This former pro-football player just slammed anthem protestors

Americans are in disbelief over the continued anthem protests.

Many believe Roger Goodell should’ve stepped in and put an end to it during the 2016-2017 season.

Now, this former Heisman Trophy winner and NFL great just slammed Marshawn Lynch and Roger Goodell.

Appearing on Fox and Friends, former NFL running back Herschel Walker gave a piece of his mind about the ongoing protests, saying he is “insulted” and thinks Lynch is “taking this as a joke.”

“I said earlier on, the commissioner should have handled this at the very beginning. He should have said, ‘Everyone stand, and at the end of the season, we’ll go to Washington and do something about it.'”

“I’ve been saying that guys should have been suspended at the beginning. I don’t care what people say. The National Anthem is the United States of America. That’s where you live. That’s where we get everything that we have, here in the United States. You never protest that.”

He went on to rip Lynch to TMZ, saying:

“To stand for the Mexico anthem and sit for the American anthem is total disrespect,” Herschel told TMZ Sports in NYC. “Lost respect for you … that’s just not right.”

TMZ also noted:

Walker says disagreeing with Donald Trump is fine — but clearly thinks the way Marshawn expressed it is outta line. As the former NFL superstar’s told us in the past, he believes taking the fight to Congress AFTER the season is the way to go.

Herschel also took aim at LaVar Ball — saying the Big Baller owes Trump an apology for claiming POTUS didn’t help get his son, LiAngelo, back from China.

There are many pro football fans who feel the same way as Herschel Walker, regardless of their political leanings.

What are your thoughts? Should the National Anthem be considered “off limits” for legitimate protests?

Sound off with your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. The NFL coaches should tell their kneeling players that if they are kneeling they had better be praying, and if not they should be standing. Kneeling with head bowed was taught to me by my Sunday School teacher and my parents! To many of us it would be the same as bowing like a Muslim….isn’t that disrespectful to Them to have those NFL guys doing it to protest? Well it’s disrespectful to me!!




  5. do not put words in other people’s remarks. Did not say they had no right to protest: DID SAY, they did it in a totally disrespectful way at a totally un-American time and place. That is the difference between your leftist remark and the truth. Typical.

  6. Do the players have the right to protest? I think they do. Do I like the way they do it or really undestand why? No I dont. Will i ever support anything to do with the nfl. NEVER AGAIN. And if people what to continue to go to games and watch it on tv, they have the right. Do I understand why they wouid? No I dont

  7. Oh, I totally respect their right to protest! What I have a problem with is doing so in the workplace. Totally wrong.

  8. They need a good and true history lesson to straighten out their thinking and realize the progressives are just using them for their agenda period

  9. I quit watching the NFL, by kneeling these people are TRAITORS, they are over paid cry babies, if you don’t like the USA, MOVE!

  10. These negroe players have RUINED football and I don’t think they’ll ever get a 1/4 of viewers back, if any. And actually there’s been white dudes kneeling. What idiots.
    Goodell even wants a 20 million a year raise now, from 30 to 50. He’s greedy as hell with balls of a LIBTARD. Fuk football. We don’t miss it, one bit. They’d have to pay me millions too watch again.

  11. In many cases the police are anything but protect and serve!!they have become judge and jury in there approach to enforceing the law.However this is not the way for not showing proper respect to our national anthem and flag. thats why we have the legal system in the good old USA. file a law suit, but shooting yourself in the head is not the proper responce

  12. Total respect for MR Walker. He is a pro in all respects and speaks as an American who respects the nation and all it stands for. In return, I respect MR Walker for his stance.

  13. He needs to be removed from the stadium, banned from pro ball for life and deported to the Muslim, or African country of his choice, if they will accept him. If he does not respect the country that made him rich and famous, he should go somewhere that he is comfortable.

  14. If a player kneels during our National Anthem then he needs to be fined and suspended for 2 games , second offence you are fired and lose all benefits and not to partake in professional sports ever again.

  15. So very well said, I’am a army vet. and I cat agree with you more, these individuals who take a knee are simply followers, that fit all tense and purpose gave no idea what there kneeling for, my guess is very few if any of these million dollar players know what it means to be truly opressed, the idea that standing for the Mexican Flag but not the country of your birth, speaks volumes, next time you go to foreign soul and disrespect our Flag and stand for thiers you might want to do a bit of research into the foreign nations/country history before you so quickly stand for their flag, you might just look like a jackass, that you truly are, as is the case of Mexico, with that being said, I’m not sure there is a foreign entity that hasn’t experienced some sort of checkered past, the point, is we learn from these mistakes in history and do our best to not repeat them, and we damn sure don’t shame another race into feeling sorry for us, we take responsibility for our own plight in life.

  16. I will never support the NFL, NBA or WNBA. I can’t do anything about how anyone else handles this “hating everything American”, but I know that I am not or will never spend a penny on watching any of the above since they all have players that hate America. I have always watched college ball along with pro, but not anymore.
    No more Pro and no more FLO w/Soros owned Progressive Insurance.

  17. I have no use for any of the Non-American Football league. Let them go to another country and see how much they make for playing a game. They don’t even know the meaning of oppression.

  18. if we’re so bad in America, to these negros, why don`t they go back to Africa, where the retards might be happy. there beautiful black negro brothers sold them for cash to the slavers, my white ancestors freed there ignorant black asses, if negros want to be excepted, they got to learn how to be civilized, I am sad the south did not win the war, the way these retarded negros carry on. it is very hard to be around the negros, WHO WANTS TO? however, we have some very beautiful blacks in AMERICA, THAT I WANT THEM TO STAY, BUT YOU KNEELERS, GET OUT OF HERE, YOUR TRASH LOW LIFES. NOT FIT TO BE IN “AMERICA”.

  19. Being a veteran I have not and will not watch pro football this year usually we buy at least1000 bucks in gear.havent spent dollar one. Join up

  20. Yes asking to all White man out there,,why don’t you all stand together,,and not with the Black kids you support in welfare,,,yes get mad about it,,,

    I understand the White woman the sleep with them for the money,,and the big one,,ha ha

  21. For a black millionaire to protest his “oppression” is laughable and sad. Show me another country where ANY of these immature idiots could make a tenth of what they make in the USA. They have no clue how many fans they’ve lost FOREVER!

  22. As an USAF Veteran it hurts me to see our country go to hell because of a few over paid jerks acting like ass-holes. Sometimes we just don’t know what we have until it is gone. Perhaps Mexico or North Korea would welcome them.

  23. I believe any pro football player (ARE THEY REALLY PROS) in the NFL that does not stand for the National Anthem should be kicked out of the NFL, RIGHT AFTER ROGER IS FIRED and NEVER ALLOWED TO RETURN TO THE NFL.

  24. all i can say is if it’s so bad here go where you think it’s better i’ll even chip in a few bucks but you won’t leave cause there is no better place than here in the USA so i guess were stuck with you amen

  25. I agree with Walker in as much as Goodell should have had the guts to take care of the situation as soon as kaeperdirtbag started his phony antics. But I am interested in what they are going to take to Washington to fix. Is it the fact that criminals get killed by police when they try to do harm to the officers or is it, as I think, they just want radical blacks to be able to riot, loot, burn, assault police and whites without any repercussions. We are just supposed to put up with their criminal activity and consider it normal behavior. These protests are as phony as the players themselves. kaeperdirtbag was raised by a white couple and had the best of everything — so where did his “oppression” come from ??? Most of the copycat players lived a pretty good life being treated “special” in high school because they had a talent. Then they got a free ride through 4 years of college to nurture that talent and being good enough to make to the pros are paid millions for playing a game. So again — where is their “oppression” coming from ????? They are as phony as a 3 dollar bill.

  26. With all the money these players make why don’t they try to help ou in the areas where they are under privalaged children live. Help build stores to put people f color to work get them of the welfare dole and help them become a self supporting person. Does wonders for your self esteem.

  27. Well, I suppose if your going to allow burning the flag as an expression of “free speech”, it’s not too much of a stretch to disrespecting the National Anthem and the men who have served under what it represents! Hello globalism!!!

  28. Well, he’s right. It still boggles the mind how these anti-American, “entitled” jerks keep on doing exactly what they know is a strike against them in the eyes of the public. Are they just stubborn in stopping this nonsense? Do they already know what the final verdict would be, should ALL America declare them as unworthy of their coveted positions on their respective teams, and boot them out of the NFL? I would definitely vote them OUT!

  29. While dialogue is good, actions speak louder than words as the NFL is gone on my TV along with ESPN. Magic Johnson and the NBA chimes in also in support of anthem protest. Meanwhile education in inner cities remains a very serious problem along with violence. That is where I take my action…to improve those issues.

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