Fox News asked one question that sent Joe Biden’s campaign into a meltdown

Joe Biden’s handlers have kept him away from any news outlet that just might ask a real question.

But the Biden campaign only dealing with the Fake News Media just backfired in a big way.

And Fox News asked one question that sent Joe Biden’s campaign into a meltdown.

Biden campaign spokesman TJ Duckalo appeared on Special Report with Brett Baier for a rare Biden campaign interview with Fox News.

The Biden campaign has never sat for hostile questions.

Staffers pre-select friendly press in the traveling press corps to ask Biden questions and campaign aides have never faced a skeptical reporter on the trail.

That explains why this six minute interview Baier was a complete train wreck.

But the worst came at the end when Baier asked Duckalo about Biden using a teleprompter to answer questions from the media and supporters when he takes questions from his Delaware home.

The Trump campaign raised this attack after Biden clearly read instructions for his message when answering questions and Baier gave Duckalo a chance to rebut them.

Instead, Ducklo refused to answer the question and dodged giving the American people a response on if Biden is unable to answer questions without assistance.

The Biden campaign shielded the candidate and staff from any questions for months on end.

A cheering press corps assisted in this effort.

Poor performances in interviews shift the focus of the campaign from Trump to Biden as voters begin to wonder if the campaign wasn’t in hiding because of the pandemic but because they want to avoid all scrutiny of Biden’s record and failing mental health.

The more voters focus on Biden and his record, the better it is for Trump.

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