand on their own, too bad. They are disrespecting the people that subsidizes them. and we are almost 21 trillion dollars in debt.

    • The only hate you hear comes from the Left, what you hear from
      the right white is LOVE of country.
      Please re-insert your head back up your a s s, and breathe deeply –
      ahhhh yes the Obama fragrance is back. no hate Paul just the facts.

  14. Goodell has been a disgrace to the nfl long before protests started. The NFL seems to be nothing more than a rehabilitation program for thugs, druggies and hoodlums. It’s time for a change. Revive the “American” football league. Investigate Goodell for ties to anti American organizations.

  15. The double standard of GOODELL IS SICKENING. When Tim Tebow took a knee to say a prayer, he was fined by the NFL, but these players do and nothing happens? Oh wait, I get it, Tim Tebow is WHITE. Not afraid of a white man you cowardly POS. Goodell needs to be fired or quit. He does not know how to handle adults. THAT BIG PAYCHECK YOU GET HAS TO BE EARNED AND NOT JUST SPENT AND INVESTED. DO YOUR JOB!!! ALL THE TIME NOT JUST WHEN IT IS CONVENIENT FOR YOU.

    • He makes 45 million a year. He won’t quit and probably has an iron clad contract. I do agree he is way under qualified and over paid. All NFL rules should be enforced not just some at his choosing.

  16. Polotics and Sports DO NOT mix and it should NEVER, EVER be Displayed on or off the field or wherever they hold any Sport…. ALL SPORTS are meant for ENTERTAINMENT only and nothing more…
    The display of these players have shown is involving Poloitical and there is a RULE prohibiting this, but apparently the NFL, OWNERS, COMMISSIONER, etc….. choose to Ignore this….they ALL need to Fined, Fired or whatever it takes to OBIDE by the RULE in which they have…. Fines, Suspensions, Firing is done for many things, but they are not reacting to do anything about this….
    Enforce your own RULE !

  17. I am not sure I would want those nfl football protesters in the army. They would probably turn and run the other way or join the enemy. I don’t trust them.

    • Did you see that skinny lil deputy take down that Felon NFL in the Casino??? Then the Felon player tries to LIE about everything!!!When a police officer tells you to stop you stop!! If you treat 99 percent of all cops with respect they will do the same!!!

    • That happened in WW1. A German patrol , about 25 men, crossed the lines to get prisoners of a new unit sent to the front, all black Americans. The cry went out “the Germans are coming!”.The entire division ran like hell, even taking off their shoes to run faster. Many were found over 50 miles away when order was restored. They were never sent to the front again but did KP duty .

  18. If these players are true heroes they should honor our fallen.the ones that do not should write a letter to Pat Tillman’s Family With an explanation as to why they choose to kneel rather than stand an salute. Tim Tebow did it for Jesus. It’s not about them it’s about the game & honor,RESPECTFUL not DISRESPECT! JUST SAYING I AM A WHITE SLAVE BUT I STILL HAVE RESPECT FOR MY FLAGS YES STARS & STRIPS & STARS & BARS🤠

  19. The NFL and this includes the Green Bay Sh*tpackers, are disgusting and Anti American!! F rhem all forever!! I will watch College and NASCAR and on Sundays when I can I will go hunting fishing and trapping!! Another thing the Libturds hate!!

    • totally agree. there using the color of there skin to be ass hols.
      do they really think there black live matter at this action. NO IT JUST SHOED THERE IGNORANCE.and they there hurting the GOOD HONEST EDUCATED BLACK TO PAY A PRICE FOR THERE IGNORANCE. THEY NEED TO BE DEPORTED TO A PLACE THEY CAN LIVE HAPPIER , were shooting each other is a sport. like they do here. AND THEY SURE HAVEN’T HELPED THERE IMAGE.

  20. No more NFL, until players RESPECT our National Anthem and our Flag. Many fought and died to defend our Flag and all we ask is they stand and RESPECT it. Anyone That DOES NOT SHOULD BE FIRED.

  21. There’s only one reason to kneel and that’s to PRAY, POTUS Donald J Trump should pull all of the fcc broadcast licenses for TV and Radio. Also fine also those arrogant son of bitches.

    • Just shut down the NFL period, since they don’t respect the very country that made some of them millionaires!
      Tell that to Pat Tillman’s family, IF you have the nerve!

  22. If he had half a brain, he should have pointed out to every player that knelt during the National Anthem is breaking one of the most solemn rules in the football manual, and it stressed that the players will STAND during the anthem, and will show respect. If they break the rules, they will be terminated. He didn’t write them, but it’s his responsibility that they FOLLOW them. He isn’t doing his job either, then… thus, I think he should be fired.

    • Yes…..stand. it’s an American sport. It is a slap in the face not to STAND like we all have been doing for as long as any of us remember. This is pathetic

    • It’s too late now,after your caught,just like dumocrats always sorry or I didn’t mean to do what I did,does not work in court won’t work here.

    • I might add to any sports owner/player that refuses to stand for our Pledge of Allegiance, National Anthem or our Flag….I’ll help U pack as well; U R NOT welcome here; disgusting behavior to our soldiers that gives U the right to protest,”NOT ON YOUR JOB”….the soldiers did their job and some gave all….Idiots! Are U not an American & I do NOT want to hear U R an African American; none of U were slaves….far from it, but apparently some of U can’t/won’t help out your communities; setting an example to all of your kiddo’s out there

    • Sad day when the NFL commissioner allows members to break the NFL rules and does nothing about it. Rules should be enforced…period.

      • It is time for Roger Goodell to resign. He has shit in the faces of Americans who “use to” look forward to all the games. Give an asshole any kind of power, and they’ll forget who empowered them. I might watch football next season and only if 1) there’s respect for the game and 2), if Roger is fired!

    • Perfectly said and Roger Goodell is a lawyer, therefore CANNOT be trusted! He is a DISGRACE to lawyers and the NFL for NOT doing his job while taking a $44 million pay check last year alone!
      But the OENERS are complicate as well as they extended his contract after the Tom Brady debacle!

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