Fox News had Donald Trump red with rage after this report on voter fraud

Donald Trump is warning Americans that Democrats’ schemes to run the 2020 election entirely through mail-in voting will lead to massive fraud and a rigged election.

The Fake News Media claims this is a lie.

And Fox News had Donald Trump red with rage after this report on voter fraud.

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace is an establishment-aligned host that Fox News points to when critics claim the network is in the tank for President Trump.

And Wallace played to type when he attacked Trump’s claim that mail-in voting would not lead to massive fraud nor would it benefit the Democrats over the Republicans.

“They were two points I’d think about that. One, I have considered a lot of other groups; there just isn’t a history of fraud with mail-in voting – fewer than 1,000 cases since 2000 with billions of votes cast. So I think it is for 500 cases and all of them very minor and the fraud doesn’t particularly advantage one party or the other. You see, in some cases, Utah couldn’t be a more red state has all mail-in voting, and it doesn’t seem when you vote that it does for one party over the other, and it doesn’t seem to be fraud in one direction or the other,” Wallace said during a recent appearance on Fox News.

But two data points undercut Wallace’s claims.

First, a city council election in Paterson, New Jersey, which is the fifth largest city in the state, was marred by arrest of four individuals – including one sitting councilman and the alleged winner of the election – on voter fraud charges.

Fully one fifth of all the votes cast in the election were thrown out as fraudulent and the city may need to stage a new election before it’s all said and done.

Secondly, Democrats would not support mail-in voting with such fervor if they did now know how much they stood to gain from America adopting this system.

Democrats are not known for supporting policies that benefit Republicans so Americans should question the idea that mail-in voting does not inherently benefit the Left.

Wallace has repeatedly criticized President Trump over the last several months, which is one reason why – outside of the network’s primetime hosts and morning show – many Americans see Fox News’ “straight news” programming turning into another CNN.

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