These are the top five reasons Roger Goodell should get fired from the NFL

Anti-American NFL anthem “protests” are spiraling out-of-control.

The NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell could stop them if he dared to enforce fines for players who refuse to stand and honor our nation’s flag.

But these five reasons show that Roger Goodell is hardly qualified to manage a 7-11, forget a billion-dollar industry like the NFL.

1) Weak Leadership

The NFL Commissioner could have nipped these anthem protests in the bud by fining or suspending Colin Kaepernick when this all began during the 2016 preseason.

Yes, Kaepernick was a favorite cause among the liberal media. But he was a backup quarterback and enforcing NFL rules would have only caused a momentary backlash.

And quite frankly, it wouldn’t have been a surprise.

The NFL routinely fines or threatens to punish players for all sorts of things that could be considered “speech,” like wearing eye-black that includes messages that aren’t league approved.

Running back DeAngelo Williams even received a fine for honoring breast cancer awareness after his mother passed away from the disease. The Dallas Cowboys were prevented from wearing a decal on their helmets to show support for police after officers were gunned down in 2016.

Yet Roger Goodell sits on his hands while NFL players trash the country that’s made them so rich.

The saddest thing is that it took the President of the United States to make the point that these protests needed to stop. It never should have come this far.

2) Caring more about players than his customers

Roger Goodell’s failure to act only shows he cares more about what his own rich athletes think than the fans that make the NFL profitable.

His response to the NFL attacked President Trump for being “divisive.” Goodell was never concerned about how player protests might divide fans or alienate them.

His concern is only that NFL players who dishonor America don’t feel alienated!

TV networks rushed to join in, refusing to show fans that booed players, walked out or held signs telling off anthem protesters.

NFL ratings are falling. DirecTV is offering refunds for those who cancel NFL Sunday Ticket (as Renewed Right’s editor did last Sunday afternoon). At least one sponsor has pulled out.

Slapping your customers in the face is no way to run a business anywhere but into the ground.

3) Believing the liberal media is representative of Americans nationwide

NFL advertisers apparently know more about the fan base than NFL brass surrounding Roger Goodell.

Pickup trucks, beer, and investment companies . . . they’re serving up red meat to the central core of the NFL’s base.

Does the NFL think liberals are driving around on dirt roads in pickup trucks? Do they really think Black Lives Matter cares what the towing capacity of a vehicle is?

If Goodell thinks the liberal mainstream media that’s infatuated with NFL protests will be around once he alienates the traditional pro football fans by embracing the league-wide anthem protests, he’s lost his mind.

4) Refusal to insist players to “make their point” some other way

Most Americans are open-minded. We don’t mind political debate.

We’re willing to listen to opposing points of views and have discussions provided there’s a level of respect and the feeling that both sides are truly willing to work together.

That’s the entire problem with anthem “protests.”

Colin Kaepernick and his backers apparently never wanted an issue debated because their first step was to throw the country under the bus. It was to disrespect our anthem and our flag (and he said so!). In short, they’re showing they dislike our country – the country that so many have fought and died to protect.

How can anyone trust anthem protestors to want to make America better if we can’t believe they even like it?

If NFL players wanted to make whatever point they’re trying to get across some other way, then maybe we could talk. But NFL players apparently aren’t interested in that

5) He still hasn’t learned his lesson

Roger Goodell and the NFL are hemorrhaging viewers and fans.

The longer this madness goes on, the more money the NFL will lose.

Yet Roger Goodell apparently has no strategy for dealing with any of this.

He still doesn’t recognize that Americans are tired of having politics shoved into their face.

And the longer this goes on, the more damage it will do to the NFL.

Yet there appears no end in sight.

So what’s Roger Goodell’s biggest failure?

Answer in the comments below!

Nearly 20,000 Renewed Right readers have made their voices heard that pro football fans should boycott the NFL until these anti-American “protests” stop.

If you’re skipping out on football today, send us a picture of what you’ll be doing instead to [email protected].

We’ll review our reader responses and may post an article including some of our favorites next week!