Fox News Channel just did Joe Biden this unbelievable favor

Democrats often complain that Fox News Channel is state TV for the Republican Party.

Even though that attack is always false, it never rang less true than now.

And that’s because Fox News Channel just did Joe Biden this unbelievable favor.

The Biden administration trotted out Hollywood megastar Matthew McConaughey to appear in the press briefing room to make the case for banning and confiscating firearms from the American people.

McConaughey – who is a native of Uvalde, Texas – claimed, without citing any evidence, that gun owners supported the steps he and Joe Biden proposed to gut the Second Amendment.

After McConaughey spoke, Fox News anchors showered praise not just on him, but also on the gun grabs he proposed.

“He went into the ways he believes we can improve the situation in this country,” Fox News anchor Sandra Smith stated, adding that McConaughey appeared in the briefing room “to raise the age for buying an assault rifle to 21 years old unless you are in the military, all gun purchases should require a background check and red flag laws should be the law of the land.”

Smith’s co-anchor John Roberts doubled down on the praise.

“Real impassioned plea there, and the best presentation we have seen from that podium in an awfully long time, he is part of Hollywood, but a Texas native, Uvalde native,” Roberts stated.

It was not surprising that McConaughey delivered an emotional and commanding performance.

McConaughey is one of the most talented actors of his generation, so displaying a range of emotions comes naturally from his years of training and performing on screen.

Fox News Special Report host Brett Baier left viewers speechless by claiming that raising the age to purchase rifles to 21 and passing red flag confiscation laws – which allow the government to seize firearms based on no evidence and without due process of law – was a good “compromise.”

“You know, his specifics are, it seems like, a compromised position, and I think there are a lot of Americans who can get around raising the age to 21 for an AR-15. I think there are a lot of Americans who can get around a four-day waiting period to make sure that, you know, somebody just does not get it in the passion of the moment and does something. I think red flag laws raise other red flags that we have seen in other places, maybe that gets worked out. But there are compromised positions here and I think Capitol Hill is working on this,” Baier exclaimed.

Fox News viewers expect the on-air talent to skeptically cover the narratives and talking points of the Democrat Party and corporate-controlled media.

But because a Hollywood A-lister showed up, Fox News anchors got starstruck and willingly parroted the gun grabbers talking points.

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