Fox News did something surprising with the Hunter Biden email story

Hunter Biden’s emails and their alleged revelations of corrupt foreign business dealings are the biggest news on the campaign trail.

Joe Biden is on the defensive and went into hiding.

But Fox News did something surprising with the Hunter Biden email story.

The New York Post published the story of Hunter Biden’s emails after Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani came into possession of a laptop hard drive that Hunter Biden allegedly left at a Delaware computer repair store and never picked back up.

But amazingly the New York Post was not the first outlet pitched the story.

Fox News had first dibs.

And Fox News passed claiming the origins of the story were supposedly “sketchy.”

The Daily Caller reports:

Guiliani first allegedly approached Fox News regarding the laptop after he was given a copy from the shop owner, Mediaite reported Monday. The network would reportedly not run with the story unless the legitimacy of the emails and sourcing could be examined, Mediaite added.

“But according to two sources familiar with the matter, the lack of authentication of Hunter Biden’s alleged laptop, combined with established concerns about Giuliani as a reliable source and his desire for unvetted publication, led the network’s news division to pass,” Mediaite wrote.

Fox News fell for the fake news lie about the emails being the product of a Russian disinformation campaign.

But after Chris Wallace’s biased performance as debate moderator, some critics wonder if Fox News is hedging its bet that Joe Biden may win the election and Fox wants to move left as a result.

That possibility worries many Americans because Fox News is the only TV network – broadcast or cable – that doesn’t kowtow to the Democrat Party agenda.

If Fox moves Left because Biden wins the election, then there will be no TV channel providing hard-hitting and skeptical coverage of a potential Biden administration.

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