Fox News exploded over what Kamala Harris is telling people behind closed doors

Kamala Harris suffered through a brutal first two years in office.

Now Harris thinks she turned the page.

And Fox News exploded over what Kamala Harris is telling people behind closed doors.

The corporate-controlled media is trying to rehabilitate Kamala Harris’ political image.

Polls show less than 40 percent of Americans approve of Harris as she stumbled from one failure to the next.

Biden named Harris as his border czar only to see record levels of illegal aliens invade the country.

More than 15 staffers quit following reports that Harris created a toxic work environment.

Harris’ public speeches turn into comedic fodder as her rambling speaking style leads to combinations of words never before heard in the English language.

But as 2023 kicked off, POLITICO published a puff piece claiming Harris was the big winner of the Midterm elections.

POLITICO claimed that the Democrat Party beating expectations meant Joe Biden was running for re-election and caused reporters to stop covering every Harris move in terms of how it affected her 2024 prospects.

“Now that it looks like he’s running, she’s really being treated like what I would call a ‘normal Vice President,’” one former Harris aide told POLITICO. “There’s just less attention, which I think actually frees her up to focus on excelling and not have to worry about the relentless scrutiny.”

POLITICO also reported that Harris believes the word that best describes her in 2023 is “momentum.”

“Harris herself has told her staff she is eager to do more. After returning from the holiday break, she went around the table during a meeting and asked each staffer what their word for the new year was. When it was her turn, she offered the word ‘momentum,’” POLITICO also reported.

On Fox & Friends, co-host Brian Kilmeade blasted Harris for celebrating the fact that she was now under less scrutiny as he said that was part of the job.

“I don’t agree with this at all,” Kilmeade began. “Don’t have to worry about the scrutiny. What does that mean? Worry about — you should be worried about whether you are scrutinized or not because you have an important job.”

Kilmeade then explained that Harris’ constant staff turnover was a huge red flag that she was nowhere near ready to step in as President.

“I don’t understand it. To me, if you are a strong Vice President and the President’s in trouble, you come to the conclusion that she is ready,” Kilmeade added. “There’s nothing that she has done, including keeping staffers, to make you think that she is even ready for that job, let alone another job.”

The corporate-controlled media can never stay mad at Democrats for long.

If Biden intends to run for re-election, then Harris will be on the ticket once again.

That’s why the media is now trying to remake Harris’ image with the public.

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