Fox News asked Joe Biden one question that had Democrats terrified

Democrats believe if Joe Biden can run out the clock and not make any major mistakes the Presidency is theirs.

But counting on Joe Biden not to make any major gaffes is a risky strategy.

And Fox News asked Joe Biden one question that had Democrats terrified.

Donald Trump recently sat down with Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace for an hour long interview.

During the course of the back and forth with Wallace, Trump claimed that Joe Biden could not hold up under this type of questioning and would be crying for mommy.

This past Sunday, Wallace explained that he asked to interview Biden, but that the campaign said the former Vice President was not available.

“In our interview last week with President Trump, he questioned whether his Democratic opponent Joe Biden could handle a similar encounter,” Wallace told viewers. “Well this week we asked the Biden campaign for an interview, and they said the former vice president was not available.”

“We’ll keep asking every week,” Wallace added.

This is not surprising.

Democrats want to keep Biden locked away in his basement so the American people can’t get a good look at Biden’s declining cognitive functions.

If Biden sat for long and difficult interviews, Biden could come across as bewildered and lost.

That would be a killer for the Democrats as it would hurt Biden’s ability to appeal to voters as a non-offensive alternative to President Trump.

The last thing Biden and the Democrats want is for voters to view the election as a choice between Trump and Biden as opposed to a referendum on the President.

Trump will defeat Biden if voters actually examine Biden as an alternative.

And that is why Biden won’t sit for interviews with outlets like Fox News.

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