This Fox News host is fighting back in a HUGE way

When Bill O’Reilly was forced out at Fox News, it was a wakeup call to other hosts – the “left wing cabal” was coming for them.

Their next target was Sean Hannity, and he only narrowly survived a targeted assault on his advertisers by encouraging his audience to fight back.


  1. I am praying that Eric Bolling is completely exonerated. Because he defends Trump, he has been targeted. God help those who have followed the devil into hell

  2. The writing is on the wall folks. Unless the silent majority speaks out, loudly an consistently. The leftist loons will prevail. I stopped watching Fox when Bill O’Reilley was canned, but went back after watching an episode of Tucker Carlson. I also watch Waters an sometimes the Five.

  3. These low level journalist needs a reality check they are getting away with too much false stories Eric and all the others that exposed them will send a strong message.

  4. I was told awhile ago by a friend that Murdoch’s children were very liberal and were looking to make Fox head that direction. It is amazing how quickly it is happening. You will notice none of liberal commentators have been suspended or have Wallace, Geraldo, Baier and S. Smith just to name a few. I pay for Sirius radio so I can listen to Fox while traveling. I am ready to cancel it and quit watching Fox.

  5. This is all part of the global conspiracy blueprinted in “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”. If you think those documents have been debunked, I challenge you to read them and see how they are being implemented to this very day.

  6. I still watch FOX only and the new guys need to look out for there people more than they are. They are losing the best they have. This is all a setup against Eric Bolling and Is NOT true! You guys better support the man and go in his defense!! He did NOTHING wrong. This is the attempt of Obama,Soros, and clinton to shut down the Only Conservative/Republican supporting news media as well as truly airing the news and the Truth!!!

    • I could see if a teen sends these pictures but not Mr. Bolling, at his age no way. I recall may years ago there was a picture of Opra. It was photo shopped with a sexy and slim body and her head was placed on the body . When I looked at it I knew it was not her. The same thing could have happened by hacking Mr. Bullins email address with an overlay ofthe nasty picture and mailed to the accusers. Do they have the email with the picture??? Food for thought.

  7. What’s wrong with these two idiots who inherited FOX??? Don’t they know they had the BEST THING going – now many of us conservatives are looking for a new news station with the right journalists. Feels like FOX is intentionally running their business into the gutter. What’s wrong with these brothers?

    • The Murdock kids are fully indoctrinated in liberalism. Once they got rid of the founder of Fox News all they had to do was purge everyone that he hired! They are well on the way toward making Fox a clone of CNN! Hardly a lofty goal, but what can you expect from liberals?

  8. I’m glad to see Eric Bolling is suing them !!!
    This is what should happen to ALL these FAKE NEWS operations !!!
    It should also happen to all the “unnamed Sources” which most like likely are pure fiction !!! Whoever prints the rubbish should also be held accountable !!!

  9. Of course that is why the Liberals target anyone in the public eye. Remember what they tried to do to Clarence Thomas? That dumb broad, Anita Hill, I’m sure she was paid very well to defame Clarence Thomas’ character, by Al Sharpton, and that huge liberal black organization which is just as bad as the kkk, but for black persons. Liberals are just as bad as the kkk with their attacks against people just because they aren’t like them. Both organizations, NAACP and KKK are HORRIBLE things and there is NO NEED for that kind of hatred in America! We must call these evil doers on the carpet and make them accountable for all the hatred they spew against other humans. What happens when an animal is sick, like rabid and sick in the brain? We put them down. Since we can’t ‘put to sleep’ sick humans, we can surely keep an eye on them and lock them up for inciting violence and hatred against other humans. That needs to be done against hateful Liberals and other criminals…. LOCK THEM UP! IF THERE IS NO ROOM IN A PRISON, BUILD MORE PRISONS!!! Or bring back the Death Penalty IN EVERY STATE and shorten the time on death row. People like these Liberals needs to be locked up as they are ruining American culture and values! Which is their goal! We need to start with the colleges and universities! The teachers who are Liberal, need to get fired for teaching hatred against Americans and American values. Start with Hillary Clinton, she needs to go to prison, she is responsible for killing 4 Americans. You CAN’T just ‘pay your way out of crime’, you must do the time! Liberals need to move to the EU, as that is the kind of environment they are trying to bring to America! So why don’t they just do a good thing for once and leave?

  10. Fox used to be my go to channel you could see the changes happening Megan Kelly went left but when they got rid of Bill Oreilly they signed their own death warrant I like one American News it is a great News channel not a lot of talking heads I hope Eric bolling is found innocent I think he is!

  11. Our house totally agree. “shep” is the most flagrant with his liberal twisting and turning of the news pieces to present his view . Yes “Shep” we know your views, and we also are aware of your consistently trying to change the mind of the people who voted for President Trump.
    This is not news, it is your uninformed opinion, and we are switching you off.
    We absolutely dodged a bullet by electing President Trump. The country has hope to restore the country which Obama said that he would fundamentally change .. Now that is scary.!
    Please take Bill Hemmer with you.

    • AB Andrews,,,,,I totally agree with you on Shep Smith ! He is sooo sickening !
      Don’t watch Fox when he is on ! And Juan Williams is just stupid,,,,no wonder his kids prefer Conservatives ! LOL

  12. If I am watching fox ,and see Juan Williams or shephard smith I turn the channel and go to one America news. I have talked to many people who can’t stand either of these guys. I was shocked when I saw what they ate paying Juan Williams.

  13. Fox news was great at their onset, but wow, have they ever slipped to the left. Used to be my go to channel.
    No9, One America News is where I go to get unbiased news.
    347 on directv.

  14. Go for it Eric Bolling. I hope you win the $50 million lawsuit, no I pray you win that $50 million lawsuit and help put Huffington Post out of business.

    • I think we have to look a little deeper to the ownership of the Hff Post. Are they also owned by Jack Besos who owns Washington Post and Amazon?…..Not sure, but I know they were sold some time ago. We also have to consider that the New York Times is owned by A very wealthy Mexican, Carlos Slim. obviously much of what is happening is coordinated by these Liberal Rags.

  15. I agree, get rid of Shep, I used to like him, he is not a reporter but a commentator biased so much I stopped watching. Hammer in my opinion really has no star quality.

  16. Great! If we don’t start fighting against these globalists, the world as we know it will be replaced by a one-world govt and it won’t resemble freedom in any way. Because of the rise in populism, they’re pushing it to happen as quickly as possible behind the scenes.

  17. The former Fox news conservative empire has been sold out by their newly established, liberal-supporting front office regime. The new management apparently hasn’t discovered what made them #1 for so many years. Or, they have decided a number 3 or 4 position in the “news” industry suits them fine because that’s where they’re headed.

    • Their friends are very liberal, as are they and I would imagine they are getting a lot of peer pressure to shift the formatting of the station. They are likely “embarrassed” by the conservative slant of the station… so they are slowly “fixing” that problem.

    • Rob M. I agree with you also,,,,Fox has gone DOWN in the ratings since Bill O’Reilly left and they continue to decline ! I love Sean Hannity and Jesse Waters !!!!

  18. Bill Hammer and Sheperd need to go to CNN
    Use to have Fox on TV most of day now with the leaning left – listen to more
    New management you are really loosing your base

    • Seagraves,,,I agree ! I use to watch Fox News more than 10 hours a day,,,,Fox News was my refuge from the MSM,,,,,Now I turn Fox off when Shep Smith comes on spewing his contempt for Trump, and inserting his 2 cents worth when giving the news,,,,,get rid of Shep !

      • I agree! Between Shep and Juan Williams I can’t hardly watch Fox at all. Getting so I won’t set through Outnumbered either! Why won’t ANYONE admit they actually agree with the President, both sides were wrong BUT one side had a permit! Remember, ‘I don’t agree with what you’re saying but I defend your RIGHT to say it!’

    • If you want a great network… there is OAN…. channel 347 in Direct TV.
      A real conservative network. Check them out.

  19. The liberals haven’t got a clue as to what they would do if a brainwashed public ever returned them to power. All they know is what they are AGAINST! First it was a campaign against BUSINESSES that did not share their amoral beliefs like Chick-fil-A, and the poor sap who refused to bake a same sex wedding cake. That got old, so they turned their attention to the advertisers on shows hosted by non-liberals. Then that got old so they went for direct slanderous attacks on the hosts themselves.

    Apparently, leftists know that they are not well adjusted mentally and thus cannot be trusted to own a weapon, so they think EVERYBODY is like them and therefore cannot be trusted to own anything that MIGHT be used to injure someone (especially liberals).

    I believe a book called “1984” correctly predicted what the “group think” of today’s liberals would result in.

    • I believe you have hit the nail smack on Mr. Hughes. There was a good reason 1984 was required reading in school. Unfortunately the liberal educators placed in our schools were picking up steam in the early 70’s. and found new ways to subvert many of the open minds of our students. Now they are reaping what they have sown and they have gone back to their Communist roots. There are enough of us still out there and we must find a way to overcome this sickness, that has taken root here in our homeland.

    • If Republican President George W. Bush hadn’t mandated Communist Group Think Common Core be introduced in our Public Schools during his pro-globalist regime, the minds of American students wouldn’t be subverted today! And if we hadn’t allowed the Leftists to take over the NEA back in 1967, and hadn’t allowed them to institute a Dumbing Down Program which has been so wildly successful, 48% of our populous are so incredibly stupid, they vote for Democrats no matter how corrupt and Anti-American they are!

      • Conservatives seem to prefer playing the roll of sheep whilst the liberals are firmly dedicated to playing the roll of wolves.

    • We must stop calling Democrats or Liberals, or Leftist… and call them by they REAL NAME….. COMMUNISTS !!!
      That is what they are…. COMMUNISTS….. real haters of America….
      COMMUNISTS…. that is they name….

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