Fox News aired one video that accused Donald Trump of this illegal behavior

Fox News Channel’s impeachment programming continues to confuse viewers.

The network made behind-the-scenes changes that no one can understand.

And now Fox News has aired one video that accused Donald Trump of this illegal behavior.

Anti-Trump Judge Andrew Napolitano aired the latest segment of his video series “Judge Napolitano’s Chambers” where the Judge ripped the President for supposedly failing to uphold the Constitution.

Napolitano falsely claimed Trump failed his oath of office by ripping the media for focusing on a phony scandal surrounding the emoluments clause of the Constitution after Trump wanted to host the G7 summit next summer at his golf club in Doral.

Breitbart reports:

Napolitano said, the emoluments clause, “is a cause in the Constitution that prohibits federal officeholders from receiving anything of value from foreign government.”

Discussing Trump canceling holding the G7 summit at one of his golf resorts, Napolitano said, “He changed his mind and said we will hold this meeting somewhere else because I don’t need this headache but in the process of saying that he referred to the emoluments clause in the Constitution as phony.”

He added, “It’s very unusual and largely unprecedented for the president of the United States who took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution to disparage part of it. If he can disparage it, can he overlook it? Can the president of the United States who took the oath to enforce the Constitution enforce only the parts he likes and ignore the parts he dislikes? The answer is no. The presidential oath requires him to be faithful about enforcement.”

He concluded, “When a president of the United States disparages a part of the Constitution, what does that tell us about how seriously he takes his oath.”

Judge Napolitano’s legal analysis shows he is off his rocker.

But many Americans wonder why Fox shifted gears to become the Never Trump TV network.

Some speculate it began when former House Speaker Paul Ryan joined the Fox board.

Vanity Fair’s anti-Fox reporter, Gabrielle Sherman, claimed Ryan advised new Fox News head Lachlan Murdoch to break with Trump.

The news division mimicking CNN could be the result of Ryan’s seditious influence.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I’ve heard that gossip before. Btw,Who owned Camp David before it was given to the government useage..? And anything on Martha’s Vineyard place owned by the Kennedy”s , being used for political meetings..? Oh, we’re the Trump sites offered for use going fir free or Trump paying for them?? What was the proposals on that..?
    Btw, mentioned also was Napolitano…is that Janets relative.? And Fox News being run by a Murdoch now..? Is that The Billionare family Murdoch..?

  2. Andrew Napolitano needs to go away and join Shep Smith. He will be good fit for CNN. The sooner he goes it will be good for Fox.

  3. A good, major point you made. Many people vote against rather than for someone. And in the next election, Trump has experience and has made millions of people very angry at him. But Hillary is clearly not liked, and many Democrats voted, but did not vote for her (they left that choice vacant). Her era is OVER.

  4. Wow, Doug, got your underwear in a real bind and you seem a bitter old geezer who explodes when he can’t handle another point of view. Were you really a jerk bully in high school who uses his fists instead of his brain? How old are you and you have not changed since high school? Is that the limit of your education?>

  5. In other words, this is a PATTERN for Trump, and even foreign (i.e. Saudi Arabia) has heavily sent money to Trump through his DC hotel. Trump was involved in not letting the FBI sell their old building near his hotel because it might be in competition with his hotel, so the FBI will have to pay much, much more to build it far from its original location Trump SAID in running for president, that it was “the biggest informercial (to promote his brand and properties) in the world.” Trump really thought he would lose.

  6. Nope, Tony, Trump wanted a reward. He has already funneled over $110 million of taxpayer money into his pockets from playing golf and staying at his properties. New evidence has surfaced that military planes (i.e. from USA to Beirut etc.), instead of refueling, as normal at European military bases, have been diverted to a small, failing airport nearest to Trump’s Scotland golf course. The Trump Golf course in Scotland is already failing, and the closing of the only airport nearby would certainly damage it further. Then, the planes having to pay the much higher commercial rates, have the military passengers stay at a Trump property, furthering money going into the Trump coffers. In a recent trip to Ireland, VP Pence was ordered to stay 160 miles from his destination, completely on the other side of the country, at a Trump facility, bringing even more money into the Trump’s pockets.

  7. What does Ryan “trade” in — beaver’s pelts, canned goods, crops (?) – – because you said he was a “trader”! Who is the truker Sean Laura, does he have a show? And are you saying that Paul Ryan, who represented conservatives a few years ago, although not the radical, emotional radicals, is the whistle blower?

  8. They are not “traitors, but just see the constitution DIFFERENTLY. You Trumpers think there is ONLY ONE way to see things – – – > YOUR WAY. Then you label all other points of view as evil and/or traitorous. The judges rulings are in line with the national experts I have seen interviewed – -and we are talking about law professors that are both Republican and Democrat. But you Trumpers would not like that brand of conservative because they are educated, intelligent and not nasty, venomous snakes.

  9. If Fox news goes over to the Left there will not be ANY reason to watch it! Every other “news” source out there are already Leftists. Fox might as well start looking for some type of entertainment programming such as children’s cartoons, or maybe covering animal events such as horse races, dog shows, hunters with retrievers. Oops! The hunter thing wouldn’t work because the Lefties would be too squeamish about killing birds. Maybe a 24/7 cooking program would be a better fit for their plans, as long as it would be vegan. Cutting up a chicken breast or some cut of beef would make them faint. In other words, they are sunk if they leave their original format!!

  10. So you think you are without sin and can cast the first stone!! Must be hard carrying that heavy load of righteous!!!!

  11. Yes true and what about these OMG, theres so many things i can call them like “TRAITORS” aganist our Constitution.Thats what happens when the people allow these ignorant illegal A,H’s into office. We are out numbered by the brain dead: If you don’t think it’s too late, think again!!!!!!!!!

  12. Judge? Did this twit ever read the Constitution, ever? I have caught him in lies and I am not even a lawyer let alone a judge. How much money is this guy getting from FOX, he should be fired as well as who hired him. Jealousy and not being able to accept no as all democrats act like are not judge like. He has to know what he sounds like, like a Clinton and that female black democrat woman who never accepted that she lost her election that FOX also hired, another piss poor example of a democrat.

  13. Weinstein is dead you incestuous scumbag. Learn to spell as well you stupid f’ing moron. Or are you an idiot from another country that can’t conjugate the English language?

  14. Actually it’s your mother that’s an a$$hole for not aborting your Pu$$y a$$. Don’t worry, I’m going to kick your liberal a$$ like we used to do in high school and send you home to your mommy for more sexual abuse you POS.

  15. The Judge asked Trump to name him for SCOTUS and Trump said NO. So just like Mueller who wanted the FBI job and Trump said NO. So both are hurt and both don’t like Trump anymore.

  16. President Trump was talking about the phony accusations against him regarding the emoluments clause, it just came out sounding off. Shame on the “resistance”, being to childish to accept that he wanted not reward, but for America to shine it’s best.

  17. God Himself put President Trump in office and he will remain there until he finishes the job he was put there for. Law after law is being broken by Democrats is there no law to stop these sick people from breaking the law. Some people should be in jail for the threats they’ve made against him. God bless President Trump and God bless America.

  18. I’ve been loosing faith in Fox News for quiet some time now. I watch Fox And Friends in the morning, then switch to One America News until Tucker, Hannity, and Laura comes on. OANN will put trump on if he’s having a news conference, if he’s speaking out of state at some Bill that he’s passed. It doesn’t matter where he’s at, OAN will televise his speech. When he’s at a rally sometimes Fox News would break away and tell you that they will monitor it and if he says anything they will break back in but never do. I find it deeply troubling that he doesn’t have the backing of several R Congressmen and Senators just because he’s not Presidential. HELL THAT’S WHAT GOT HIM ELECTED!!!!

  19. Unfortunately the judge skews the law in half truths. An embarrassing person of honor.

  20. The judge was wrong “AGAIN” as often as the judge was wrong about the rights of Trump during the Mueller prob he is once again wrong about what happened in 2015 . Bohner says the judge got it totally wrong . Boehner says only rule change was to allow committee leader to get subpoena’s without going through leadership.
    Once again the judge didn’t know what he is talking about . It is scary to think about a judge who doesn’t know what he is talking about. We witnessed another instance of judge Nap talking like a man at a bar who knows nothing. Has anyone noticed that the judge is never invited on Hannity where the quality of legal analysts is very high. Judge Nap if you remember committed on how Trump did wrong but it was later discovered the Judge was wrong again because he didn’t know about the Article 2 rights of the president. This judge is a joke . Often wrong on key comments but never , never a redaction!

  21. Why do they have judge nap on answering questions that have to do with the federal government. He is not a federal judge. If your looking for correct answers, would you have some with expertise in the federal laws. Get a federal judge. But that would make too much sense.

  22. Reading Judge Napiltonos name, I stopped reading. He still is wounded for being passed over because he is inept and incapable of being a federal judge. Just like Mittens isn’t good enough, Comey Clapper Obama, Clinton, Mueller and Brennan are others that held jobs way over their heads. They were in deep water. They all blame President Trump for their inadequacy. Grow up.


  24. The Judge has an ax to grind with the President. People serve at the pleasure of the President in many, many cases. The Judge was turned down then and now we know that the Judge is a fair weather supporter only when he wants something!

  25. The Judge does not like the President because the President would not get him to be in the Supreme Court. I for one am very disappointed in the Judge. I would never have thought that he would take revenge against our President. I do not trust the Judge anymore and Fox News better watch out. They are going down hill from here. I like FOX AND FRIENDS, TUCKER CARLSON, THE FIVE AND HANNITY. THE REST OF FOX IS DEMOCRAT AND I DO NOT WATCH THEM ANY MORE.

  26. The president is immune to political or legal criminal investigation and impeachment is dead in SENATE.

    Get use to 4 more years.

  27. Both Judge Andrew Napolitano and Paul Ryan have become active left wingers that are against President Trump. It is no surprise that they are now talking negatively about the President. Both have become CNN and MSNBC trolls speaking and spewing fake news just like CNN and MSNBC hate mongers. It has now come to it that whatever they say, take with a grain of salt. It is a shame that no matter what the President says or does, the fake news hate mongers ooze out of the woodwork to speak trash once more. As for FOX News, the change from being unbiased to a biased group has hurt. Bringing on those from the Left has left a bad taste and it has hurt their reputation dearly. Get rid of those from the left before it is to late and you go into the sewers like the other fake news organizations.

  28. Let’s not forget. Judge Nap was turned down for a seat on the scotus and it still burns. He’s just being another Mitt Romney.

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