Fox News admitted a major election night error that changed everything

Trump supporters were not happy with Fox News on Election Night.

The network’s coverage gave the impression that Fox favored Joe Biden and wanted to get rid of Donald Trump.

And now Fox News admitted a major election night error that changed everything.

Fox News Channel’s early call of Arizona for Joe Biden caught all the attention and enraged the Trump campaign.

But Fox News made another outrageously biased call in favor of the Democrats.

Early in the night, Fox News projected that the Democrats would retain the House of Representatives and would gain at least five seats.

Fox seriously jumped the gun.

Despite predictions that the GOP would lose between 15 and 20 seats in the House, it was the Republican Party that shocked the “experts” and sliced the Democrat majority to the narrowest margin since the 1940s thanks to Donald Trump driving historic turnout.

It took Fox News eight days to admit their mistake and correct the record.

At first Baier tried to save some face for the incompetent Fox News Decision Desk by claiming they correctly called that the Democrats would maintain the majority.

“Democrats have clinched a majority in the House by reaching 218 seats. There are still a handful of races undecided,” host Brett Baier explained during a broadcast of Special Report. “On election night, the Fox News Decision Desk correctly predicted soon after 9:00 Eastern that Democrats would retain control of the House.”

But that’s like claiming credit for predicting a three touchdown favorite would win the Super Bowl after they won by one point on a last second field goal.

Baier finally got to the meat of the issue and admitted that Fox’s projections that the Democrats would gain seats were garbage because the exact opposite took place.

“But they also estimated Democrats would add about five seats to their majority. That did not occur. Republicans have gained six seats with multiple races yet to be decided,” Baier added.

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