FLASH POLL: Impeach Joe Biden?

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FLASH POLL: Impeach Joe Biden?

President Joe Biden has been derelict in his duty to defend America’s borders — causing a humanitarian disaster at the southern border and a national security crisis. And it’s not by accident.

After promising illegal immigrants “free stuff” like taxpayer-funded healthcare during his 2020 campaign, one of President Biden’s first moves as President was to dismantle President Trump’s border security reforms and halt border wall construction — even after Congress’ appropriated $1.375 billion to build the wall!

As a result, estimates are that 1,000 illegal immigrants are crossing the border every day undetected — among them drug runners, gang members, human traffickers, and even some with terrorist ties.

The illegal aliens who are caught — totaling more than TWO MILLION just since January 2021 — are often released in the United States with virtually no consequences.

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