Fox News did something to Donald Trump that will leave you speechless

Liberals accuse Fox News of being state run media.

They claim it’s in the tank for Donald Trump.

But what Fox News just did to Donald Trump will leave you speechless.

CNN sued the Trump administration after it yanked White House correspondent Jim Acosta’s “hard pass.”

This pass allowed Acosta free run of the White House.

He can still apply for a visitor pass and report as he pleases and CNN still has 50 individuals with hard passes.

But CNN seems to think Jim Acosta himself has a Constitutional right to report from inside the White House.

So they sued.

And out of nowhere Fox News joined their lawsuit.

Axios reports:

Fox News is supporting CNN’s lawsuit against the Trump administration over the White House’s revocation of Jim Acosta’s press pass and plans to file an amicus brief in the case, according to a statement from the network’s president Jay Wallace.

“FOX News supports CNN in its legal effort to regain its White House reporter’s press credential. We intend to file an amicus brief with the U.S. District Court. Secret Service passes for working White House journalists should never be weaponized. While we don’t condone the growing antagonistic tone by both the President and the press at recent media avails, we do support a free press, access and open exchanges for the American people.”

Fox News joined with the opposition party media even though CNN’s so-called media reporters spend all day attacking the network and trying to get its primetime hosts kicked off the air.

Conservatives were stunned.

Acosta put his hands on a White House intern and disrupted a press conference. No media outlet would defend a Fox reporter if they behaved this way when Obama was President.

Does this move signal Fox under its new leadership may be moving left?

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Bonnie Dillenbeck: I agree. I like and support freedom of the press. In the case of news press, I support free and protected press only so long as the news reported is true. I don’t care if the news reported is good or bad, as long as it is true, and I don’t care if it takes one or two weeks to make the report instead of ten minutes, as long as the information is true. Some of these “news” sources imply, if not state, that they are reporting facts. Facts, by definition, must be true. If a “fact” is not true, it can NOT be a fact, it is a lie. An example of a fact is that pure water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit/0 degrees Celsius. Anything else is a lie. Adding NaCl salt to water will lower the freezing temperature, but then it is no longer pure water and the clarification must be added to show why this difference is also true, hence, a fact.

  2. The New Fox Management ruined the Morning Show right out of the Box. Have you seen those three Hosts or Anchors, two guys and one Sexy Female ( NO that is not a Me-Too Comment) sitting there and all they do is talk to each other with a glance at the Camera once in awhile, about their personal thoughts. Not good. TSgt., USAF Systems Analyst , Retired.

  3. Linda you are so smart ! Scott27 it ain’t so LOL! Another liberal who thinks he is smart and comes out to let us know he isn’t smart at all ! But he is proud to show off how stupid he is and does so everytime he posts his comments !

  4. Pulling the White House Press pass has absolutely nothing to do with the Constitution. This shows that Scott27 has no clue about the US Constitution.

  5. What you liberals never realized was this…. it is one nation, under God. Not under Obama. Obama was anti- American. His first speeches were from Fidel Castro’s first speeches when he first ran in Cuba. Pieces of them or the entire speech. But the DEM’s kept saying how brilliant he has to be to have written those !!!! No, he just stoled them. His SS# is from MASS. . He never was in MASS. B4 he was elected. If they still want to claim it is his SS# then Obama is an old white Woman in her 90’s. Which then works out if Michelle is actually a male named Michael! Obama’s BC he posted on the WH web page was FRAUD ! Alone the name of the hospital by itself did not exsist for another 17 years. The BC number doesn’t match up with the one B4 it and after it as time and date are then wrong. Obama’s 4 books he claimed he wrote himself all will let you know how anti-American he is. He talks about his dad was in the US Army in WW2. However, if so, the age of his dad would of been age 3 on Dec. 7th, 1941. Common now- we all know that we do not DRAFT until age five ! That is when your old enough to be tall enough by then to carry the rifle you are to use !!! LOL ! Also about OLD BUMMER growing up in the USA- NOPE ! He states that the greatest sound that he has ever heard was at age five when he heard ” The Islamic morning call to prayer.” If you know what that is, it is only done in Islamic countries. Never once in the USA. His books have him elsewhere at his young age, not in the USA. Those 4 books seemed to have disappeared a few months after his election. Thye say allot but not a thing about him being American. He so much is tied to bad people and muslims in his books. Old Bummer job made 7 videos while he was an Illinois Senator. ( Not FEDERAL ). They were on You Tube for a short time till it got well known and they all disappeared. All 7 were about what he would do if President. All were anti- American. All 7 were of him with a desk and 2 flags behind him. The flags were NOT the US Flag or were American at all. One looked exactly like the black flag of ISIS but ISIS did not yet exsist. When a guy who is running for President of a country and has the slightest idea of how many states there are in the USA you know dam well after as old as he was then would have and should have known that we had 50 states. Without question he should of easily known !!! This says he was not in the USA at all during his early childhood. With all the US Flags he had seen he never once even asked about what the stars and stripes are about either. He didn’t give a dam and he had no clue either. Saying we had 57 states should of alerted anyone that he is not an American !!! Or are all of you democrats saying that you also had no clue either and couldn’t care less?!

  6. You never ever see liberals take any blame. So funny, if anyone matches up with Nazi’s it is the democrat party and more directly at the liberals. Scott27 just said “BEST” not beast. So take another look and read it again. Scott is not aware that he just complemented MAGA people. Because all by itself and not connected to anything it reads alone as ” And they shall wear the mark of the BEST upon their foreheads. (maybe that mark is a red MAGA hat ). They are caps, not hats. But Scott27 just complemented all of us MAGA people. The sentence is all by itself without a single connection to it. So Scott27 just paid all of us MAGA people a great complement !!!

  7. Acosta was not asking questions. He was on a liberal rant and would not give up the mic. He also came close to assaulting the woman who was trying to take the mic from him. Freedom of the press is a constitutional right. To be invited to the White House press corps is not.

  8. Robert, your entire comment was so true, mostly the part about SS. We work and pay into it all our working lives and then get pissed on but a hoard of illegals who have broken 4 of our laws just by coming here (undocumented, pedophilia, polygamy and spousal abuse) get it all handed to them and get it as Uncle Scam bows down to them, DISGUSTING!

  9. this is not the subject but why dose the internet Keep asking us citizens if the wall should be built. was that not one of the Maine Reasons trump was voted in as Precedent to build the wall that was supposed to protect we the people from Foreign invasions that went Ramped and out of hand precedent, have supposed to had already built the wall and Failed and the people that are supposed to Represent the people have continued to spend the Border wall Funds on there Big Government Parties and there personal Vacations and Yates airplanes and Luxury items for there Greedy Self’s as Did the Social Security Administration did with the Peoples SS Retirement Money. not to mention the SS Money that is being Given to illegal foreigners that has never putt one dime into SS .

  10. I think I will just quit watching the news! Can’t get the truth from any of the now. Fox was the only one I watched, now “so fox”.

  11. You could see the “leaning tower” of FOX happening for sometime. Conservatives supported FOX strongly but will always support that which remains conservative/republican and if FOX fades away …so will they.

  12. I agree, no more Fox News for me, “if” this is true.I think I’ll wait to see proof. Since so many stories are BS, I investigate before I decide. Freedom of the press is for reporters that report facts, thats NOT, Acosta. He lies.

  13. I thought I read that AT & T supports CNN. Since many of us feel negatively about CNN, I’m now wondering, why we support CNN with our AT&T phones.

  14. Shame on FOX News for joining with the so-called “news” entity, CNN. Thanks Murdock for leaving FOX to be run by your two inept, liberal sons. It’s obvious from subtle changes in FOX that you are now leaning left. Hopefully another true conservative station will show up on cable and give us viewers a better choice for getting “fair and balanced” news. You’ve had a good run on cable but with your current shift left, you have signed your own death warrant. R.I.P. FOX news.

  15. Paul: I prefer Sarah Sanders or Trump to just abruptly end any press conference and walk silently away if the reporters cannot/will not follow the rules. There’s no requirement that the WH hold press conferences. There’s no rule/law/precedence how long a press conference has to be nor how many reporters** get to ask questions. As for Acosta having a hard pass or any pass, I’m not aware of any law saying he or anyone else is entitled to one. It is a privilege granted by the WH, not a “right”. Acosta, and CNN by extension, is not being denied 1st Amendment rights. Acosta and CNN are welcome to continue to spout their useless drivel; they don’t need Acosta to be at a WH press conference to continue to lie, fabricate, distort or lie by omission any of their made-up fiction they pass off as “news”.

    ** I use the word “reporter” in the most generic way. Most are “opinion writers”. Journalism, in the traditional sense is a lost art and long gone.


  16. M, I agree. However, as I have read many of the comments on this thread, I have found Dr. J.D. and several others who well fit that description. I have tended to ignore them and focus on their “head” master Scott. But that one post was too easy to slam to not take a quick shot. Any one with even a remedial level of knowledge on the US Constitution will quickly and very easily see that Scott, Dr.J.D. and Erik are not well equipped to engage in a debate on this topic. Maybe no topic.

  17. Some ppl wonder if ‘press is ‘wanded’ Before
    entrance. I’ve have been asked q’s re acosta carrying
    a spray, if he ever got close enough. Your comment
    Lorna, begs the ‘diabolical’ ‘q’. 0u. yikes.

  18. Capt Blastoff, Please don’t ask Eric Granberg questions. He is a mental midget and searching for an answer to any question may short his brain out and cause his head to explode!
    Sorry, You were being serious! Eric is such a liberal jerk I could not help myself!

  19. Erik, yes, I considered that possibility. My knowledge and 18+ years of study of the US constitution indicate he was not wrong. Can you cite for me where in the US constitution you can support the assertion that he was wrong?

  20. Scott, wrong again. The WH is the home of the sitting POTUS, plain and simple. You are right, partially, in that we the people own the WH, but it is not our home. It is our property. And we own it for the sole purpose of providing a home to a sitting POTUS and other associated needs and purposes. Think about a rental property. The owner certainly owns it. However, once the property is under a lease or rental agreement, the owner has abdicated certain rights as to use and access of the property in question. If I rent a house from you, as my home and private residence, you can not come into my home uninvited. Unless there is a clause in the lease or rental agreement allowing you arbitrary access at any time to perform certain inspections related to the upkeep of the property. I have read a number of your posts. You do have some actual knowledge, but you are sorely lacking in intellect. You do not have a broad mind, nor a broad base of knowledge, nor the ability to think analytically. You have opinions, that are mostly wrong and, thus far, totally unsupported by any of your references to the US Constitution. You are nowhere near being well enough informed to engage anyone in a debate on the US Constitution. Your knowledge appears to consist mainly of things you have been told by others, but did no research to verify the authenticity of what you were told. That is not a debate, that is an argument with no solid base of factual information from which to make and support your assertions. I notice you have failed to produce the requested facts to support your earlier post as well as have made additional false unsupported and unsupportable claims.

  21. Michael, give us some examples of Trumps “dictatorial” actions. Maybe you are referring to his use of Executive Orders to undo an Executive Order by obozo on the daca mess. An executive order can not create law, only define how the law is to be executed, per the Executive branch. obozo stated over 20 times that he lacked the authority to do what he did with the daca mess before he did it. For once, he was right, he did not have that authority. Article I, section 8, if I remember correctly, of the US constitution clearly states that Congress has all authority on naturalization. One of about 18 powers delegated to the federal government, by the States, in the US Constitution. Therefore, neither the Executive nor the Judicial branches have that power, as obozo truthfully stated over 20 times. When Trump issued his executive order on daca, nullifying the Unconstitutional one from obozo, he said he wanted Congress to fix the mess, which was entirely legal and constitutional, and have Congress to the job only Congress can do. Perfectly in line with the Constitution. Nothing dictatorial there. But maybe you can let us all know exactly what acts you are referring to. Provided, of course, you actually have sufficient knowledge of the Constitution to make such statements, which I seriously doubt.

  22. Fox News Darlings……please tread lightly!!! The other darlings carry big sticks and they have a very diabolical agenda….promise!!!

  23. Acosta is not a reporter, only an agitator. Common sense dictates that a decent person would surrender the microphone when asked. He is what we called in the Army a snarf. The reporters I do not trust on Fox are Kurtz, Wallace and Napolitano. Thank goodness for Sean Hannity and commentators like Gutfeld and the morning news. MAGA RVN 68-69

  24. JD, you may want to do some follow up research. There was no blue wave. There were actually less seats loss by the sitting POTUS party’s first half term election than in Bill Clintons first half term and same with obozo. Add to that the difference in State government shifts and you will, or should, see the real truth. No blue wave, no red wave, republicans under Trump fared better than democrats under Clinton and obozo. And, just for full disclosure, I am a registered Independent.

  25. Scott/jd. i could ‘cheat you blind’. &
    ‘i can read your mind’. i don’t need to
    know anymore. i can read your mind. i
    could/can ‘cheat you blind’. Remember
    that toonie? Scott/ ricB jd etal OR Are you
    too young to ‘remember’?
    > Be careful. Words Mean ‘thangs’.
    Especially when it comes to ‘downing’ USA,
    You live here.

  26. > ‘acosta’ Should be V. Thankful
    he did not wear Khashoggi’s shoes
    (hiding under Bezo Washington Post)
    as a ‘journalist’) & ‘whacked’ apart.
    > NO ‘other’ COUNTRY on Planet WOULD
    ALLOW ‘acosta’s Action. ( As the House
    of Saud just ‘displayed’.) *

  27. Correct sp jd. “I agree with you Dam,”???
    > Angela Merkel ‘Needs’ You, Now__. Get ‘on’
    the Real ‘train’ (you support).
    > Make ‘contact’. Do not Waste ‘time’ here.
    >Peanut butter & (jelly- ahem) Will Not help
    you. Locate/Defend Your ‘true’ Venue.

  28. POTUS ‘CALMLY WALKED’ from Podium. NO ‘publicly ‘Displayed Temper’.
    You, ‘jd’ Are ‘seeing things’. Delusional]

  29. JD, Stopping telling lies and feeding false information to people! You comment is full of untruths and of the dozen signs of fascism you listed BHO was guilty of a minimum of half of them.
    You just never stop making yourself look uneducated, phony, fraud, fake and Dr., no, no, no!

  30. JD, Would you and everyone else please research and see that BHO lost more than 60 house seats. The blue wave was a ripple and the experts agree on that. You are a phony, fake, fraud, and ghost writer. That Dr. in front of your name fools nobody. I laugh at you, a big joke!

  31. Many who oppose Trump also believe in the Truth as best we know it, and Trump lies all the time and backs conspiracy theories he knows are false, and because Trump continually verbally abuses others, like other members of the GOP. In addition. Trumps ego means he does not listen to the experts . . . a very damning management flaw.

  32. I agree with you Dam, Hillary was and is a flawed candidate. Many of us Democrats opposed Hillary and worked for others to get the nomination, but she had it locked up. I liked Bill in many ways, great politician, but he was a “hound” and womanizer, like Trump IS. If you are not in a cult, look and see honestly as you can, the evidence that will soon be presented against Trump.

  33. Randy, that is the kind of thing Trumpers said before the blue waves came and gave a record number of flipping seats from Rep. to Democrat since 1974! I was the one on RR to predict it would be a blue wave, and others claimed it would be a red wave. The news actually looks worse for the GOP in the next 2 years as the corruption is unraveled and the complicity of the Republicans is exposed.

  34. Edd, what you said about the Civil War is technically close to truth, but it was the southern Democrats – – – and they have all joined the Republican party as the Democrats have supported Civil Rights. If you look at fascism, you will see it is Trump and the Trumpers who are involved in most of these features, especially the attack on media:
    1. Powerful and continuing nationalism – TRUMP, A DECLARED NATIONALIST.
    2. Disdain for human rights – SEPARATING FAMILIES
    3. Identification of enemies as a unifying cause – MUSLIMS, IMMIGRANTS.
    5. Controlled mass media – – – TRUMP SINCE DAY 1
    6. Obsession with national security – – 10 TIMES THE MILITARY SPENDING OF RUSSIA
    7. Religion and government intertwined
    8. Corporate power protected
    9. Labor power suppressed
    10. Disdain for intellectual and the arts – – ESP. TRUMPERS
    11. Obsession with crime and punishment – – PRISONS, CAGING CHILDREN
    12. Rampant cronyism and corruption – – JARED, IVANKA AND RUSSIA PROBE.

  35. Dr. JD: It is no big deal!! It is only a temporary injunction with instructions to Acosta to clean up his act. He is on a two week trial,if he screws up even a little then he looses the pass permanently. It was not a violation of his 1st Amendment rights. He could have had a charge of assault and battery leveled against him by the intern for unwanted touching. He clearly struck her with his arm when he chopped at her in his pulling the microphone out of her hand. CNN’s ability to report the news (something that they loosely choose to do) was unencumbered as they have numerous other credentialed so called reporters working for them that could take Acosta’s place. By the way it’s President Trump! Whoopee another liberal paper spouting false news about my President. He Canuck keep your damn opinion to yourself!!!

  36. Because, Chet and Dan – – journalists, many of whom are very excellent deal with stories and news all the time. Trump makes things up, lies continuously and when Trump knowingly lies, he not only loses the respect of journalists, but Trump is DISRESPECTING the American people. Sometimes Trump makes errors, not blatant lies, but he never EVER owns and corrects his errors. Then he rubs our noses in his deliberate LIES.

  37. Fox probably will change because most of media is educated, and most educated people do not agree with Trump and Trumpers.

  38. Ha! Scott27, best post today! I came to that conclusion on my own after reading Trumper posts on RR, AND by Trump’s own words that bragged that if he killed someone in broad daylight on 5th Avenue, they would still support him. He knew he had cult followers behind him that would deny THE Truth.

  39. You may be right, Scott27, but I think the red hats are the latest version of the Brown Shirts worn by the fascists in WWII. They also attacked the press, minorities, preached nationalism, wrapped it in some sort of weird religious idea that Trump was picked by the Lord unlike other presidents, and are extremely authoritarian and use scapegoats for all the blame. You never saw Nazi fascists or Trump fascists ever accept blame.

  40. You talked me into it, Eric, I think Trump was wrong and did what he did because it was CNN. CNN, like Fox, chooses who their journalists are, not Trump. Can’t Trumpers even admit, besides Acosta, that Trump was rude and nasty that whole press conference – – even to members of his own party who lost!? Are you that much into cult thinking?

  41. Acosta was supposed by Fox and 12 other news media companies. They did not side with Trump. Wow, Trump sure has tons of enemies, many who USED TO BE his supporters.

  42. Trump is losing a lot lately, especially his temper. Acosta has his press pass back and Trump ACTED like it was no big deal. If it is appealed, it will clearly be another of his 6,000 lies to date. The guy who keeps track of these and fact checks Trump daily is on the Toronto Star paper.

  43. Don’t you find it fascinating that the politicians in the east coast where this Republic was founded, do not have a love for this Republic?

  44. Well said Edd. The only people accusing President Trump of being a Nazi, are those Democrats who are speaking and acting like Nazis. And ANTIFA is in fact a Fascist group.

  45. WHEN POTUS ‘STEPPED AWAY’ from Podium, acosta’s
    Removal was getting close. POTUS showed ‘restraint’
    2x. 0ne hand signal from POTUS & it would have been ‘0ver’.
    POTUS WAS ‘nice’ In that Regard. POTUS ‘words’ were

  46. NO MEDIA ‘trashed’ barry. HOWEVER, Did YOU et al
    SEE vid when ‘barry h obama’ KICKED a D00R when
    press put a teeny bit of ‘heat on’ ??? Did You
    et al ‘miss THAT’? hmm__ guess so.
    Be Careful.

  47. ps. Scott. i could ‘cheat you blind’. &
    ‘i can read your mind’. i don’t need to
    know anymore. i can read your mind. i
    could/can ‘cheat you blind’. Remember
    that toonie? Scott/ ricB jd etal OR Are you
    too young to ‘remember’?
    > Be careful. Words Mean ‘thangs’.
    Especially when it comes to ‘downing’ USA,
    You live here.

  48. Hey Scott, since you’ve been around for so long,
    Re ‘RESPECT’. What Say you re obama ‘politic’ ???
    1) worldwide Travel APOLOGIZING for USA.
    2) 0PEN BORDERS.
    3) trashing Vets’ ie ( “well, you volunteered”
    & “Get your 0wn” etc)
    4) Blatant National FORCE re ‘HealthCare’ (ie
    Individual Mandate (adolf style).
    5) Need More Ex’s ?

  49. ps. M. ‘acosta’ Should be V. Thankful
    he did not wear Khashoggi’s shoes
    (hiding under Bezo Washington Post)
    as a ‘journalist’) & ‘whacked’ apart.
    > NO ‘other’ COUNTRY on Planet WOULD
    ALLOW ‘acosta’s Action. ( As the House
    of Saud just ‘displayed’.)

  50. Actually.According to his (acosta’s Action
    ie ‘laying hand’ IS Enough, for prosecution
    IN ‘other Courts’. No Exception.
    >WH NEED (if necessary) ‘draw’ New Rules.
    re ‘laying on of hands’ / No ‘mikes’
    IN ANY ‘journalist/reporter’ HAND. 0nly To Be
    Controlled by a ‘Designated’. PERIOD.
    The ‘freedom’ WAS ABUSED/DISREPECTED by acosta.
    ALL news media ‘controls’ mikes when interviewing ANY0NE.
    [ C p**hbah. me capish.]

  51. To Snott27. ” And they shall wear the mark of the best upon their foreheads. (maybe that mark is a red maga hat)”
    > Correct Your Sp. best should be BEAST (that’s ok, stiky keyboard)
    Perhaps You Are RITE – in ‘ink faux paux’/ gaffe ie
    “BEST upon foreheads etc. ” Red MAGA hat”. WEAR IT dude, 0r at Least
    ‘hide it’. SAVEUSA. YOU MATTER. (smart enough for ‘code’? )

  52. Snott 27 we don’t belong to a cult. Many of us have a different point of view. I voted for Ted Cruz in our primary. But I was determined I was going to support whomever won the nomination. And I don’t regret my decision. If I’m in a cult, then call it what it is. A free constitutional government. Watching the libs try to steal elections, it saddens me that I was once a democrat. Crooked hillary was a flawed candidate. Are you in her cult?

  53. > CORRECTOMUNDO, NO ‘CALL'( for acosta.
    Plenty More cnn ppl. Acosto = Back Row.
    NO ‘hands’ 0n microphone. EVER.___
    >New Rules for WH ‘receiving Press’. boom.
    >Acosta INSULTED the Entire ‘press corp’.

  54. I don’t understand? Does the USA not have what is called “one’s domiciliary right”? If the President does not have the right or the power to choose whom to give access to “his house” even so it is “the White House” I fear for the future of a great nation! But then it has been my own experience that there are judges in the US that can be bought.

  55. The lawyers and judges are making their own laws, through inturpitaton (sp) They have too much power, that is how Hitler took over Germany. I grew up there and studyed the Nazi Party. The dems are following the blue print. The dems caused the civil war! Those who forget history will make the same mistakes again.

  56. I agree Jesse since FN fired Bill O’Reilly and it was because he is freinds with Donald the president or ceo of FN is an ass and no better then cnn

  57. Acosta should not have had his access returned. There are plenty of other CNN reporters. Acosta is rude and a disgraceful reporter. I have removed CNN. If enough people do that CNN will feel the pressure.

  58. James C. Green, Yes, never call on Acosta again! It would be a cold day in Hades before I called on him! He is the most demanding, rude, despicable, disrespectful, so called journalist I have ever had the displeasure of seeing. I would have him removed everytime he showed his liberal biased a$$!

  59. Am I the only one who received information in an article that the judge ruled DJT is instructed to “temporarily” return Jim Acosta’s press pass? What I saw stated temporarily returned until Acosta made a case that he should have his pass.
    Of course, the liberals stated Acosta’s press pass was to be returned, period. Sounds like the judge wants assures from Acosta he will clean up his act in press conferences.

  60. I agree with you 100%, Our president deserves all American’s respect! If the press cannot respect President Trump, then they should not be in the White House! If I were him, I would give whatever information that the people need to hear from his office, and have no reporters there at all! HE IS OUR PRESIDENT, whether the dems like it or not!

  61. Capt Blastoff, You have been added to my hero short list! Your comment to Scott27 made me smile! All he has are numerous tidbits of sarcasm and liberal talking points, he is immature and shallow. You actually studied and had some reality and facts to offer. Where have you been and don’t leave! We need warriors to fight the good fight. Thank you for your comments!

  62. But obozo did have certain members of the press wire tapped. He absolutely violated the Constitution with his daca mess. He even said, over 20 times, he did not have the authority to do it. Then he did it. In so doing, obozo actually created immigration law, in clear violation of the US Constitution. Refer to Article 1, section 8, of the Constitution where it is clearly stated as one of the 18 or so powers delegated to Congress by the States, “…to establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization…” Only Congress, per the Constitution has the authority to do what obozo did. He respected nothing other than the power he could amass for himself.

  63. Scott27, point out for us uninformed conservatives just exactly where in the US Constitution the POTUS is required to hold any press briefings. POTUS is required, per the US Constitution, to deliver an annual State of the Union report to Congress. However, after much study of the US Constitution, I can not find any support for your claim. Donald Trump, as POTUS, can have no press briefings, ever, and NOT be in violation of the Constitution. He can immediately cease all meetings with the press. He can invite 1 media member, or 100, to the Oval Office to discuss any current state of affairs. He can invite 1, or 100, private citizens, not associated with any media outlet, to the Oval Office for the same purpose. And he will still NOT be in violation of the Constitution. I suggest you actually read the Constitution before making such false claims. Meanwhile, I will not bother holding my breath while waiting on you to cite any thing in the US Constitution to buttress your comments. You can not do it. You are wrong.

  64. JoPaul, I agree. And, actually, when Trump stepped from behind the podium, I thought he was about to kick acosta in the ass on his way out the door. I also noticed that as soon as Trump started around the podium acosta sat his dumb as back down in his chair. I really thought Trump should hsve signaled security to remove acosta right then and there.

  65. So, the plan is, President Trump won’t call on Acosta and Acosta will make a scene. Hopefully the other members of the press corp. will raise up and tell Jim to stuff it. Or, if Acosta takes a swing at another intern, the Secret Service will arrest hi.
    Jim Acosta can do a remote report from jail while he is some inmate’s, well you get the idea

  66. But President Obama never pulled anyone at Fox’s credentials… for one reason. He respected the Constitution and the other things that once made this a great nation.

  67. If you saw the incident you wouldnt say that! Acosta should be arrested for assault! You are not allowed to touch anyone like that without thier consent! Now I would give him his pass but he wouldn’t ever be called on again, or any other CNN moron and I would cause him so much trouble while he was on White House grounds! He wants to play games, let’s play!

  68. Not according to the Constitution, on which this country was founded. But then, things like the Constitution and rule of law don’t mean much among this cult, do they?

  69. Even if Acosta’s WH pass is restored, all President Trump has to do is “never” call on him again… ever. The President has that discretion.

  70. Chet Varner: Are you speaking to me? I am a bit puzzled do you actually think The Lord selected “O” to become our President? And WHO could get much sleep when O was President? I mean after all were you not the lest but concerned about the way he TRIED to run Our Country?

  71. Scott27: Perhaps you did not realize that The Lord “hand selected” DONALD J. TRUMP to be OUR 45th President (And I believe OUR 46th also!) and when The Lord stands WITH YOU….no one can defeat you!

  72. Fox and CNN are BOTH WRONG and out of line. Acosta is an idiot and a liberal racist who never, ever would have disrespected Obummer the way has disrespected and……maliciously pushed the buttons on this PRESIDENT. I give President Trump tremendous credit and courage for even giving that fool the floor to ask his sorry ass questions. These (so-called journalists)are INVITED to come to a PRESIDENTIAL PRESS CONFERENCE. It is the President’s Press Conference not the “press’s” conference!!! There has always been an unspoken respectful decorum during those conferences. When a half wit journalist such as Acosta breaks that decorum the PRESIDENT has every right to pull his pass until whenever the President sees fit to reinstate it. Acosta, the fool, would never have gotten away with his grandstand antics in Judge Judy’s Courtroom now would he? So….. just have a “little common sense”, behave yourself, be respectful, ask fact-based questions and maybe this would not have happened. If I remember right Obummer would not pull passes he just NEVER called on FOX NEWS journalists for questions. How about that one??

  73. Cynthia: Our Country was in pretty bad shape when O lived in the White House and perhaps their were some that thought we were doomed BUT, thank The Lord #45 is RESCUING Our Country! President Trump is doing an OUTSTANDING job cleaning up O’s mess! The future of Our Country is sun shiney bright!

  74. Scott27: The White House is where OUR PRESIDENT RESIDES and HE has the PRIVILEGE of inviting or un-inviting whom ever HE chooses!! The only scary business going on in Our Country is the path that the looney left is TRYING to take us down…..


  76. Scott27: PRESIDENT TRUMP is the ONLY ONE who automatically deserves RESPECT!! He is the PRESIDENT after all! HE is the ONE with the most important & powerful position in OUR COUNTRY! The reporters are INVITED to the WHITE HOUSE and if they do not have enough sense to behave accordingly, they certainly should have their eyes wide open when they get KICKED OUT!

  77. Eric Granberg: President Trump has been totally disrespected from the very beginning of his campaign and it continues 2 years later! Like it or not Donald J. Trump is the POTUS and he has the right to command RESPECT! CNN does not even know the definition of RESPECT nor do they realize as a News Reporting Agency their obligation to the public is simply REPORTING the news! However, if the TRUE news is NOT to their liking OR their opinion the news report then becomes CREATIVE WRITING! President Trump resides in the WHITE HOUSE and he can invite or un-invite who he wishes after all, HE is the President! Jim Acosta is RUDE and he likes to “SHOW BOAT” his behavior while he is in the White House! As a matter of fact he continually is a smart aleck when presenting questions to the POTUS! He also does not know when to HUSH or even act like he cares that he has pushed his luck. He should have been kicked out of the White House long ago! And other reporters with similar behavior should be put on notice to act appropriately and RESPECT the POTUS or they will be facing the same medicine as Jim Acosta!! I mean DONALD J.TRUMP is the
    PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!! He holds the HIGHEST, MOST IMPORTANT & POWERFUL job in the UNITED STATES! And REGARDLESS of who these reporters VOTED for, DONALD J. TRUMP is the WINNER of the 2016 Presidential election! And if reporters cannot exercise any control of their mouth and/or their opinion ALL of US TRUMP SUPPORTERS
    will continue to sit back and watch the show! If this childish temper tantrum behavior of the looney left reporters continues then they should expect to be treated accordingly as children! Grow up! STOP with the “crybaby” behavior! Democrats LOST the election! REPUBLICANS WON GET OVER IT ONCE AND FOR ALL!! GEEZ…..

  78. They did put that in the Constitution as a check… for the sole purpose of providing some check and balance on extremists who find their way into a leadership position. To do otherwise is a more frightening prospect than you might imagine.

  79. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking but I believe Acosta will burn himself out if President Trump (God I love Printing That) just does not give him a chance to do his schtick, the other journalists will get tired of his childish behavior. If he’s not given the mike he will be his obnoxious self and people will tire of it.

  80. A fish rots from the head down… and your leader has no regard for the rule of law or the Constitution. Maybe those who oppose him believe in those things.

  81. Fox (my favorite news source)should check their FACTS!! As I read all this, the WH only pulled Acosta’s hard pass, NOT CNN’s pass/s. This shouldn’t even have anything to do with any court, nor any amendment. I am under the impresssion that Mr. Acosta would have to pass a security check before he was even considered for a Press pass. The WH does not have to let him in!!! Regardless of what a stunt judge mya have to say.

  82. I was always taught you have to earn respect. Ya know. And as soon as mr. trump starts respecting the office, maybe he’ll see it in return.

  83. No President Trump was not wrong! Acosta is an arrogant SOB that does not ask questions – he lectures! Not proper decorum! And for your information you should be calling the President by his title. That’s the problem no one shows him the respect he has earned by being elected to the position!

  84. so Acosta gets his press pass back….so what?…having a press pass does not guarantee the President of the United States will choose you to ask as question. With 150 reporters there and Acosta “issues” I’d be shocked if he ever gets to ask a question again. President Trump should just handle these in the same fashion as Obama did in his “press conferences”, there would be 4 or 5 chosen journalists who were supplied with one sentence questions to ask. They’d ask the question and Obama would pontificate for 15 or 20 minutes talking all around, over and under the question and never actually anwer it..but he talked a lot sounded good, the questions were softballs, and Obama basically gave a campaign speech at each and every press conference. Trump is too honest, he actually answers the questions and the Libs don’t like the answers …too bad.

  85. I wish I could get OAN but my cable provider does not have that channel! AT&T carries it but their prices are ridiculous and they want everyone to switch to DIRECT TV in this area and I refuse to do the satellite tv thing. Too many storms to justify the outages.

  86. Fox News has been showing liberal bias for a while now since the Murdoch sons have taken over. We all see it and we’re looking for another conservative media outlet. I understand that there’s one in the works. Whoever starts one will make a lot of money.

  87. Do your really think Fox will get a fair shake the next time a Libturd occupies the White House?? Obummer is still complaining that Fox didn’t prostrate itself in front of his “imperial majesty”…the Kenyan usurper.

  88. Rupert is the CEO but his worthless son, Lachlin along with his “progressive spouse” are running the empire for all intensive purposes. Just what we need – more foreigners telling the most successful constitutional republic in history how to live by their mediocre European standards – as we continue to fund most of their boondoggles like defense, World Health, ad nauseum. The book hawking is as ridiculous as the Network’s redundancy. The Five, which used to be entertaining with Bob Beckel, has become a pathetic hour of horror for anyone with an intact cerebellum. If not for a couple of shows on the Fox Business Channel, Laura Ingraham, and Greg Gutfeld’s show on Saturday night (for levity), I don’t waste my time with any so-called journalists / Pulitzer-seeking putzes on any network as they peddle their elitist opinions as “facts” sans research. Fortunately, many of us have the where with all, native intelligence, and critical thinking capacities to separate some kernals from the chaff – even as uneducated, deplorable buffoons, according to latest polling data.

  89. FOX is not becoming just like the rest of the stations. Acosta is not journalist. He is disgusting and rude, everything a real journalist is not.

  90. Same here. Juan Williams needs to go to CNN. I don’t watch The Five because he gets on my last nerve. Also, I find that Shannon Bream leans left a lot so I stopped watching her. I love OAN especially Liz Wheeler. She’s awesome.

  91. True. I hope Fox is not going too act like the rest of the so called media…. We have had enough of their garbage.

  92. Hate Speech is included in free speech. You may not like it but Hate Speech is protected speech. What Acosta did was not civil and he should have been escorted from the WH that very moment. He was disrespectful to the President and the American People and to the other reporters doing their jobs in a civil manner. Whether you like the President or not he is still the President of the United States.

  93. There seems to be a lot of folks who do not believe in a judgment day . Wasn’t something said about weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth ? There may well be a time awaiting liberals that will be too horrifying to imagine .
    God bless America and President Trump

  94. I to have become somewhat disenchanted with FOX News programming of late. The only shows I can say I I actually watch are the one hosted by Martha McCallum and Tucker Carlton.
    I do find the shows very repetitious. I also find that they over promote their own books. Also, they need to limit the number of guests or segments that they have on the programs. It seems that they have to cut people off so many times because of the limited amount of time that a segment is allotted. In response to their joining the suit first off that in and of itself is bogus. To me no reporter is “owed a press pass to the Whitehouse.” But I do have the solution. GIVE ACOSTA BACK HIS PASS. NEVER CALL ON HIM AGAIN TO ASK A QUESTION. IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT MAKE HIM SIT THERE LIKE A BUMP ON A LOG, NEVER TO DISRUPT ANOTHER PRESS BRIEFING OR CONFERENCE AT THE WHITEHOUSE AGAIN!!!

  95. I don’t believe this is fake news. I have been noticing for several months how Fox is leaning toward the Left. I watch very little on their channels anymore. That used to be the only channel I watched but not anymore. They are becoming like the rest of the media outlets…..Trump haters

  96. I was watching FOX when they made the statement. I did a double take to make sure I heard right. I have already commented my opinion more than once on different sites. FOX stabbed Trump in the back. I hope he turns that network loose. When I run across 2 faced people, they are done in my world.

  97. When did lawyers start telling the President what he could do? Acosta is rude and a showboat that should have his media pass revoked forever, April has been rude in the past. All should show respect, if that seems impossible they should be put in a room away from live broadcast,(maybe a closet in the basement).

  98. Fox news is joining to make sure that when the presidency changes in the far future, not 2020, they will have basis to claim the right for their journalists to be treated the same way. Keep on watching Fox. It is still the only network, other than One America News (OAN) and Levin’s CRTV), that still has the most factual and conservative news. This doesn’t exist on any of the other networks. The other networks provide a mob scene slave mentality where they are fed their points every morning and are not allowed to stray from those.

  99. I don’t watch fox news like I did, because they are falling off the wagon. I had some trust in fox news to cover stories fairly straightforward, but they seem to struck in the same story day after day, or they get a story, and drive it not the ground.

  100. I feel like FOX is trying to dump us. Why would they shoot themselves in the foot like that. They are liberal. It’s becoming very clear. Only other possibility is that this is “fake news”.


  102. I’m down to Tucker, Hannity, Fox & Friends in the mornings. On Fox business down to Lou Dobbs. I really like Charles Payne & David Asman, but someone has to take the hit for Fox.
    Afraid Fox News made a huge mistake. They have joined in with the mentality of the dimms. Total disrespect for females. That fool, Acosta, used the same theory that the dimms. use, Control & dominance . ‘I’m better than you, so I can do anything to you. You are beneath me. So, do what I say & I’m be nice to you.’ Same thing Hillary was saying when she made that stupid incivility remark {which only applied to her & her dimms.}

  103. Not a smart move for Fox news. They think by jumping on Acosta’s bandwagon they will come out ahead when in fact will hurt their ratings. I for one will not be watching.

  104. I believe its just a matter of time and FOX news will be in the toilet with the rest of the liberals. I believe this is the time for Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and a lot of others from FOX news and other conservative people that believe in the Constitution and The Bill of Rights start a TV and Radio talk show for we people that are conservative in our belief of how the government should be ran. I think they would really become the most popular media in the USA in a very short time.

  105. Jim Acosta set out to accomplish just what he did. He needs to read Romans 13:1-3.
    I am so disappointed in Fox except I still watch Shaun Hanity, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham. But I think my problem is more about listening to all the news about liberal news and liberal activists. I just can’t see where liberal activists are coming from, the hate, vitriol, lies. It’s threatening and changing our way of life and the Constitution of America.


  106. fox better be careful, without hannity,ingraham and tucker nobody would watch them they are starting to slide to the rotten left,watch out fox.

  107. Fox News better wise up!!! If they don’t, their ratings will tank as well!! And we will NOT be watching anymore, if they turn on the President! Hmm, that will be a Few Million, that will stop watching!!!
    WAKE UP FOX!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

  108. Obviously moving left. They want to hedge their bet because the dems won the House. judge or not, If I say that someone cannot come into my home, then they damn well better not. The left has been complaining about the way they say they are treated by the President being brash, rude, etc….But when a reporter does it, and puts hos hands on someone and is denied further access, the left thinks that is alright. Personally, I would have had the secret service lock him up for assault before taking away his access pass. Now he will feel that he can do anything he wants. He is a SCUM-BAG.

  109. if you dont respect the office of the white house and you dont respect the president of the united states you shoud’nt be allowed a pass period.who does acosta think he is putting his hands on that young girl.his dispicable act should not go unnoticed, he got what he deserves.

  110. If Acosta misbehaves in any way, he should be physically removed from the conference. Fox is pretty much done for, except for a few good guys. The Fox leadership is globalist all the way. Better channel is One American News Network.

  111. Fox News has been turning towards the Left for some time now. Just watch Shep Smith at Noon (PT) and it’s in your face with him. He hates Trump and shows it. The morning shows are all going Left and Cavuto is a Lefty. After 18 years of watching Fox you can now color me GONE. We have to stop giving in to people that are wrong and Acosta was wrong. Should be sued for assault by the intern. Fox is wrong for backing him up.

  112. We no longer have a complete neutral news station to watch. Fox is becoming another anti-Trump station. I might just go to the radio altogether. I like to watch old shows like in The Heat of the Night. Blue Bloods, etc.

  113. I will help you kick ass, would love to. Fox you now have a BIG negative against you. Costa is trying to be very disrespectful. So you want rude as one of your calling keys. The whole thing makes me sick. Sue, Sue. So many people have forgotten what life is about, so sad.

  114. I can’t believe that Fox is backing that left wing person for arguing with the President and then touching an Aid who was asked to take the microphone away from this jerk of a reporter.
    Dick Palmer

  115. It has been turning left for some time now. They have put different people in !
    Don’t trust them anymore.

  116. Very disappointed in Fox News. As far as I’m concerned the President doesn’t have to put up Acosta’s attitude. No respect!!!! I guess HATE SPEECH is now included in FREE SPEECH. Shame on Fox News!!!!

  117. Rupert Murdoch is the CEO of Fox News. It was going to come out sooner or later than Fox is not as conservative as they portrayed. Too bad Fox is going against the majority of the American people now.

  118. I have had no respect for fox news for quite a while, since when they supported taking a knee in the nfl. The local TV fox station here opens the news “we’ve got what you NEED to know”. Bullcrap! They don’t know what I need to know! In fact, I’ll be I have a few facts that they need to know! LOL* I hate that they use that term to intimidate some into thinking they are telling the truth.

  119. What is wrong with Fox leadership. We have made them #1 and we can put them down to can level. If they continue to lean toward the fake news cnn, they will suffer if they are going to turn on the people who made them. I think they don’t need us anymore, but we will show them just how wrong they were to turn on our President and the people. They have NO justification for this. Period.

  120. What the hell is the problem with you folks. Acosta was very very rude and out of control. That was the reason plus Him stopping the aide from taking the mike back. We saw it live. CNN has others that could go other than Acosta TO THE W.H.. This WAS NOTRESTRICTING FREE SPEECH AND YOU INCLUDING THE JUDGE KNOW IT. I say take it to the Supreme Court.

  121. I think the White House should have sued that idiot for putting his hands on that in turn in the White House well it’s time for everybody quit watching Fox News Now I think they have turned their backs on the American people

  122. Disappointing that FOXNews has chosen to support CNN. Acosta is it obnoxious overbearing blue heart who is a total waste of time. He not only disrespects President Trump come Sarah Sanders but he disrespects the other journalist who were there, even though it’s a stretch to call him a journalist, and the American people. It’s main purpose is to bring attention to himself regardless of what anti-American position he always takes. Instead of CNN supporting him the ethical thing would be to fire him. But then of course we can’t expect anything ethical, honest or anything related to integrity to come from CNN or anybody connected with them. Acosta just needs to go away now.

  123. ABSOLUTELY upset with Murdoch’s son! Will no longer rely on Fox news except for Hannity, Dobbs, Tucker and Trish! The rest is erased

  124. This is very disappointing. A couple years ago one could rely on FOX News to be fair and principled in their actions. That era has passed and now they are just piling on, irrespective of the damage it is doing to the country. Anyone who saw or heard the press conference must conclude that the CNN reporter was rude and abusive, including physical abuse. This Fox support of CNN is a new low

  125. I as a fan of Fox and friends have noticed certain anchors, not early who seem to swing way to the left of center. This is very disconcerting ==Brian Steve and Ainsley do not fit that mold. Acosta, for his actions should never be allowed in the White House. His poor taste in questioning and badgering of President Trump is reprehensible. He does work for the Clinton News Network. RVN 68-69

  126. That is a prelidge not a right that is a place that must be professional not a jerk they reporter must respect the White House of course CNN is strictly a Democrat they whine over everything by being allowed in the White House news room is a priviledge if they don’t like it don’t go they are no better than the rest of the population

  127. There are some back stabbers in Fox News. Susan Hannity and Tucker Carlson are straight shooters. But some of the news anchors suck.

  128. I have not watched ANY network in 2 years. I prefer to get my info from the internet, where I am free to cross reference and come to my own conclusions. Well, I conclude the the Democratic party is GOIN” DOWN!
    Trust the Plan.

  129. If I am not mistaken, Fox News is ran by Murdock’s son who is a liberal- so there you go. It will slowly get worse. Remember, everything happens in steps.

  130. Get on it…I just sent a blast to FOX…Fox and Friends, FOX News Feedback and Cavuto stating that I would no longer tune in to any FOX program until there was a change. I also sent it out to my blog. Let’s show FOX who is boss here. Enough of this nonsense.

  131. Well.let’s show FOX we have some power. I don’t care who or what show…I will not tune into FOX until they back down. Screw them.

  132. WHAT IN HADES? Fox is owned by liberals but has maintained their middle of the road to conservative stance. Does this mean they want to be lumped in with the rest of the MSM with sagging in the sewer ratings? Uh Fox, we don’t HAVE to watch you, ya know. We might as well watch the other channels if you are no different, right? RIGHT! Even if you don’t agree with DJT, for the sake of your faithful viewers, you could have kept your mouth shut! This REALLY bothers me, a lot!

  133. I think the White House should suspend all press conferences until further notice and let the president use his twitter at will.

  134. Legal judicial action is probably correct action to take…either unruly people can be disciplined or not…if not the president will just deny press conferences and hold campaigns instead.

  135. Jim Acosta is not a reporter, he is an activist. Furthermore the intern should have him arrested for assault. It is never OK to put your hands on someone else in that manner.

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