Fox News expert left Trump grinning from ear to ear with this coronavirus prediction

The Chinese coronavirus is now the dominant issue in American life.

How the President handles this outbreak will determine the scope of the pain felt by Americans as well as his political future.

And one Fox News expert left Trump grinning from ear to ear with this coronavirus prediction.

Democrats and many political pundits are predicting that the outbreak of the Chinese coronavirus will seal the President’s political doom as the economy slides into recession and the job losses mount.

But Fox News political analyst Britt Hume does not agree.

Hume told Fox News Channel host Martha MacCallum that the devastation from the Chinese coronavirus is not of Trump’s making and the American people will judge the President on his response and what shape the economy emerges in after the outbreak subsides.

“If, on the other hand, we are able to blunt the force of this,” Hume explained to MacCallum, “and we are able to helicopter, drop money out of helicopters, as the saying goes – to get money to people – an economic downturn, and people are able to weather it, and it comes to be felt by the country that this administration, after maybe some halting steps at the beginning, did a good job mobilizing the country and mobilizing the government and seeing us through it, that could be quite good news for the President.”

Hume also praised the more solemn tone the President’s taken at his last two press briefings as evidence Trump was making sure the American people saw steady leadership in a time of crisis.

“Although yesterday I think and again today he seems to have gotten the idea that he wants to figure out exactly what he wants to say and not stray from the script and be as precise as possible with the information that he communicates,” Hume added. “That will help him.”

The Chinese coronavirus is a black swan event.

All the previous conventional wisdom about how President’s fare when they run for re-election during economic slowdowns goes out the window.

Voters, pundits, and politicians are flying blind right now as the response to the virus takes over every aspect of American life.

And how the President handles this crisis will likely determine his fate.

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  1. William, that is great that your cancer is gone. God is so awesome!! You are correct. God did not create this virus. ALL evil and chaos come from satan, not God. satan will do all he can to cause havoc. He hates all that God has created and delights in destruction. He is laughing his head off at what he has caused, but God wins. We need to get together as a country and ask God for His help and let Him back in. God says in His word that if we come to Him and repent He will heal this land. But the dems have thrown Him out and want nothing to do with him. satan is their master. sad

  2. I thank God for everything good, including my cancer being treated in time. God did not create this corona virus, it happened! God did not warp Hitler, and most of you do not remember when Russia agreed to supply Cuba with atomic missiles 90 miles from the US. stop blaming God, and ask him for help.Faustis says wait a year, ask God to wake him up.

  3. Donald Trump is one bad ass! Hes like the Chuck Norris of politics, lol! They are scared ####less of him and rightly so! He uses his words like a boxer uses his fists! He represents the people and he dosent compromise his integrity to please those creeps in Washington. Hes not impressed by their elitest smug asses, hes rich but can empathize with the common man and fights for us. I sleep better at night knowing he never seems to. God Bless you President Trump! Build the wall! MAGA!

  4. I really like Britt Hume. He tells the truth. He supports our president and our country unlike the warthogs and feckless c–ts at CNN and MSNBC. Turds like Alexander and Acosta are what is wrong with TV news shows now. They constantly lies and try to shift the truth to match their own pathetic viewpoints. Perhaps the virus will hit these shows and give them a through cleaning. One can only hope!

  5. Robert, you are clearly the fraud. Pres. Trump is a great leader and has done a lot of good for this country. You have no concept of the truth

  6. Total waste of time discussing WHAT coronavirus should be called. Political correctness constitutes mass zombie manipulation. COVID-19 originated in Wuhan, China. Calling it Chinese, Wuhan, whatever — projecting racist stereotypes is a ridiculous default orchestration — who cares. Pathetic impotency.

    President Trump already demonstrated outstanding progress with his economic, military, immigration, pro-life leadership, prior to COVID-19. He accomplished significant positive improvements to resurrect Anetica from the damaging depressing Obama regime, even with the sham impeachment.

    President Trump’s focus to contain the virus by closing borders, risks his economic prosperity, but evidences his courageous commitment to save lives. That is the highest priority and he should be justly commended.

    Thank God for President Trump. In God We Trust.

  7. Poor Joe won’t even remember that they selected Hillary as his running mate when they put him out to pasture.
    Hillary will probably trip on a curb the next time she passes out and her Social Security guard will just accidentally step on her neck, which will mean that the Great, Grand, Illustrious, Ever Truthful Nancy will be President within a year or two.
    Oh, well so much for Making America a Great Part of the New World Swamp.

  8. Every night, morning, afternoons I ask, when will we get started killing media, deep state, politicians whom have all committed Treason. Lord please give us the strength to fight to the end. God Bless America!

    “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

  10. Trump is doing as well as anyone could dealing with the virus,
    would do much better if the Dems would either stop criticizing,and either help or get out of the way.
    Rather telling, though, that their media mouthpieces themselves were calling it the Chinese Coronavirus until China complained, and now it’s suddenly a ‘racist dog whistle only used by Republicans’? Shows who the left is actually serving, and it’s sure not we Americans!

  11. We already have a virus much worse than the China Wuhan virus. We are born into this most deadly virus. Fortunately there is a cure but that depends upon accepting a free gift paid by the only One who could afford to pay its price. That most deadly virus is separation from He who paid for our cure upon our natural death. We all die of something. That virus is sin. Sin is grounds for not spending infinite time in God’s presence with His; Son, Jesus the Messiah, and the Holy Spirit.
    Read these from Holy Bible:
    1 John 5:13 …so you may know….
    Romans 3:23 …all sin and fall short of God’s Glory …
    Romans 5:12 …by one human sin entered world …
    Romans 6:23 … payment for sin is separation from God in Heaven …
    Romans 5:8 … God loved humans while we were sinners…
    Romans 10:9-10 … confess your sins and ask for forgiveness …
    Romans 10:13 … whoever calls on name of the Lord will be saved …

  12. Robert, Trump is not a cult leader anymore than Reagan was. Trump just happens to be a very good president despite his antics, and people recognize that. Sure the man has many flaws but otherwise he’s doing a pretty good job trying to fix the garbage democrats have created, and fulfilling his campaign promises. Can you honestly say the country would be better off if Hillary had won or if Biden wins in November? Just how crazy are you?

  13. Lawrence. True, this an act of God. However, if you are at the helm, you don’t steer the boat by turning backwards and looking where you’ve been. This guy is just plain insane. I am a life long Republican.

  14. If this drug is OK for people with arthritis by the FDA, all folks with arthritis except for diabetics should be able to use this drug now??????? Why not????

  15. Robert and the rest of you trolls and dem’s on here, there’s a major difference between what’s going on now and the great depression and other financial crises of the past. The past crises were created by monetary mismanagement with big dem’s in charge (FDR, Carter, etc.) while the current crisis was an act of God and Trump is at the helm. Unlike other politicians who never created a real job in their lives, Trump is a job creator en masse (like Reagan who created 25 million jobs after he ended the Carter recession) and won’t let this country go down the tubes. He’ll rebuild it fast. (Curtesy of Mark Levin, the Great One.)

  16. You people are all truly beyond help. Being a follower on this does not make Trump a leader. Getting him to read some of the truth rather than his typical ranting does not a leader make. Wake up folks. You’re cult leader is a fraud beyond imagination.

  17. Down with the deplorable democrats
    Trump four more years
    Biden is a dumb stupid senile jerk just like hrc

  18. The Liberal chicken ” S ” media Idoits , are in need of having there rear ends kicked from here strait to HELL’S GATE. That’s right where they belong !!

  19. Here’s how the Democratic minds operates , Obama and hillary said older people need to go ! Holding life saving drugs and pharmaceutical companies paying Democrats to hide the truth such as cures for cancer , diabetes , ECT: and paid big ! Now a virus and China holding life saving drugs and supplies and with the Democratic party senator’s negotiating deals with Iran maybe China and who knows what else they have illegally done ? Maybe they have a cure that we don’t know about ? They’ve said just Republicans will die from it It’s
    accusations just like the Russia B S . And impeachment . Democrats are what I flushed this morning.

  20. Richard, you are a fool.You refuse the answer without looking it up. I am not Pelosi saying”We have to pass the bill, and then we can explain it” Of course you wouldn’t understand anyhow…LOOK IT wUP Numbnuts.

  21. sorry France tested 24 people and I stuttered, China has not told the world how many they have treated.w

  22. France has tried 224 people on a quinine medication, with Azithromas as a booster. The Chinese admitted they know about it and are using it. They are fda approved for consumption for other illnesses, and this should speed up the acceptance and use for it. GOOGLE it and check Wikipedia, do not ignore it because it something you do not want to hear.

  23. Peter! Biden could not even stays wt ih his very own thoughts, how could he be able to handle Crisis ? Please, be REALIST and TRUTHFUL!! We are speaking of the Wellness of our Nation! Not POLITICS! Never to use a National Crisis to PRESS ON for PERSONAL GAINS! Solving problems of the NATION must be the First and the Formost FOCUSE!

  24. It’s REALLY SAD when politics come into a crisis and puts up, no pun intended, a wall from the DemoRatic side of the isle, funny how this wall is OK though. If the DemoRats have ANY hope to regain the Senate AND the “Oval Office”, they better get their heads out of their ASSES! The CHINESE GOVERNMENT CAUSED THIS VIRUS AND LET IT SPREAD THROUGHOUT THE WORLD BECAUSE THEY DIDNT WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW ABOUT IT OR WANTED TO BRING DOWN THE ECONOMY SO THEY COULD BE #1! It’s called the “Chinese Virus” because it ORIGINATED IN CHIMA!!! THIS B.S. of the President being “Racist” for saying the TRUTH” is why this country is soo divaded! I don’t remember President Dwight D Eisenhower being labeled a “Racist” in 1957 when he called the Pandemic the “Asian Flu”! We ALL need to come together and FIGHT this awful disease or it be the end of life as we want life to be!

  25. We are the greatest country the world has ever known. Now is the time, when the entire world is looking to US for leadership, to band together, elderly, young, high income families, low income families, every nationality, ever religion, every sex, civilians and our military personnel, every single American citizen, and show the world why we are the greatest country on earth. What we do these next several months will have the most incredibly positive impact, not just for all of America, but for the entire world. We cannot let petty political rhetoric, political posturing, get in the way of ALL OUR RESPONSIBILITIES to not only ourselves, our country, but to the entire world. PLEASE, I cannot emphasize enough the critical responsibility we all have to do our part in helping our country, our world survive and prosper in the years ahead. Our children’s, our grandchildren’s futures are at stake. Let’s all put any and all political differences aside, support our leadership and do all we can to help make get our country safe first, then back up and running and leading the world to new heights of greatness. Together Everyone Achieves More! Good luck to all and may GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️

  26. Stay strong, stay smart and this will pass. Americans are to strong and stubborn to be brought to their knees by ANYTHING made in or coming from China.

  27. Yes! THERE’S ONLY ONE MAN WE SHOULD TURN TO DURING A WORLD-WIDE CRISIS!- JOE (PUSH-UPS) BIDEN!! He will put Obama’s team into action, take this swine flu behind the gym and beat hell out of it!

  28. The Corona Virus is not political it is real and making thousands sick, hundreds dying and work places closing, what the hell will it take to make us pull together to get this under control?

  29. Intelligent people realize that our virus problem didn’t involve Trump. But it’s great to have real leadership to get us through this. 4 more years!!!!!!

  30. If this flu is protected by the demon rat, they should be held accountable. I always knew they were no good. They have gotten worse and more violent since the last so-called president.

  31. It is a Chinese virus . They made it when the sold those animals that they did experiments on to the seafood market

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