Fox News aired a graphic about a Supreme Court Justice Dying

Fox News caused a massive uproar on Monday.

The top rated cable news channel aired a graphic reporting Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg passed away.

And what happened next will amaze you.

Fox and Friends put a graphic on the air Monday claiming Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg died.

It was only on the screen briefly but eagle eyed viewers caught it.

When the show returned from commercial break, hosts Steve Doocy and Ainsley Earhardt quickly apologized for the mistake.

Breitbart reports:

“We need to apologize … A technical error in the control room triggered a graphic of RBG with a date on it,” co-host Steve Doocy said later in the show. “We don’t want to make it seem anything other than that was a mistake. That was an accident.”

“We apologize, big mistake,” added Earhardt.

Health issues plagued Ginsberg the past few months.

She fell and broke her ribs late last year.

Doctors found cancerous tumors on her lungs when they were treating her for those broken ribs.

She missed two weeks worth of oral arguments but doctors say she is cancer free and recovering normally.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. What a shame for someone to hang on for the simple reason the get a vote but Demo Craps will do anything to get RBG vote dead or alive.

  2. Like the Libnut & Demorats are out of line, they lie on a daily basis. & now they are out of control !!! & work with the fake new media MSNBC & CNN Who in there right mine watches these channels !!!

  3. I only just thought about it, But she could be a life support system for a VERY long time. and we would never hear about it.

  4. That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking! And since her health has been failing, “someone” (at Fox News) should get out in front of it and put the info/photos together.

  5. Irregardless, Someone went through the process of creating the Graphic AND someone presented it, then another person jumped in to stop it in a feable attempt to close the door after the horses have left the barn…..I don’t like Ginsberg, but this s STUPID ON FOXES PART…..SMARTEN UP!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Rite0n Rickster. KEEP YOUR BLOOD “ALKALINE”. Period.
    >ALL ILLNESS THRIVES in ‘acid solution’ due to food/liquids.
    Sodaaaa for one. Ever walk into a ‘Cancer Ward’ ? Smell
    like ‘ammonia’. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE for this. Where IS
    the ‘alkaline solution’ for these ppl. Not to mention
    children at St. Judes. A Disgrace.
    > Don’t have comment re Cbd oil. & Need to refresh info re
    nutrient K. THNX for post, Rickster.

  7. You cant believe in doctors! Keep your blood alkline and it wont form or grow! Nutrient k, knocks it out! Cbd oil has been curing cancers! Doctors only know what they learned in school and it’s a trillion dollar a year business for hospitals! Good luck!

  8. ‘Flash’ captured ‘screen shots is one way
    to tell ‘truth’,(anymore,) then backwash.
    > What’s the ‘big deal’? What’s to ‘hide’
    0R DELAY ? Even the ‘new ‘kids’ Fox IS ___
    (you fill in the blank).

  9. >correction. Not ‘they need etc, Rather,
    ‘WE’ Need a comeuppance Report.
    > 0bvious. & a ‘new appointment’ Is

  10. No ‘verification’ From ‘anywhere’ Especially her
    Drs. ie ‘state of health’ IS V. Suspect.
    >Deadsville/0r v. close in ‘comatose’.
    & ‘they need a comeuppance Report.
    > NO MORE VOTES should be allowed from RBG.

  11. be careful Van, My wife is 90 and sharp as a tack. The number of years become meaningless, just a number. I have many acquaintances that are RBG’s age. Skilled Bridge players all.

  12. Thank you for your service. We will fight together to get rid of the Demonrats. They are the domestic enemies of our great country.
    God bless you.

  13. Maybe they know something we don’t? And by the way, the post said she died in 2019. We still have 11 months for that to be true. They’re just getting it ready.

  14. How about all the blatant lies by the liberal media, that is OK though. No apology needed, because it’s never given. Even the kids from Kentucky who did nothing wrong are getting death threats. That’s even after the story came out as a blatant lie. Which happens tooo frequently. I am neither left or right, so I see things with unbiased eyes but see extreme bias by one side, THE LEFT. These kids lives are being greatly affect for something black militants did but the media deems it OK what happened to the kids, WTF. This country had gone mad and extremely biased against one race. RACISM at it’s finest, PERIOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. At least Fox news appoligized [sp] & admitted they made a mistake. That’s way more then any of the left ever does the media & tv hosts etc etc.

  16. big fire wear records are kept most of people with last name with R are gone can’t find mine or my brothers from wwII mine viet era

  17. Thank You for your service. I, for one greatly appreciate it and I’m glad to see the Marines are watching. You maybe needed sooner than you think.

    Army – 68 – 88

  18. When was the last time anyone spoke to her? They are keeping her remains on life support to run out the clock on Trump.

  19. Sempre fi, fellow marine. I agree somewhat to your tale, but you are involved with the past and the loss of our brothers and sisters to make such comment. I was in 69-73 during the viet era. We had a not so friendly reception when we got home, but, many of us were strong enough too look past the insults and grew more in our minds from it.
    Best wishes and keep the gooks and suzzy rotten crotches off you back!

  20. You’re right. And the fact that FOX even created it was in extremely bad taste! I’m very disappointed in FOX. Spoken, by the way as a Conservative Independent!

  21. SO MUCH HATRED AGAIN’ST SOMEONE YOU HAVE NEVER MET, HOW OBSCENE!!! HERE IS A WAY TOO LOOK AT HER. If she was the only judge that would hear a case against you, that is if, and she found in your favor. How than would you feel about her? FOOL.

  22. alot of the comments here are absolutely obscene. Ruth Ginsburg, yes, was a far left Democrat but, she was always very fair in her ruling’s and opinion’s. you people are way out of line!!

  23. I agree. However, I have been denied by VA for over 30 years. I have an honorable discharge. No one can find my records, I served for 6 yrs. AF, civil engineer, held over for an additional year and still I wander the streets deaf and homeless. Thanks folks.

  24. Hitler would have done us a favor! And that Blumenthal (d-Conn) would have been even better is Adolph included him…And that idiot Vermont senator…America would have been made a better and safer place w/o those devil worshippers!

  25. I just want all to know the truth. Libs care nothing of truth. Only their agenda. I mentioned just 2 little factors. Who thinks the money that the thief in charge gave to Iran thinks it was Iran’s money???. Well it wasn’t. If you think that money was not the MARINES then you are an enemy. And if you have to even ask why you are not a true AMERICAN. You are an ignorant loser. If you don’t think the AMERICAN southern border wall is a triple win for AMERICA then you are a worthless commie scumbag. Plain n simple. If anyone knows these answers then you are truly for this country. The wall being built has so much for this country that we should wall off the northern border also. 50 billion for southern wall is nice. Why???
    Think of it this way. Our tax money which will be paid back by Mexico n Canada on new trade deal. The more money spent=’s more for AMERICANS. how you ask? Well for anyone with a brain can add except libtards. Who would build said wall? AMERICANS. who would recieve said billions? AMERICAN companies. Who would spend that money here in AMERICA? we would get protection number 1, 2, we would have billions of dollars spent into our states n counties. 3, with the influx of billions of dollars into our communities small business can prosper and bring higher paying wages to offset this bullchit of raising minimum wage which will only drive prices of necessities like milk, bread, eggs and everything else into ungodly prices. Think back about the Alaskan pipeline. Those of you that are ignorant…go back n look what a dozen of eggs cost. Or a gallon of milk. You make more, the more you pay. Simple economics. Now onto oscumnutz giving cash on pallets to iran. If you think that was irans money you are pure chit. You better think about the MARINES in Beirut. Iran was sued for billions for the families of my brothers n sisters. And not compisated. That was UNITED STATES MARINE CORP MONEY your liar n thief stole and funded terrorist. You can call n say wht you will about me. You just remember that I and so many others fought and died for you to be an ignorant piece of unamerican chit and spew your garbage, but if we ever meet in life I will punch your teeth down your throat and let you choke on my forearm. And by the way…GFY

    combat vet

  26. Diane, these days people are so utterly lacking of any intelligence it brings to my mind why OTHER COUNTRIES have come to believe we are all completely ignorant and stupid by the way we act. I cannot get over how low people go. I, am so happy that, I am NOT in that league. I, pray that people look and read their BIBLES. The Bible refers to lawless lovers of the land,People and religious beliefs. It is the end of our times when people loose sight of what GOD created. I, pray that somehow, people wake up and respect the world in which GOD created. let us all get back to the basics of loving one another. It isn’t too late people. Wake up and love one another. How everyone responds is so very important to our world. Let everyone of us be of what God, has made. Think of everyone . Your family and future generations. Really think in depth. What do you want your children to have . Peace and happiness? Think people. Let all of us change for the good. Not squabbling over stupid politics. Those people running our country are in it for the money. Realize this is a play on us. Everyone of us. Do not play. They rob us of our goodness. Let us regain our grace and dignity. We , still have the right and, time Let us -use it WISELY> let all of ue COME TOGETHER.What does everyone, Say? Let us start a positive! Response wanted.


  28. To Whom :

    I would like to see some
    proof that she’s alive!

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California


  29. How terrible your reply is to any person dying. Are you to pure to apologize for your utter lacking of respect for any human loss? I am a Republican. However Your lacking of any intelligence or compassion is unacceptable . You should be very ashamed. I pity anyone of your caliber. You are a credent.

  30. I for one would love to see the old elephant skin rug hung up and have the dust beaten out of her. Old communist bat needs to kick the bucket. The fewer of those commie sewer rats we have to deal with the better. Civil war is almost here, and you can thank the fascist/communist demonRATS for that.

  31. This was never said on Fox ever. Fox is accurate in everything they say and do. Do not know who wrote this in Renewedright but it’s a lie.

  32. Amen!!! From a young woman born in 1992. Thank you for serving and saving our country. My dad was in the us. SEMPER FIDELIS!!!!!!! Long live America, Americans, and our grand values!!! A new generation conservative!!!! Please pray for the love of my life who isn’t sure who Good is and what American values were supposed to be before the Democrats invaded. Good bless all and America/patriotic Americans.

  33. are obviously to stupid to realize those speaking had NO CONTROL over that picture ( rolling eyes )

  34. You are right! It was said that she is in a coma. Too bad Alyssa Milano wasn’t able to donate her ribs, kidneys or lungs to her before it was too late. Justice Ginsberg should bow out gracefully and her Legacy would be assured!

  35. not really that hore ginsberg has made it clear many times that she hates the USA.. we will be better off when the ho is in the ground along with nance and diane and maxipad headwaters, and occasional-cortezhole, and most especially those to rag head $luts.. you know MOFO from the morons in Michigan and the Minnesota schittria law supporter and sandland puke… Real Americans are tired of the crap and we are pushing back at the hores in the dempcrapo pervert parasite party, the aholes in the leftist media and those worthless hores out in hollow woody.. time those scum bags get a real load of their crap jammed back down their throats..

  36. Something is going on in America how did those
    Idiots get elected to Congress a couple of terrorist
    And a nut case that looks like she’s crazy hold on America the fun just getting started

  37. By the sounds of Pure Patriot’s post he is DOING JUST THAT(living up to his SWORN OATH) (which is more than I can say for the “left” wing loons)…What else would you call those so-called “democrats” that are basically trying to turn OUR CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC into their personal COMMUNIST “utopia”? (have you been watching WHO are being “elected” these days????) In MY opinion these DEMOCOMMUNIST SCUM are INDEED the TRUE “domestic enemies” we need protection from, and need to be REMOVED before they bring an end to our REPUBLIC . He was not being “foul” he was Living up to his SWORN OATH and being REALISTIC. Time for EVERYONE to open their eyes and see we are being “taken over” by corrupt “insiders” hell-bent on OUR country’s DESTRUCTION.

  38. I do NOT wish anybody dead! But Ruth Vader Ginsburg has been dosing off at functions for years!! She is 85 or 86 and is way pass time retiring!! She was too egotistical to retire under OBLAMMER and THAT’S what the Demon Rats are worried about because WE could get another conservative in Trumps first term. Their are several that lean right that are close themselves! President Trump might get 2 or 3 more before his second term is over! That scares the left to death!! I just pray the 24/7 hack job 5 out of 7 main news organizations don’t get the USEFUL IDIOTS to vote DEMON RAT in 2020 or there will be BIG TROUBLE!!

  39. What about the favorites Liberal channels ABC, CBS. CNN, BUZZFEED MSNBC, and others 99% each error, even intentional fake news compare to Fox 5% mistake or error.

  40. I am not convinced that she is still alive. We need proof of life. For all we know some clerk could be making the case decisions in her name.

  41. semper fi… leatherneck from an army remf combat engineer.. hoping the leftist $luts that the morons have sent to DC to continue the cesspool construction all have cerebral strokes when Trump deftly lands another Real American on the supremo courto… two lezzies left.. and one pretender..

  42. Why is it someone who is for Trump or the Republican conservative Party , not able to say something negative about the Democrats or liberals? And most nasty stuff comes from the Democrats and liberals and they are not called to task. The nastiest stuff has been happening since Obama administration , and we are so divided and hate filled because of his rhetoric while in the office of president . Remember, United we stand divided we fall , and America is quickly falling unless we turn it around. That includes Democrats as well as Republicans !

  43. MAC sorry to disappoint you but hell will freeze over before I watch CNN,think you may be misreading what I wrote and made some assumptions have a good evening

  44. He, like I have sworn that sacred oath to protect and defend out Constitution from enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC. Ginsburg, by her actions has long been a domestic enemy. When she departs, I will do a dance.

  45. You are obviously as ignorant by IDENTIFYING THEM. PROGRESSIVES’ DAYS ARE PASSING LIKE A FART! Shame we don’t give them a lighter since we give them everything else! Climb back into your CNN cocoon and feel warm and safe as they espose your idiotic and anti-American bullsh-t!

  46. This is a good example of “FAKE” news. Someone better check this out before it goes to print. How are we to trust any of our media??????

  47. The only problem is, there isn’t enough liberal judges to hold her down when she realizes they turned off her breathing device.

  48. No one has mentioned that she is also suffering from pneumonia which can easily bring death to an older person. Until my husband died, I used to thing , pneumonia, just give them penicillin and they will be fine. Well that is not true. How come these articles are not mentioning that? Pneumonia can and does in many instances trun into sepsis in just a couple of hours It is very likely that she is dead.

  49. Hollywood and Ginsburg. Tsk tsk.

    Have you noticed that Hollywood were quite busy, grooming Ginsburg to a new level of greatness? Yep. That’s what happened.



  50. Well old dog I did take my oath and will always be an oath keeper. I’ll defend my country from foreign and domestic scum like you. Like I said before, old dogs get put to sleep. Your disease commie party will be eradicated. As soon as you idiot’s make your move you will understand the fury of hell that will be unleashed upon your party. You may claim to be American, but every demoncrat is an enemy of the state/country. My post are always accurate and dead on. It’s funny how yours and dianes are always against America and true Americans. Your against the American wall on our southern border. Knowing that we need it. Or that the money your idiot in theif obumnutzs snuck out of the country in the middle of the night in cash to Iran’s was their money? Gave our money to terrorists. Now before you make a fool of yourself…think before you show your ignorance. The wall is a win win win situation for the American people. We should put 50 billion into building it. So big mouth let’s see how ignorant you really are. And yes, let that old hag libtard judge die so we can seat another conservative on scotus. You libtards thought you were gonna stack the deck, but you are finding out it ain’t going your way. I will always defend my country, especially from the likes of commie trash like you. Progressive Demoncrat liberals are a disease, there is a cure. Just aim n squeeze

    combat vet
    Semper fi
    We are watching
    We are waiting

  51. Do you really think that pulling rank in any way mitigates the foul nature of your post?
    When you enlisted, you took an oath the the COUNTRY, not to the right wing politicians you so clearly revere.
    You are disgracing yourself, the Corps, and the country you swore to defend.


  53. Bye bye biatch. She actually is on her death bed. She has pneumonia. Demoncrats are keeping it quiet. Die you d liberal hag. Mr PRESIDENT TRUMP please seat another hard core conservative to scotus. It would give me great pleasure to watch these mad cow libtards go insane before they start to eat each other for their run at PRESIDENT. Its going to be one helluva show. Popcorn n beer.
    Progressive Demoncrat liberals are a disease, there is a cure. Just aim n squeeze.

    Combat vet
    Semper fi
    We are watching
    we are waiting

  54. You prefer to hear and/or read lies on Liberal/Communist media. Common behavior among empty-headed people

  55. How long does she get to recover while not being able to do her job? I think there should be a limited amount of time then force retirement. She is just doing this for her party. I know they are supposed to be neutral but we all know they are not.

  56. i generally like Fox News but Fox and Friends is like watching 3 puppets with no one pulling their strings and flying on their own consistently throwing our dumb stuff
    The 3 Stogies are smarter than the 3 on Fox and Friends

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