Fox News Host crushed one Democrat over a massive FBI scandal

Democrats are used to fawning interviews from members of the media.

Journalists act like a cheering section instead of inquisitors.

So this Democrat was completely unprepared for when a Fox News host unloaded with both barrels about a massive FBI scandal.

California Democrat Eric Swalwell appeared on Fox News and host Harris Faulkner had some tough questions.

Faulkner grilled Swalwell about former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe lying to investigators and the Democrats giving him a free pass.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Faulkner continued the interview by asking Swalwell if he agrees with former deputy AG Andrew McCabe that he was wrongfully terminated from his post.

“What is tricky about Andrew McCabe’s firing is that the President of the United States was involved from what he said when they met in private about Andrew McCabe’s wife to what he would tweet out to the public,” Swalwell argued. “So whether that influenced how Mr. McCabe was viewed by the inspector general, I don’t know. But I don’t like that the president did that either.”

“Wow. That’s an interesting place you just went. Because I would have guessed that the facts prove that what’s tricky about Andrew McCabe is that he lied to investigators and that’s a crime,” Faulkner asserted.
“You can’t lie,” Swalwell conceded.”

When McCabe was first fired, he became an instant celebrity to the “resistance.”

A GoFundMe set up by him raised nearly a half million dollars to pay his legal fees.

But when it came out that the Department of Justice Inspector General – who was appointed by Barack Obama – found that McCabe lied on multiple occasions to investigators, he quickly faded from public view.

As more facts about the FBI’s misconduct emerge, it is now clear that the FBI leadership – and not Trump or his associates – are the ones who belong under investigations.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.


  1. Harris, Great questions! I think the rest of us are so tired of this crap, but we have a way to go so the Democrats involved get punished. I think one of the big hold ups is the fact that they are covering for Obama and maybe even Hillary.

  2. Nah, that’d be too good for it! They’d tar and feather people and they’d go home clean the tar and feathers and be back the next day, un hurt and still as evil as ever!

  3. No, Marilyn, they need to prosecute him. He’s already proved that he guilty, and is proud of the fact. The FBI has stepped far beyond it’s legal limits thanks to both Obama and both Clintons. It has reached the same type of power that powered the Gestapo in Hitler’s Germany!

  4. Yeah. Right. I hope you are, but I know for 100% fact that dems will have the dead vote at least once in every district. And the illegal aliens are gonna make big money, getting bussed all over the place. The dems made a huge mistake in ’16. One that will not repeat again. And our heroes, McConnell and Lyin Ryan won do a thing about it. Nothing. They don’t really care who wins, as long as it upsets President Trump.

  5. As we’re finding out, there are DEEP STATE people working in the FBI, as well as the DOJ, who need to be removed, and put in jail!! They need to be threatened with heavy jail terms unless they start to give names. That way we can really start to flush out the rest of the people who need to go that might have been flying under the radar. The President said he’s going to clean out the swamp, and we’ve finally found the mother lode!!

  6. If the evil liberal demoncrat Nazi’s Commie party traitors to America continue to go unpunished(Hollywood ,RINOs etc)! They’ll continue their treasonous ways! Enough is enough with this Deep State BS! Drain the rat infested swamp, ASAP! President Trump!

  7. What needs done is those doing the Rrump Investigation need FIRED along with Rosenstein for hiring that Democrap’s hack man Mueller a Comey pal. Then all who got a job under Pbozo need fired and jailed as the TRAITORS they are. The FBI and DOJ need purged of everyone that even hinted at being a Democrap. Next they need to make Mueller repay every penny he wasted on this WITCH HUNT for REVENGE over the rightful and PROPER firing of another political hack Comey.

  8. Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Ryan, Gowdy, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp, Pres Trump!

  9. Great stuff Brenda. I agree the demo”rats” need to crawl in their holes and find the road home and away from Washington. I agree there are no honest demorats in Washington. Sad but true.

  10. Harris Faulkner is always great. I respect and admire her, and always did. These Politicos don’t get away with their twisting the truth with Harris.

  11. Beth,I have to correct you. We have 5 reps in Washington. 3 republican congressmen 1 republican senator and 1 “blue dog” senator when its election time,and he wants to remind the electorate that he voted with the POTUS X% of the time. But in my opinion, still with the dems way too much. Mr.Trump won our state by nearly 40%,so he should vote to support him and support the people who voted to MAGA! We are almost totally red now and hopefully we will be after November. People here are finally starting to get it,this is not your father’s democratic party any longer! It has been highjacked by the communist and is no longer the party of the working man. Old Air Force vet from WV!


  13. This is a surprise ? A California Demon-Crap not having a problem with a liar and cheat. I have come to conclusion that there aren’t any honest Demon-Craps in America.


  15. In my opinion, Swalwel is just another corrupted Democrat needs to be replaced.
    for him to say, that Andrew McCabe should not have been fired, he is delusional along with all of the corrupted Democrats.

    I am praying that he is replaced this years mid-term or that he is replaced in 2020 election.

  16. You have to love these stories and the comments. It seems that a crime by someone is all of a sudden turned in political parties! I am a retired law enforcement officer and NEVER did I ask the individual that I was locking up whether or not if they were republican or democrat. It makes NO difference. If you commit a crime then you should go to jail, whether or not you are rich, poor, black, white, hispanic, asian, democrat or republican. Stop the favoratisims and lock the damn people up. They want to disband the Trump Foundation right away bit EVERYONE knows that the Clinton Foundation has been a hot bed of criminal activity for the past 30 years. WTF? Treat everybody EQUAL.


  18. Harris Faulkner delivered a well deserved spanking to that lIGHT weight IDIOT now in need of BUTT HEAL CREAM

  19. Swalwell= a PURE waste of time as a Progressive liberal aka INTELLECTUALLY FREE Pussy!
    Harris Faulkner= Military Brat , Intellectually FAR Superior to this stupid idiot and an AMERICAN Patriot not afraid to BURY idiots….
    IT was a NO CONTEST ………… SWALWELL is in need of BUTT HEAL CREAM since he got SPANKED SEVERELY …..Oo Rahh !!!

  20. America had better wake up, and wake up fast! California is a preview of what ALL of this nation will become once the radical left (Read Demorat Party) gains permanent control of the nation as they have in CA. America as constituted has never been more threatened than she is right now.

  21. Swalwell had a Fox News appearance with Tucker Carlson about a month ago. Carlson listened to Swalwell’s “pitch” and then proceeded to put the CA Democrat into “short pants.” Tucker Carlson challenged Swalwell’s talking points and while Tucker can be a most amiable TV host, Swalwell had to know that although he has had some exposure on Fox News, he looked mighty weak under Carlson’s expert interviewing.Now, he returned to Fox News for another venture and ran smack against charming Travis Faulkner,who is as alert to shallow politicians as Carlson is. All Swalwell can say about his 2nd Fox News visit is that whatever his mission was, it failed with Travis Faulkner too.

  22. Exactly the reason we need Trump for the full two terms and someone who is as tough as him with the same mindset to succeed him at the end of his terms. Otherwise, we will see what you say happen. And the Democrats know it will come to that should the issue not be resolved.
    I saw this interview live and it cemented my feelings about Faulkner. She is one fine anchor. This Rep from California is a complete turd. Swalwell has his lines memorized and repeats them over and over. When he’s stopped in the middle…he gets lost and is forced to at times…tell the truth. Otherwise, my blood boils whenever he’s a guest.

  23. The only people dumber than democrat politicians are the people that vote for them. The original Civil War was fought between the North and the South over the false narrative of slavery. It was really over taxation. Many slave owners lived in the north and slavery was already starting to end in the south before the war even started. This time the civil war will be fought between the right and the left and once again the left (taking their false positions as the north did) will claim it’s over human rights and immigrants. The left is calculating to get enough illegals in the country to fight on their side the way the north calculated getting the slaves to fight on their side. If this situation isn’t handled now, the left will take over this country and turn it into the cesspool they want us all to live in. This fight is coming and we better decide where we want to be as a nation before the choice is no longer ours.

  24. God Bless Harris Faulkner! This man is pure evil – king of the commie ridden swamp! I pray our President can rid this filth!

  25. Maybe if they try that we can do that with other states that will piss them off! Split Texas that would be a good one and West Virginia it’s an all red state!

  26. I just wonder what kind of skeletons old Saltwell has in his closet? Maybe it’s time we looked! This guy is so dirty he and Adam Schiff I think maybe they both need looked into usually there is something we need to get out into the news I’m sick to death of both of these corrupt as hell politicians!! They hate Trump and will say or do anything even lie to make themselves look good wouldn’t surprise me if they were involved in the dirty dossier!!

  27. I think a vote should be held to see if we will give California back to Mexico.
    They seem to have the same values. How about this?
    Introducing the new country of Mexifornia.
    Introducing the new President of Mexifornia- Maxine Watters.

  28. Joan, I’ll tell you the truth, I don’t care about anything these democrats say because I expect it from them. It’s not them, rather it’s the rinos who infuriate me. Those should either support the president as republicans or change parties.

  29. Swallwell is a jerk, and I agree, is dangerous, esp. to our country’s gov’t! The swamp must be drained, but identifying its inhabitants is the difficult chore at hand! President Trump is accomplishing so much with little or no credit from the MSM. Their hate and condescension for him is ever present. He will never get a break from them, but that does not deter him. The other major issue is the double standard that exists…..why is Paul Manafort in prison and Hillary Rotten Clinton still walking around free as a bird? She has committed many outstanding crimes! What has Paul Manafort done, at least comparative to Killary’s major crimes?

  30. I’ve heard that. But if California gets X amount of Senators now , why would they get more when they’re the same size totally and same total population totally ? That doesn’t make sense to me. Otherwise , all states could split just to pick up seats.

  31. Swalwell is progressive/commie-lib before he is anything else and his asinine ideology is more important to him than the Constitution as he has protected the deep state against any and all evidence/facts!

  32. Lets clean up the FBI first then we can go after the rest if the crooks then we will have drain the DC S as Trump call it

  33. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif) is a nasty one. He has some dangerous thoughts.

    Why in the world do we see the real nasty ones in California? Will they succeed splitting the state of California into three states? As you know, it will be on the ballot this November.

    Should California split, then the Democrats will get four more US Senators, in total of six US Senators coming from the original California. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    Trump 2020!

  34. While I agree with you 100% Tom, establishing — beyond a shadow of doubt — that Obama is behind all of this will take years and plenty $$$ because his cohorts (i.e.: THE SWAMP) will defend him to the bitter end.

  35. Motto of the Swamp: “I will say whatever is necessary to keep my paycheck and my benefits”! Few are actually caught lying, while most do!

  36. ‘Honesty is the BEST POLICY!” This Truism must be practiced by every one; especially when one is seeking Political Power or who is already a Practicing Politician. The Flush Light is always before each of those FACES who are seeking APPROVAL and ADMIRATION from the PUBLIC!! KEEP THAT FACE HONEST!

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