Former Trump aide stunned Robert Mueller with these five words

Former Trump advisor Sam Nunberg was subpoenaed by special counsel Robert Mueller to testify in front of the grand jury.

His reaction stunned observers.

Nunberg stood up to Mueller with just five words and now no one knows what to think.

The former Trump advisor – he was fired in 2015 when controversial Facebook posts surfaced – was subpoenaed by to testify in front of the grand jury just and produce any emails with a number of top Trump campaign officials.

But Nunberg said enough was enough.

He boldly declared that he was not going to show up because it was a waste of time and that he agreed with President Trump that it was a witch hunt.

Politico reports:

“Sam Nunberg, an outspoken former Trump aide who was fired in August 2015 over racially charged Facebook posts, went public Monday with his plans to defy both the special counsel’s subpoena for documents in the Russia probe and a separate summons to appear Friday before a federal grand jury.

“I’m not going to cooperate,” Nunberg told MSNBC, one in a series of interviews he gave about his plans to ignore the special counsel’s queries.

Speaking to the Washington Post, Nunberg outed himself as the source of a subpoena that surfaced in media reports over the weekend. The subpoena demanded all communications he’d had with Trump and nine other campaign aides dating back to November 2015, including former campaign chiefs Corey Lewandowski, Paul Manafort and Steve Bannon.”

He declared that the questions he was asked when he was interviewed by the Mueller team – such as did he ever hear Russian spoken around Trump Tower – were ridiculous and led him to believe the investigation was a witch hunt.

Nunberg – who had a severe falling out with Trump after he was fired from the campaign and his mentor Roger Stone quit – is not making these statements out of loyalty to the President.

He went public with Mueller’s questions and his refusal to honor the subpoena because the investigation is ridiculous.