Former Trump aide stunned Robert Mueller with these five words

Former Trump advisor Sam Nunberg was subpoenaed by special counsel Robert Mueller to testify in front of the grand jury.

His reaction stunned observers.

Nunberg stood up to Mueller with just five words and now no one knows what to think.

The former Trump advisor – he was fired in 2015 when controversial Facebook posts surfaced – was subpoenaed by to testify in front of the grand jury just and produce any emails with a number of top Trump campaign officials.

But Nunberg said enough was enough.

He boldly declared that he was not going to show up because it was a waste of time and that he agreed with President Trump that it was a witch hunt.

Politico reports:

“Sam Nunberg, an outspoken former Trump aide who was fired in August 2015 over racially charged Facebook posts, went public Monday with his plans to defy both the special counsel’s subpoena for documents in the Russia probe and a separate summons to appear Friday before a federal grand jury.

“I’m not going to cooperate,” Nunberg told MSNBC, one in a series of interviews he gave about his plans to ignore the special counsel’s queries.

Speaking to the Washington Post, Nunberg outed himself as the source of a subpoena that surfaced in media reports over the weekend. The subpoena demanded all communications he’d had with Trump and nine other campaign aides dating back to November 2015, including former campaign chiefs Corey Lewandowski, Paul Manafort and Steve Bannon.”

He declared that the questions he was asked when he was interviewed by the Mueller team – such as did he ever hear Russian spoken around Trump Tower – were ridiculous and led him to believe the investigation was a witch hunt.

Nunberg – who had a severe falling out with Trump after he was fired from the campaign and his mentor Roger Stone quit – is not making these statements out of loyalty to the President.

He went public with Mueller’s questions and his refusal to honor the subpoena because the investigation is ridiculous.


  1. He will waste tax money as long as Trump is in office. Put someone in charge and cut off funding to mueller’s band of thieves.

  2. I agree muller is wasting the taxpayer money ,Just like obama did trying to drain our Government time to fire ROBERT MULLERS Ass.

  3. Mueller’s investigation into Russian influence in our 2016 election is a fizzle. He’s been degraded into turning over rocks to find any hint of criminal acts remote from any collusion a
    activity. He’s obliged to overlook the Democrats he fins under those rocks, due to his exclusive use of Democrat donors as the legal team. Talk about a scam!

  4. Nunyo = ‘der sclikmeister’ pretty slick actually,yep, i agree.
    Am glad he mouthed off. Haha. Could anyone else ‘mouth off’ in similar fashion under intimidation?? N0.!
    Now what, re Nunyo.

  5. Numbnuts clearly established himself as a raging lunatic with dragon breath under the influence of booze and meds…knowing it would get him thrown out as an UNcredible hostile witness for the prosecution. Pretty slick, actually. A legend in his own mind with notions of grandeur.

  6. &&& ‘then’ you say to John your ‘infamous’ STFU.
    Please, i need a really good belly laugh today.
    Thank you.

  7. Mueller will swear out a warrant for Nunberg’s arrest, and Nunberg will go to jail. However, the length of time he is imprisoned will depend on the “value” of his alleged testimony to Mueller. I predict about 6 months. After that, the news-cycle value of Nunberg’s “alleged” testimony will cease being valuable to Mueller.

    Plus, this may turn out to be a “trend.” Some people are willing to go to jail if they believe in their own personal power to “take a stand.”

    Mueller will “threaten” Nunberg with a long prison sentence. But if Nunberg stands against Mueller, there’s nothing Mueller can do.

    sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  8. It was said that, Sam Nunyo was breathing a bit of (Scotch, Bourbon or Whiskey) in his ‘string of remarks’ LOL ! for sure it wasn’t Gin or Vodka .haha.

  9. Nunberg is to testify that he bleached 33,000 e-mails that were not essential to his testimony. And that his Uranium One deal was totally legal and the money he got from Russia was not a bribe. He’ll add that Comey and Mueller were the best FBI directors ever. Mueller And Comey have ushered in the new level and competency, integrity, honesty and trust to the FBI.



  12. Agree with Daniel a waste of taxpayers money. But Mueller has been wasting taxpayer money for year he is a worthless peace of crap. I don’t know of anything positive that he has done during his appointment as AG. He’s ASS GENERAL LOL

  13. A second a second special counsel is needed to investigate the FBI the doj the state department and all the other perpetrators, including Clinton, Obama, Lynch, Rice, etc….AND MEULLER.

  14. Mueller is just wasting taxpater money this has been nothing but a Witch Hunt and somebody should put a stop to it.

  15. To see what is taking place with how crooked those types of people who run government really are, one has to go back in history ,to over a hundred back,to how the unions where let in to our country to how social security act, wage tax,Obama’s health care plan ,to the gun grabbers plans and if one thinks that the government was put in this free country ,for we the people ,we better wake up real quick ,because those types who after our gun rights which is the only thing that stands in their evil ways of taking over our lives and those types of people behind all of it , are the same types of people that formed the government ,while our fore fathers still lived in this free country and knew back then that we would be facing those types of people like those that we the people are seeing today ,and how did they know this, is because they came from those counties where their rulers had control over their people, and that is what those types of people who gotten in power in the government of today are the same types of people that want to rule our country in much the same way,only their evil plans are even worse,why is because if our great country was to fall into their hands ,those types people who rule this country would rule the world where all people live on this planet and that is what those wood peckers are doing ,by pecking at our constitution until it falls apart ,and that is what their gun killings are doing and what they are all about ,as they want our weapons out of our hands so if their was a government take over by those type of people in power of the government ,we the people without our weapons , their would be no way for we the people to protect us from those types of evil people,and if we millions an millions of people in our country just sit back and think that things are going to get better ,we are only fooling ourselves , and what we the people need is a bunch of good American people who can round up we millions an millions of we the people in our country to start cleaning up house of all liberals to the wealthy corporate cronies in all parts of our country to those in who run the white house to all branch’s of government around are country,as that may be the only way we the people have left in making our country great again when we the people make it change as it will only get worse, if we people do not make it change, as those types of people will not change their stupid evil ways other wise.

  16. Indeed, Edward H; Hillary’s and her Democrat comrades’ defeat was by their doing, evildoing; a sense of entitlement, self-aggrandizement, loathing of the Republic and its everyday citizens was the coup de gras. The Democrat dullards have chosen to remain steadfast, adhered to their contempt for the peoples’ Constitutional Rights.

  17. the last election there were 136,628,459 votes cast Clinton received 65,844,610 or 46.1%that means 70,783,849or 51.8% did not vote for her , President Trump won 3,0840of the 3141 counties . one for all and all for one, a country divided can not stand , so us all try to get along

  18. Trump may have had some business dealings in the past as all CEOs do but Trump didn’t need Russia to defeat Hillary, she defeated herself a long time ago.

  19. Mueller’s team is made up of Dems who can’t accept the outcome of the election. Strzok and Page through their e-mails to each other have made it perfectly clear that they love HRC and hate Donald Trump and were looking for insurance in the unlikely event that he won. Orr and his wife were both involved with Fusion One. Andrew Weissman is the king of prosecutorial misconduct and would make a deal with the devil to win his case. He has had rulings overturned unanimmously, proving he used improper means to get convictions. The man should be disbarred and incarcerated, not part of a team investigating our duly-elected president.

  20. Mueller was a coconspirator on the Uranium deal. He is the last person that should be investigating anyone. His career has been studed with failure, and illegal behavior. He has a crew of Trump haters on board, and they have made it obvious that they believe there job is to sabatouge our President in any way they can. I do not believe this is a good use for our tax money. I also do not believe we should hire a team of criminals to hunt the president that we elected.

  21. Exactly Harvey, Great response to my pitchfork remark! Though, it would be fun watching a crowd of mad voters marching to the capital with pitchforks and torches…HE HE!

  22. Putin already knew Hillary was for sale and could be bought as in the uranium deal so why wouldn’t he want her to be president? To think otherwise is ludicrous.

  23. You need to be careful or the left will try to confiscate & outlaw hayforks, pitchforks, and table forks which would be legislation against the 2nd Amendment and our right to bear arms.

    Your note reminded me of the scene in the original Frankenstein movie where the townspeople came out with hayforks and farm implements when the monster was on the loose.

    Democrats are now the monster and we, thinking Constitutionalists & conservatives, are the town people who may soon need whatever arms are available if and when their lawlessness increases!

    That and not hunting is what the 2nd Amendment WAS and IS about!

  24. Somebody needs to put a deadline for this investigation to either show something or get out of town, what a waste of time and taxpayers money

  25. I think it’s time to start a petition demanding Mueller stop using taxpayer money on this witch hunt or he’ll never stop. It’s been over a year and he has nothing.
    Trump needs to appoint a special council to look into Hillary’s collusion with Russia, her sale of 20% of our uranium to them, Clinton Foundation’s Russian donations, and other matters linking her to Russia. They had everything to gain with her as president.

  26. Trump is a blue collar billionaire and is doing his damndest to ????????MAGA???????? with no help from liberal obstructionists! The LIBERALS have turned their backs on DACA…NOT Trump! OBAMA and CLINTON et al. created this FUBAR…NOT Trump! TRUMP 2020!

  27. I have my pitchfork and torch ready to gather them up like they used to do with witches and politicians and run them out of town, preferably to one of those FEMA camps….HOOAH!

  28. Finally, someone’s told the used car salesmen mueller to go pound sand.
    Everyone can see this is nothing but an attempt to interfere with President Trumps work.
    Mueller is on the resistance team. He’ll NEVER do whats good for this country. If this keeps up i think the president should just bring the hammer down on all of them. Lets get a few hundred thousand volunteers to geather and start rounding up this resistance and put them in those brand new internment camps obama built for the deplorables. Like the man says, enough is enough.

  29. Be specific. What do you know that over 25 years of investigations have not found grown for any chargeable offences?
    Trump, on the other hands belongs in the Big House, not the White House. Trump has a long list of lies and cheating his own contractors. Trump buys his way out of situations including the Government when he testified for a Congressional loan to bail him out of his casino bankruptcy. Trump has been a serous National Security that even has photographic evidence of security violations. He not only has Not presented his tax statement that would allow the public who he has been doing business with, but has NOT diverse himself from his business holding s that he has continued to profit from his office in violation of the law. LOCK HIM UP.

  30. I agree that this is a witch hunt and a waste of peoples money. Millions are being wasted and it is because of the democrats who cannot accept their defeat. Peoples money that are being wasted should be diverted to other good cause, to the veterans, to the homeless and to the wall that we need.

  31. Mueller might as well spend his time and our money searching for the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

  32. The Mueller case IS A WITCH HUNT. They are wasting our tax dollars because of Hillary and HER DOSSIER SHE PAID FOR TO BRING DOWN TRUMP. WHY THE HELL ARE THEY IGNORING THIS???

  33. It is well past time to call out Mueller and his gang of high priced lawyers. Cut the BS and admit there is no there-there! Your boss, Rosenstein has already made that statement – time to stop your witch hunt.

  34. Shame on Mueller. This witch hunt sh-t needs to stop immediately.

    All the evidence are pointing at Hillary, Obama, and the Deep State cult including many other corrupted FBI high ranking officials.

    Without Mueller’s assistance, the congressional committees need to begin the indictment process against ALL of them. Build a prison without the WiFi network. And no midnight basketball court, too.

  35. Mueller is on a fishing expedition witch hunt that knows no bounds. The mandate of RUSSIAN COLLUSION was specific; however, with zero evidence of THAT, he is NOW delving into former business dealings involving the UAE! It is MUELLER who is jeopardizing national security to satisfy the hunger cravings of his own ego and arrogance! Scuttle the Mueller bass boat and end this…NOW!

  36. Mueller is the one who should be locked up. He knew what the damned truth was before he started this phony investigation. Mueller has had a significant role in corrupting the FBI and it is way past time for Mueller to face the music.

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